The Best Fall/Autumn Activity for Each Personality Type

Fall is a wonderful and eventful season. It is full of fun things to do, and beautiful scenery. Here is the autumn activity we think is best suited for each type.

INFJ- Cuddle Up With a Book

INFJs will enjoy the opportunity to cuddle up with a nice comfy sweater and read a good book. The time to reflect and experience the relaxed and comforting nature of fall, is perfect for the INFJ. Spending time alone with a book you have been dying to read, is just the ticket to restoring yourself.

ENFJ- Make S’mores with Friends

Hosting a bonfire and enjoying S’mores with friends is the perfect activity for the ENFJ. It is a great opportunity to be social and enjoy all that fall has to offer. The cozy fire will keep everyone warm, but allow for a chance to experience the beauty of the outdoor leaves. The ENFJ will enjoy the chance to host a fun event that everyone will love.

INFP- Gaze at the Stars

During the autumn season the skies are clear and the stars are beautiful. The INFP will enjoy the chance to be outside and take in the beauty that it has to offer. They can enjoy this time alone to reflect or share a deep talk with a friend while they gaze at the skies.

ENFP- Leaf Jumping

ENFPs are enthusiastic and fun, making leaf jumping the perfect event for them. The chance to rake all of the leaves together and then make a complete mess of them is a great form of therapy. It is a fun and lighthearted fall experience.

INTJ- Tree Bark or Leaf Rubbings

INTJs are very intelligent and scientific, so tree bark or leaf rubbing is a great activity for them. The chance to catalog the different types of leaves and figure out what they are, is a thoughtful and fun activity. It gives you a chance to experience the outdoors for a bit, and then take it inside to reflect.

ENTJ- Enjoy Some Pumpkin Beer or Go On a Hayride

ENTJs can enjoy the fall season with a nice drink of pumpkin flavored beer. Or if that isn’t quite their speed the relaxed but social experience of a hayride is perfect. The chance to experience nature and chat with friends will be a nice and relaxing experience.

INTP- Going for Walks

Taking some time to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors is a perfect activity for the INTP. They get the opportunity to reflect and think, and the crisp autumn weather can help clear their minds. It’s a great excuse to enjoy the season but also enjoy some time alone.

ENTP- Go to a Haunted House

ENTPs will love the social and fun aspect of attending a haunted house with some friends. They can work everyone up and maybe even scare a few of their friends themselves. The chance to experience a few cheap thrills and build up the excitement for everyone, will be great fun.

ISTJ- Start Your Christmas Shopping Early

ISTJs enjoy getting their duties fulfilled and being responsible. The best activity for them would be getting ahead on their Christmas shopping. They definitely want to get the best gifts for everyone, so the chance to get this done ahead of time is great for the ISTJ. They won’t have to experience the stress of late minute shopping, and will feel satisfied to have it finished.

ESTJ- Tractor Riding or Camping

ESTJs will enjoy the social and outdoorsy tradition of a tractor ride. They might also enjoy going camping with the family, and getting the opportunity to show just how tough they really are. These outdoorsy and traditional experiences are very fitting for an ESTJ.

ISFJ- Make Homemade Apple Cider or Caramel Apples

ISFJs love tradition and caring for their loved ones. The chance to make some delicious fall treats for everyone is perfect for them. They will enjoy making their loved ones happy, and also the traditions that fall cooking has to offer.

ESFJ- Host a Halloween or Fall Party

ESFJs are the hosts and hostesses of the personality world. The chance to throw multiple parties and invite all of their friends and family, is perfect for them. Throwing the best fall events will make the ESFJ feel like they get to uphold tradition, while making everyone happy.

ISTP- Explore a Corn Maze

ISTPs will enjoy the chance to explore the outdoors, while using their minds to figure out a puzzle of sorts. They will probably blow through the corn maze with ease, but will be able to enjoy the relaxing and spooky feel of the autumn season.

ESTP- Bob for Apples

ESTPs will love the chance to be center of attention and entertain their friends while they bob for apples. They are very in touch with the physical world and will probably be very skilled at this activity.

ISFP- Decorate a Pumpkin

ISFPs will enjoy the relaxed and artistic activity of decorating a pumpkin. They certainly aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, so they will love the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

ESFP- Dressing up For Halloween

ESFPs enjoy being the center of attention and are very good at it. The opportunity to dress up as something fun and entertaining for Halloween is perfect for them.

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