Here’s What Makes You Brave, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s What Makes You Brave, Based on Your Personality Type

Even those who think they are lacking in courage have certain qualities about themselves that do make them brave. Here is what makes you brave, based on your personality type.


INFJs are compassionate and intuitive people, who will do anything for the ones they love. They are brave because of their ability to persevere even when things feel completely overwhelming for them. INFJs seem to be born from hardships, and this can be difficult since they experience everything on such a deep level. While some may not easily notice what the INFJ pushes through, they endure nonetheless. They have a way continuously giving to others, even when it seems like they have gone completely without in their own lives. INFJs will always care about those around them, no matter how much it hurts, which is something that makes them very brave.


ENFJs are brave because they take on so much at once, without letting the fear of failure overwhelm them. They will take on new challenges and chores even when it seems like they are already overloaded. The ENFJ is capable of juggling many things at once and will withstand the responsibility, which is something that makes them completely brave. ENFJs don’t shy away from this responsibility and want to be sure that everyone around them it taken care of. While many people might be terrified of the many tasks the ENFJ embarks on, they are more than capable of handling it.


INFPs feel everything on such a deep and meaningful level, and will continue to connect to the world even though it hurts them sometimes. The thing that makes INFPs incredibly brave, is their ability to continue feeling everything even when it is overwhelming. While some people find themselves turning away from the pain they witness, the INFP doesn’t want to shut off this side of who they are. They believe in being fully aware and in striving to make a difference for the world. This powerful connection to their emotions actually makes the INFP much braver than they realize.


ENFPs often believe in love and passion, and want to seek out the things in life that excite them. While many people fear getting hurt, the ENFP continues to dive in no matter what. They jump into everything with their whole heart involved, which is something that makes them unbelievably brave. Many people find it difficult to go head first into the things that scare them, while the ENFP believes this is the only way to truly live their lives to the fullest. They don’t want to let fear hold them back from truly living, and because of this they are definitely brave people.


INTJs are brave because of their ability to seek the truth, even if that truth is not a happy one. They won’t simply bury their heads in the sand and deny what is right in front of them. Instead the INTJ wants to uncover the truth, even the darkest ones that exist. They search for knowledge and want to be sure that they are as accurate and sincere as possible in their conclusions. The INTJ will uncover the truth and speak this truth, even though some people might be angry at them for it. This is a strength of theirs and something that certainly makes the INTJ braver than they might realize.


ENTJs are brave because of their ability to go after what they want without letting anything stand in their way. Most people don’t have the guts or the motivation to truly chase their goals in life, but the ENTJ certainly does. They don’t want to feel held back by fear, instead they want to find a way to overcome it. They see their goals and do whatever it takes to make them a reality. This perseverance is certainly as impressive as it is utterly brave.


INTPs are brave because of their ability to think outside of the box and to explore possibilities that might seem farfetched. The INTP follows their intuition down some unusual and surprising roads, going places that most people would not dare. The INTP is brave because they will follow these ideas and are willing to explore thoughts that most people could not imagine. Their minds are always running through so many possible outcomes, and they sincerely enjoy being able to push their limits and their boundaries in order to search for the truth.


ENTPs are brave because of their ability to constantly seek out new challenges in their lives. While some people are terrified of taking chances, the ENTP lives their life constantly trying new things. They enjoy being able to push the boundaries and break the rules, so that they can truly learn about themselves and the world around them. This definitely makes the ENTP braver than they realize, since they do everything with a sense of enthusiasm and wonderment.


ISTJs are brave because of their ability to remain calm even when things seem overwhelming. They will continue to persevere when it appears like the challenges are simply too difficult. Where most people would give up, the ISTJ finds a way to overcome and push themselves forward. They work hard in everything they do and have a sense of morals and dependability which makes them incredible people to have around. ISTJs are brave because they are always someone others can rely on, even when the task seems too difficult to handle.


ESTJs are brave because of their strength and their ability to go after their goals in life. They never stop fighting for what they want and have a rather headstrong attitude when it comes to these things. While most people cannot seem to muster the motivation to overcome their fears of failure, the ESTJ simply does not accept failure as an option. They continue to push themselves to grow and improve until they are the absolute best at whatever they do in life.


ISFJs are compassionate and loving people who will do whatever it takes to provide for their loved ones. While others seem to feel overwhelmed by the emotions of others, the ISFJ will continue to connect with people and find ways to please them. They are brave because they never step away from someone they care for, and will always go above and beyond to support and love them. When others are focused on their own needs, the ISFJ will put aside their desires for the sake of those around them.


ESFJs are brave because they never give up on the people they love and will do whatever it takes to make them happy. They feel the emotions of others and will continue to give to those people until it seems like there is nothing left. The ESFJ focuses on their loved ones almost to their own detriment, and will never give up in order to make them truly happy. This makes the ESFJ both loving and completely brave, since they put themselves on the line in order to make others happy.


ISTPs are brave because of their independent spirits, which take them down unexpected roads. The ISTP doesn’t constantly need to lean on others, instead they would rather take on challenges alone. They don’t want to feel like they have to depend on those around them in order to make it through life. The ISTP isn’t going to let their fears stand in their way or keep them tied down. They want to explore and experience new things in life, and will do this without letting their doubts stop them.


ESTPs are brave because of their sense of passion and adventure. The ESTP isn’t completely fearless like they seem, they simply don’t want to be held back by this fear. They go after what they want and actually enjoy feeling the thrill of doing something a bit frightening. ESTPs are brave because they are willing to take chances in order to get what they want in life. They never seem to give up when they truly desire something, and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.


ISFPs are brave because of their ability to follow their hearts, even when they have been bruised. The ISFP will go after what they want and will dive in even when they have been hurt in the past. They simply cannot go against what they believe is right and strive to be sincere people. ISFPs might take chances that scare them sometimes, but they know that following their hearts is the only path for them.


ESFPs are brave because of their ability to take chances and explore new things, without letting fear stop them. Even when the ESFP has failed in the past, they still continue to take these chances in the present. They know that things won’t always go their way, but they don’t want to simply stand back and let life pass them by. ESFPs want to truly experience excitement and adventure in their lives and will continue to try these new challenges no matter how scary they might be.

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