Awkward ENFJ: Why ENFJs Are So Weird

Being called weird or awkward can certainly have negative connections to it, but to some people, it can be endearing and sets people apart from being ordinary. Certain personality types can become pegged for being strange simply because they have unique characteristics which don’t always fit into certain social norms. Of course, these traits aren’t only tied to personality types, as anyone can be seen as different or “weird” to those who don’t understand them or even to those who do. For some, it seems to be a common occurrence, as many people see them as weird, especially if they feel awkward around others and have tendencies that express this outwardly.

ENFJs might be friendly and even popular people, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be seen as weird by some. They have a tendency to be drawn to things that are strange or unusual and have complex inner worlds. The fact that ENFJs are complicated people with many layers can certainly make them appear awkward or strange to those who see this part of them. ENFJs might put on a mask around certain people, only showing their “normal” side, but that doesn’t mean they cannot behave in ways that would seem weird to some. They are unique people with a different way of seeing and approaching the world around them. Having a complex and rich inner world makes it easy for the ENFJ to get caught up in this and even seem strange to others because of it.

They Are Drawn to Strange Things

.ENFJs are often drawn to things that are strange or uncommon, not really enjoy things that are well-known quite as much. If something is a bit unusual or even weird and yet sparks a sense of passion and interest in the ENFJ, they will become very drawn to it. Something which seems special and others might not understand is often extremely appealing for them. ENFJs often have this desire to discover things and people and uncover the true beauty and depth they possess. They are passionate people who become excited about things that inspire them and spark this passion within. They can become totally caught up when they find something which is a bit strange but seems to have something truly unique about it. This is why the ENFJ can often have somewhat unusual or seemingly weird hobbies, and this is something not everyone understands when they notice it. It can certainly cause the ENFJ to have a “weird” side or cause them to feel different from others. While some people might enjoy this side of the ENFJ, others who are more traditional can see it as weird or strange. ENFJs can be stuck between these two worlds, possessing a traditionalist mentality at times and then feeling the exact opposite in other situations. This is something that can be confusing for them growing up and even well into adulthood.

They Have Rich Inner Minds

ENFJs have truly rich and complex inner minds which are constantly working things through in the background. This can be something that gets them caught up in their own thoughts and imagination for a while. ENFJs might be outgoing and social people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have times when their inner world captures them for periods of time. They have a powerful intuition and a strong sense of other people, making it easy to connect with and understand people. They can get a read on their emotions and are good at helping these people progress and figure out how to better themselves. ENFJs are connected to people, and this part of them can cause them to behave in “normal” ways since they know what people expect of them. When they are around certain crowds, they might put up walls, not really showing their “weird” side with people who they don’t feel would appreciate or understand it. ENFJs certainly do have this side to them and often battle with the idea of showing it openly or keeping it to themselves.

They Are Givers

The fact that ENFJs are so focused on giving and helping others can certainly cause them to mask their weird side. Deep down, they want to find people who understand them and who won’t judge the other parts of them. ENFJs want to be able to open up and share themselves completely with someone they truly love and care for. They give so much of themselves and want to be able to make other people happy. This desire to help and care for others can cause the ENFJ to neglect parts of themselves. They might push aside their feelings to make others happy, so not everyone gets to see beyond the walls they place. For the ENFJ, this can be about self-protection but also about avoiding burdening others. They don’t want to do anything which will cause stress to others, and sometimes this means repressing their “weird” or unusual qualities.

The Awkward ENFJ

ENFJs are often great at reading and connecting with people, so they might not appear awkward all that often. In most situations, they can show themselves as very friendly and charming and know how to really work a room. Being someone who can connect with others and figure out what they want makes the ENFJ sensitive to their needs and desires. At the same time, some ENFJs can become awkward because they care so much about what people think of them. Being nervous around others because you want to impress them can become a bit challenging and make people respond awkwardly. The ENFJ who feels this way might seem nervous or clam up because they want to impress someone. Most of the time, they can learn to overcome this and respond so that people don’t see them as being awkward. ENFJs are social people who really love drawing close to people and don’t like feeling lonely or distant.


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