INTJ In Bed: What the INTJs Sexual Energy is Like

Sex and sexuality are certainly important parts of being human for most people, and so it is something which can help us understand one another better as well. Whether this be exploring your own sexual desires or understanding your partner on a deeper level, there are certain things which each personality type is more likely to connect with or feel. For some people the idea of casual sex is often unnerving and unpleasant, while for others it can be a great way of self-exploration. Sometimes these specific wants or behaviors can be connected to personality type, while there are also many aspects which aren’t.

When it comes to sex INTJs can have wildly varying views and feelings towards the subject. For them it is either extremely perfunctory, or very passionate and intimate, and this depends on the specific INTJ. They have a unique way of looking at things and approaching the world, which can make it difficult to tell which direction they will go in. They can often be rather extreme with how they see things and this pertains to sex as well. For some INTJs it might feel like a means to an end, and even something they don’t really need a partner for. Seeing the logical side of things can make them less interested in the emotional aspects. While there are plenty of INTJs who see this differently, and actually care about the intimacy and closeness they can gain from sex.

INTJ Sexual Energy

The INTJs sexual energy is often rather intense, but this does depend on the specific INTJ. Some will likely take a logical approach to sex, and when this happens it becomes more about the act itself rather than the experience. They are searching for the end result, seeing the logical health benefits to having sex and experiencing this with a partner. For this type of INTJ casual sex is something they can often participate in without it really bothering or upsetting them. It can feel a bit like a pleasurable chore, something they need to do in order to gain certain benefits from it. This type of INTJ will not necessarily see love and sex as the same thing, not seeing them as something which needs to happen simultaneously. They often believe these things can happen without one another, and don’t need to be in love in order to have sex with someone.

There is a flip-side to this which can actually be dramatically on the other end of the spectrum. Some INTJs are likely to be very passionate lovers, focused on the connection they gain from this experience. This type of INTJ sees how much closer sex can bring them to someone they love, and would rather be patient waiting for the right person to share this with. This doesn’t mean they will necessarily only wait for that person before having sex, it just means that the experience won’t be quite the same for them. When the INTJ does find someone they feel deeply connected to, they will want their sex life to be something truly meaningful and connected. They will take their time with this person and want to be able to enjoy living in that moment with them, allowing the intimacy to be rather deep between them. This is where the sexual energy of the INTJ can become very intense, as they want to make the experience truly passionate and incredible for themselves and their partner.

INTJ Sexual Intimacy

For the INTJ who does crave intimacy during sex, this is something which becomes very important to them. Of course there are some INTJs who might not see the reward in this, and in that case they would rather be more disconnected. For this type of INTJ it becomes about the end result, and the performance is more about action than it is about emotions and deeper layers of intimacy. They would rather focus more on ensuring that everyone is satisfied in the physical sense, and don’t really want to draw things out in an intimate manner, as this can become uncomfortable for them.

The INTJ who does want sexual intimacy becomes very focused on ensuring they can find a connection with someone. Even if they aren’t necessarily looking for a long term relationship, they still want to build some sort of friendship or connection beforehand. Without having that intimacy they will become disinterested and won’t feel truly connected in the moment and the experience with their sexual partner. This disconnect can make it hard for the INTJ to enjoy themselves, and it will often feel a bit like a waste of their time and energy. INTjs often have high standards when it comes to most things in life, and sex is rarely much different for them in this regard.

INTJ & Casual Sex

Some INTJs can certainly find satisfaction in casual sex, but this comes more from a striclty logical point of view. They can see how engaging in sex with someone will have plenty of health benefits, and they realize that is often a human need. This version of the INTJ doesn’t need to be in a relationship or make a deeper connection, because they are focused more on what can be gained in a logical and physical sense, rather than an emotional one. They might not really feel emotionally satisfied or fulfilled after, but they can often move on and try to let go of those feelings.

For the INTJ who craves intimacy and wants to share themselves with someone special, casual sex can be very draining for them. It can feel like a chore and not really something they want to waste their time or energy on. This type of INTJ might engage in casual sex when they are younger, and can even find it a bit abhorrent. They find themselves regretting those experiences, and wanting to wait for the right person to share themselves with, rather than wasting time on someone who does not deserve what they have to offer.


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