In order to understand the ESFJ, you must first understand their 4 main functions.

Extraverted Feeling

The ESFJs primary function is Extraverted Feeling. The ESFJ primarily sees the world through others emotions. The ESFJ is able to navigate the world of feelings and is very good at giving others what they want or need to feel appreciated. The ESFJ also uses Extraverted Feeling to understand their environment and people’s roles in them. An ESFJ typical wants everyone to be happy and content. They typically can help make everyone feel wanted and welcome at parties or family gatherings. Sometimes, this function can lead to them feeling overwhelmed or lead to them feeling exhausted from spreading themselves too thin. However, being in an environment with other caring and giving people will help everyone feel more content.

Introverted Sensing

The second function of the ESFJ is introverted sensing. Introverted sensing deals with referring to past events and information to help create a better understanding and view of the world. Introverted Sensing deal with facts, data recollection and memory. Someone with introverted sensing can remember specific important events distinctly. They can use this information to understand how to deal with a new situation. Introverted Sensing is also connected to tradition and pastimes. The ESFJ can become very involved around the holidays and other nostalgic events that they have grown up with.

Extraverted Intuition

The third function of the ESFJ is extraverted intuition. This function is developed a bit later in most ESFJs. The ESFJ can use this function to help see alternative points of view and ways of dealing with the world. An underdeveloped ESFJ can be stubborn and rigid, however, with more developed Extraverted Intuition, the ESFJ can then learn to be more accepting and understanding of different ways of life.

Introverted Thinking

The fourth function of the ESFJ is introverted thinking or Ti. This function is developed much later in the ESFJs life and never really becomes a point of strength. The ESFJ uses introverted thinking to logically understand the way things work, and the processes behind them. The ESFJ can also find an attachment to games of logic like Sudoku and other word puzzles. These games can stimulate their Ti and become a comforting form of entertainment. This function is a bit more critical, which can be at odds with their more open and accepting nature. However, this function is sometimes necessary to assess who is truly supportive of the ESFJ, and who is taking advantage of their good nature and hospitality.