4 Insights Into an INFPs True Fire

INFPs are some of the most whimsical and misunderstood personalities out there. Their depth of emotions and intense inner world, makes them susceptible to ridicule from the harsh world around them. There are so many things that people truly do not understand about INFPs, and we are here to set the record straight. They have a fire within them that is often hidden from people who are not worthy of witnessing it. If you are lucky enough to get close to someone fitting their description, you should take care to appreciate the most complex parts of them.

Their Depth is Unsurpassed

INFPs are extremely complex individuals, possessing a depth within their soul that is rather unique. They may appear quiet, but that is because their thoughts and emotions run so deep. They keep most of these feelings inside, living within their rich inner world. It is often said that the most interesting people are the ones who say very little, and that is entirely true of INFPs. They keep their thoughts to themselves most of the time, but that is simply because they rarely share their depth with others. When they finally do find people who they feel comfortable sharing themselves with, those individuals are extremely blessed to experience this.

INFPs are often very intelligent people, who enjoy complex and intellectual thoughts and theories. They enjoy learning about new things and might even spend hours reading. They aren’t the most obvious individuals, but getting to know them is an exciting whirlwind. They are often unpredictable and will be the person to completely shock you with their ideas and opinions. INFPs dislike anything shallow and do not see any reason to waste their time with those parts of the world around them. This is often why people do not get notice just how deep and incredible INFPs truly are. They may find themselves pulling away from the outside world, simply because they are exhausted with the shallow way in which most people live their lives. INFPs value sincerity and realness, and will often spend their lives searching for anything that truly matches that description.

Their Sensitivity is NOT Weakness

INFPs are often seen as sensitive individuals, but that does not make them weak by any means. They are deeply connected to their emotions, and are often very capable of connecting to the emotional experiences around them. Their sensitivity is what makes them caring and warm individuals, and is certainly not something to be considered as a weakness. They are sensitive souls who are capable of feeling everything very deeply, because of this they may seem emotional to people who simply do not understand them. Their ability to feel things on such a complex level is actually part of what makes them strong. They are equipped with the ability to understand their own emotions, which helps them to navigate even the most difficult situations. INFPs are often much stronger than people realize, because they know more about coping with emotional pain than many others do. They do not hide from their feelings, which makes them strong and brave people.

INFPs have intense inner morals, which makes them capable of standing up for what they believe in. When they truly feel that something is “right” then the INFP will be able to hold strong. They will stand up against injustice, and will not stand for people pushing them around. They have moments of being passive, but that is simply because they do not see the need to stand up during those moments. When they truly do believe it is right the INFP will not be afraid to roar like a lion.

Their sensitivity is what makes them so capable of passion and incredible creativity. Commonly those amazing musicians that you listen to are actually INFPs. Often when you feel yourself connected to the beauty of a song and the passion in the lyrics, you might be surprised to find out that it was written by an INFP. They make incredible musicians and artists, because they are sensitive souls. Their ability to feel things in such a powerful way, is what makes them so capable of providing us with rich and rewarding art. People who are incapable of understanding their sensitivity, truly do not understand how much beauty our world would be absent of, if we did not have INFPs in our presence.

They Are Compassionate Because They Know Pain

INFPs are often very compassionate individuals who will be able to understand the sadness and pain of others. The reason INFPs are capable of connecting with people, is simply because they are not afraid of sadness. They are open to everything in life, and will not shy away from something that appears “too dark” to others. INFPs have often experienced pain themselves, and because of this they know how to support others when they are feeling down. They will be that friend who will stand beside of you when everyone else has walked away. They will stand up for you when people have turned their back on you. INFPs do not care about what other people deem right or acceptable, and simply stand up for what they believe in. Their person experience with sadness and pain, only happens because they are the people who feel everything so deeply. They are truly incapable of hiding from their emotions, and have often spent their lives learning how to understand their own complexities.

They Will Continue to Surprise You

INFPs are not at all boring people, they have a way of surprising others constantly. They might be sensitive, but even in their weakest moments they find ways to be strong. They might be quiet, but when they open their mouths to speak, only the most sincere things are let loose. They might seem passive, but they will always stand up for what they believe in. Not only are INFPs caring and interesting individuals, they are also very capable of having a good time. They often have the most surprising and hilarious senses of humor that you will ever experience. They are often great at picking the perfect time to interject with an outrageously hilarious comment- one that leaves everyone in stitches.

It is never wise to count out INFPs and what they bring to the table. Without them our world would be a much duller place to live. They are some of the most creative and wise people you will ever meet, with a great capacity for love and compassion. If you ever get the chance to feed the fire of an INFP, take the time because it will be well worth your effort.


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