INFP Growth

For the INFP to grow, they must develop their Extraverted Intuition function. The INFP takes in the world primarily through their own personal feeling and morals. Developing Ne will help the INFP get out of their own internal world view and really take the time to step into other’s shoes and understand where they are coming from. An INFP that might have been quick to judge will realize that they come from very different backgrounds and what works for them might not work for others. By experiencing life more, the INFP is able to get a better understand of what their true core values are and how to relate these to others.

The INFP also should develop their tertiary function of Introverted Sensing. An INFP with developed Si can use past experiences to help them come to conclusions. They can also use this function to develop as strong affinity for cultural norms, traditions, and family values. They can use this function to really understand and connect with the people they are closest to.

The INFP is a very creative person, and they must have an outlet to express themselves and their feelings. The INFP should make time in their day to write, create art, perform music, or anything else that they feel is a form of self expression. The INFP is one of the most creative and passionate types, and this will be a great source of stress relief for them.

Another way an INFP can grow is by volunteering their time to help others in need. Many INFPs have a desire to help and heal mankind. They may find volunteering as an outlet to make an impact on the world.

An INFP in a work setting may also do well to develop the Extraverted Thinking function. While this function never really becomes a strength, it can be used in the work environment to allow them to be able to get things done and manage others. This function can cause them to almost form a chameleon-like personality that is more focused on getting tasks done than personal connections. The development of this function can be very useful most work settings that reward this type of mindset.

INFP Careers and Jobs

The INFP will do best in careers that fit in with their personal convictions and feelings. They should really take some time to discover what they are passionate about and what jobs are available that would fulfill that role.

The INFP might find that working for a non-profit organization will make them happy and feel like they are making an impact.

The INFP may also want to work in a position where they feel like they are truly helping others. A field like psychiatry or counseling would make sense. They are very skilled listeners and have a desire to help others greater than most others possess.

The INFP should also make sure to present themselves in a confident manner to potential employers. The INFP may not give themselves enough credit. They also have a tendency to want to be humble. And while that is typically a good trait, in an interview the INFP should allow themselves to brag a bit and share their accomplishments. Playing up their strengths will allow the INFP to accomplish their goals and advance in the world.

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