ENTJ Love: How ENTJs Fall In Love

While ENTJs are often seen as tough and sometimes cold people, this isn’t always true. While they are strong people who focus on getting things done efficiently, they also have a soft side to them when it comes to the people they love. ENTJs can certainly fall deeply in love, and when they do, this is something they value and believe in holding onto. Here is what love means to the ENTJ and how they respond to these feelings.

They Are Fiercely Loyal

ENTJs are extremely loyal people, especially when they are in love with someone. When the ENTJ cares for a person and has truly committed to them, there is nothing that will prevent them from defending this person. They will stand by the ones they love and will fight for them when no one else will. ENTJs believe in loyalty and truly value this quality in themselves and in others. When they fall in love with someone, they don’t believe in turning their back on these feelings or the commitment they have made to them. If others somehow attack or try to harm this person, there are few limits on what the ENTJ will be willing to do.

They will protect and defend these people and stand by their side through the challenges they face. ENTJs may not always be emotional people, and they might not be affectionate constantly, but they will show their love by always being there when they are needed. They will not betray the trust of someone they love, and the deeper these feelings, the stronger their sense of loyalty becomes. For them, it is an important part of showing they care by being loyal to the ones they love and have in their inner circle. It takes a lot for ENTJs to reach this point, but once they do, it is an unbreakable bond.

They Don’t Fall Fast

While some other personality types might fall quickly, this is just not how the ENTJ operates. They are hesitant to open themselves up to love most of the time, wanting to be sure before they proceed. ENTJs won’t jump into things without being sure of the person and the potential for growth with them. They don’t just fall in love with someone based on emotions, ENTJs bring logic into this equation as well. This is because they take their relationships seriously, and they don’t want to allow themselves to connect with someone if they don’t see it lasting for the long haul. ENTJs don’t invest themselves and their energy into a romance which cannot mean something sincere and lasting for them.

When the ENTJ falls in love, they want this to be something that can last, so they don’t just dive right in without using their minds as well as their hearts. While to some, this doesn’t seem all that romantic, it actually is when you realize how much it means to the ENTJ. They may not fall fast, but when they do fall, it is for real. When the ENTJ commits to someone and falls in love with who they are, it is based on something real and more substantial than just shallow things. They may not be someone who falls in love all of the time, but when it happens, it is truly meaningful for them.

They Are Helpful and Supportive

When it comes to someone they love, the ENTJ will do anything to see them grow and become successful. They will go above and beyond to be there for them and help them find ways to improve. This can sometimes seem like they are pushing this person, but in truth, it comes from a place of caring. They don’t want to watch the people they love fall. Instead, they want to build them up and see them become the best version of themselves possible. ENTJs would not waste their time and energy on someone they did not believe in. When they invest time and energy into helping someone grow, it is because they believe in and love them. For the ENTJ this is one of the greatest compliments since they really don’t spend time on people who they don’t see true potential and strength in.

They will invest a lot of their own energy, time, and even money into ensuring the people they love are cared for and happy. ENTJs don’t mind taking on this responsibility when they care for someone, as this becomes part of caring for themselves. They might not be the most emotionally expressive people, but there are few limits to what they would do for the people they love.

They Do Feel Things Deeply

While ENTJs might not be ruled by their emotions, that doesn’t mean they don’t experience them on a deep level. ENTJs do have powerful emotions inside of them. They just struggle to understand and express themselves. They often bury these feelings, not wanting to expose them too much to those around them. ENTJs can be afraid of expressing their feelings outwardly, not wanting to be judged for them. They don’t want to feel a sense of rejection when they do open up, so they don’t usually share things with others. While they might keep their trust feelings inside, ENTJs are filled with complex emotions just like anyone else. Sometimes these feelings can even be stronger since they hold onto them and don’t allow others to really see what is going on inside. When the ENTJ cares for someone, it affects a large part of who they are and how they see the world around them. The ENTJ in love is loyal and giving, but they are also more romantic deep down than most people will ever be capable of witnessing.

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