Introverted Sensing

The first function of the ISFJ is Introverted Sensing. Introverted Sensing deals with the past and the way things have always been. Introverted Sensing deals with tradition and pastimes. The ISFJ can have strong emotional ties to holidays, traditions, and other nostalgic events. The ISFJ can be found being the hardest worker during holidays, believing its their duty to bring everyone together and make them happy and comfortable.

Extraverted Feeling

The second function of the ISFJ is Extraverted Feeling. Extraverted Feeling deals with understanding the emotional world, people’s feelings, and the roles they fit in. Extraverted Feeling is said to be the most empathic function. They can feel others emotions strongly and have a need and desire to comfort them.

The ISFJ is also very good at serving others and providing hospitality. They excel in caretaker roles, personal assistants, and also make very supportive and loving parents.

Introverted Thinking

The third function of the ISFJ is Introverted Thinking. This function is developed a bit later in life. Introverted Sensing wants the world to make logical sense. The ISFJ that develops this function can use it to help them better understand the world, and to better identify ways to solve problems both interpersonally as well as troubleshoot work problems. The ISFJs Introverted Thinking may also show in their desire for games like Sudoku and other word puzzles, which are a way to help stimulate their mind with brain teasers.

Extraverted Intuition

The fourth function of the ISFJ is Extraverted Intuition. This function never really becomes a strength for the ISFJ. Extraverted Intuition deals with the possibilities and what could be. This is at odds with their primary function of Introverted Sensing, but it can be useful when the ISFJ gets in a rut. Extraverted Intuition can help them see things from an alternate point of view, which can help them better understand and reach new conclusions. However, this function can be exhausting for them, and they will eventually desire to return to a more comfortable and predictable lifestyle.