The Sense of Adventure in Each Myers-Briggs Type

Some people thrive on the excitement of adventure, while others feel petrified by it. Here is the sense of adventure we believe each personality type possesses.


INFJs do have a desire for adventure and to experience new wonders. INFJs have very fulfilling inner world, and find themselves wrapped up in their own imagination often. Their ability to explore their own magical inner mind is something that allows the INFJ to substitute the real thing. They do enjoy the opportunity to experience new adventures, although they may tend to schedule these adventures. INFJs often enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures, they enjoy the opportunity to learn. They enjoy exploration, but aren’t fans of spontaneously being thrown into something.


ENFJs have a powerful imagination and enjoy exploring new experiences with their loved ones. ENFJs love to please others, and will often attempt to find new things that will excite the people around them. They are often planners and enjoy making sure everything is in order. ENFJs are social individuals and are enthusiastic about traveling and exploration. Their sense of adventure often depends on what the people around them enjoy, but because of this the ENFJ often enjoy these things as well. They certainly aren’t afraid of a little adventure now and then.


INFPs are imaginative and sometimes spontaneous individuals. They are often homebodies and do enjoy cuddling up with a good book. On the flip side INFPs often have a strong sense of adventure. They enjoy exploring new possibilities and experiencing what the world around them has to offer. They can often find themselves opening up to new things and enjoy feeling immersed in meaningful adventures. INFPs often enjoy imagining different scenarios, like randomly taking off to a new location. They have powerful imaginations which they truly enjoy feeding. INFPs may not always take the opportunity to be spontaneous, but when they do they most certainly make the most of it.


ENFPs are often very adventurous and spontaneous individuals. They enjoy exploring as many new things as possible, and love absorbing their surroundings. ENFPs are excited by possibility and adventure, and will rarely turn down an opportunity to explore. ENFPs are enthusiastic individuals with a strong sense of adventure. They have powerful imaginations, but are also very capable of making their dreams come true. They enjoy taking chances in life and are willing to go out on a limb for a new experience. ENFPs like being around others, and will often become enthused by the idea of a spontaneous group trip. There isn’t much that can cage the spirit of the adventurous ENFP.


INTJs enjoy being challenged and have a distaste for the mundane. Although they do enjoy having things planned, and dislike too much disorganized chaos, INTJs do have a strong sense of adventure. INTJs often enjoy the opportunity to explore and learn about as many new things as possible. They love being immersed in knowledge, which feeds into their sense of adventure. INTJs enjoy adventure as long as it is practical and reasonable. To them there is a difference between adventurous and risky behavior.


ENTJs are very logical and driven individuals who enjoy efficiency and loyalty, but they do have a sense of adventure. ENTJs hate sitting still for too long, and are constantly attempting to challenge themselves and others. They enjoy a practical and smart adventure, and are always willing to try new things. They are very open to other people’s suggestions as long as they find them logical. They are often willing to enjoy the thrills that the world has to offer, and dislike monotony.


INTPs have an often strong internal sense of adventure. They do not always act on this adventurous nature, and often are left to purely imagine all of the things they would like to do. INTPs are very spontaneous and would much rather pick up last minute to go on an adventure. They enjoy not having to plan, and having the opportunity to be surprised by what happens. INTPs like taking things as they come at them, instead of making sure every detail is planned. INTPs often get antsy if they are stuck in one place for too long, and may need to spontaneously go on a new exploration of some kind. Whether these adventures include going to a concert, or travelling to another country, INTPs are often willing to take chances.


ENTPs are extremely spontaneous and adventurous individuals. ENTPs love exploring new possibilities and are often very open-minded. They enjoy being able to absorb new knowledge and understand things on a deeper level. They are not strong planners, often enjoying the idea of being able to do whatever they want without much notice. ENTPS hate the idea of being bored and often do not like to stay stagnant for too long. Exploring new ideas and taking on exciting adventures, is a great way for the ENTP to stay entertained.


ISTJs are not known to be the most adventurous individuals. They enjoy schedules and making sure that everything around them is in proper order. The ISTJ desires to be a loyal and capable individual, who always gets the job done. They are smart and thoughtful, but not extremely spontaneous. The ISTJ enjoys being the glue that holds their world together and are extremely reliable. Being adventurous may mean they would have to step away from their well-planned life, and that is not something the ISTJ desires to do.


ESTJs mostly enjoy being around others and doing what is expected of them. They do not mind exploration and enjoy having fun, as long as that is planned. They hate when things become a mess, but enjoy excitement and hate staying still for too long. If the ESTJ is in an environment that thrives on adventure, they will enjoy absorbing that as well. Mostly the ESTJ enjoys maintaining a sense of order in their environment, but doesn’t mind a little adventure here and there.


ISFJs are warm and often organized individuals. They enjoy being able to provide for others, and are often products of their environment. If the people around them have a strong sense of adventure, the ISFJ will most likely adapt to that. They want to make others happy and that is a strong driver in their behavior. They enjoy getting the job done, and do often have a strong sense of duty. ISFJs like to keep harmony in their environment and because of this they often enjoy keeping things planned and organized. They may not have a strong sense of adventure, but they are definitely capable of having fun.


ESFJs are social and warm individuals. They enjoy doing whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy. They do enjoy keeping their environment scheduled, and have a tendency to plan things out ahead of time. They can be somewhat strict about their daily lives and may not have a strong natural sense of adventure. Above everything ESFJs enjoy making their loved ones happy. If they are around someone with a strong desire to be adventurous, the ESFJ will adapt to that. ESFJs can sometimes become nervous by the unknown and may be hesitant to try new things. They do enjoy living life to the fullest though, and with the right person ESFJs can have a strong sense of adventure.


ISTPs are very adventurous and spontaneous individuals. They enjoy living in the moment and will often take chances. ISTPs dislike being stuck in one place for too long, they love being able to explore new things. Adventure is a strong part of who the ISTP is, they thrive on new experiences. ISTPs enjoy observing things and figuring out how they work. They are laid-back individuals, with a powerful sense of adventure.


ESTPs are often seen as very spontaneous and adventurous individuals. They enjoy seeking out new thrills and exciting adventures. ESTPs might often decide to pick up and go somewhere in the middle of the night without warning. They like being around other people and will often drag their friends along on these adventures. ESTPs love excitement and dislike being held down. They have a very strong desire for excitement and it is a big part of who they are.


ISFPs are very sensitive, but also adventurous individuals. They enjoy exploring new things and absorbing their surroundings. They have a strong attachment to the physical world around them, and love enjoying the beauty in their surroundings. ISFPs can often be spontaneous and enjoy having the freedom to do what they want without a moment’s notice. They aren’t the world’s strongest planners, which often lends a hand to their powerful sense of adventure.


ESFPs are spontaneous and exciting individuals. They love enjoying the moment and are very fun to be around. They want life to be an adventure and enjoy exploring new possibilities. ESFPs are very present in the moment, and are very much a part of the physical world. They love being around others and will often drag their friends and loved ones into their new adventures.


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