1. People think you’re yelling, when you just naturally talk loud.

2. You have the weekend free, but no one wants to hang out.

3. People often think you are flirting when you are just being social.

4. You sometimes have a severe case of word vomit, and instantly wish you could take back what you just blurted out.

5. You find yourself having the urge to talk at the most inappropriate times possible.

6. People think that since you are an extrovert you are never shy, but that is just not the case.

7. Trying to be social with strangers when they don’t wanna talk makes things awkward.

8. When your friends just want you to stop talking, but you can’t.

9. You sometimes become overly excited about things, and people often tell you to calm down.

10. Sometimes you think you should be less embarrassing, but you don’t mind being the center of attention.

11. You feel pressured to keep the conversation going…

12. When sitting alone at work, you get excited by a ringing phone.

13. You sometimes feel unfairly stereotyped as shallow or incapable of deep conversations.

14. Other people wearing headphones is basically torture.

15. You talk to people about your crush until they just can’t stand it anymore.

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