INFJ Growth

For the INFJ to grow, they should make sure to trust their intuition more. Some INFJs may be prone to second guessing their thought and may be swayed by others opinions. However, this intuition is the strength of the INFJ, and a well developed INFJ is usually right with this.

The INFJ also needs to make sure their Extraverted Feeling is well developed. The INFJs introverted nature can cause them to be in their heads most of the time, and not getting any external output from the world cause hinder their growth as a person. An INFJ would be wise to observe others behaviors and reactions to help get a better feel of understanding others emotions.

Most healthy INFJs have developed the first two functions mentioned above. The next step in their process for growth is developing their Introverted Thinking or Ti. The INFJ usually deals with the feelings and emotions of other people. While this is a good trait to have, sometimes the INFJ has trouble separating themselves from their current situation.

Developing Ti can help the INFJ to see things from a more impersonal and detached perspective to analyze what is truly going on.

This can help them through difficult times in their life as well as prevent them from being taken advantage of. An INFJ may blame themselves for a failed relationship, but if they develop Introverted Thinking, they may realize that other factors came into play and that it wasn’t their fault.

The INFJ is also very creative. Finding a way for the INFJ to express their artistic side will help the INFJ cope with stress as well as express themselves.

INFJ Careers and Jobs

An INFJ would be suitable in a career that is involves helping others. INFJs are idealistic by nature and always see the potential in people. A career that satisfies this role would be very fulfilling for the INFJ.

INFJs can also do well in leadership roles. If the INFJ can identify something that they are passionate about, they can use this passion to create their own vision. A INFJ can become an entrepreneur and create their own business. Their leadership and vision can help them to execute on their goals. An INFJ might do well to partner with or employ a more logical and realistic person to help ground their ideas into more practical steps. This will free the INFJ to focus on their strengths of inspiring others and seeing the big picture.

Suitable INFJ Careers



Religious Work


Motivational Speakers

Child Development