Who You Should Date Based On Your Myers Briggs Type

Everyone has been through their share of not-so-good relationships. In some cases we find we are repeating the same horrible habits, and just continuously picking the wrong people. Here is the type of person we think you should date, according to your Myers Briggs type.


Someone who cares about you, as much as you care about them. Someone who will never take you for granted and who allows you to be yourself, even if they don’t understand you completely. You need someone who you can trust, and who will never intentionally hurt you.


Someone who is capable of making you feel loved and cared for. Someone who is capable of taking charge if necessary and who will surprise you with romantic gestures.


Someone who can keep you grounded and show you the reality of the world. Someone who will be your anchor and be completely dependable for you. You need a person who will protect you if need be, but who shows you how to protect yourself as well. Someone who shows you how to temper your expectations, but always strives to impress you.


Someone who will beat you at your own game and keep you interested. Someone you can depend on to be there for you, but who also doesn’t give into you when you feel like being demanding. You need someone who can bring excitement to your life, but you can show you that relaxing can also be nice.


Someone who is very intelligent but can force you to live in the moment. Someone who can force you to accept your own emotions without trying to make sense of them.  You need someone who help you to experience passion without logic, but who can also listen to your logical rants without falling asleep.


Someone that you can take care of and instruct on how to live their life, but who also is capable of keeping your ego in check. You need someone who doesn’t let you get out of hand and helps you be more in touch with others emotions. Someone who can teach you how to be more sensitive to other peoples feelings.


Someone who can keep you grounded and teach you how to live in the present moment. Someone who will help you open up and be comfortable with your own emotions (as well as others). Someone who makes you feel valued and intelligent, but who also keeps you from trying to find a logical answer to your emotions.


Someone who is capable of standing up to your strong will. A person who has a sense of purpose and doesn’t let you overshadow them. You need a person who is always willing to grow and who wants to grow with you.


Someone who can pull you out of your shell and force you to accept the messy bits of life. You need someone who can teach you that taking risks and breaking the rules can be fun sometimes.


Someone who is capable of standing up to you if need be. Someone who allows you take to take charge but can put you in your place when you become too headstrong.


Someone who forces you to relax and care about your own welling being. Someone who enjoys you taking care of them, but doesn’t need you to. You need someone who can teach you how to worry less and go with the flow.


Someone who CAN live without you, but doesn’t want to. You need to stop searching for people who NEED you and find someone who is independent and helps you consider your own emotions once in a while. You need someone who makes you feel appreciated because they know you care.


Someone who understands how to give you space, but also forces you to show affection more. Someone who doesn’t allow you to push them away even when you try. You need the person who forces you out of your own head and shows you how to accept emotion.


Someone who doesn’t take your occasional stream of bull****. Someone who is very intelligent and can stand up to your know-it-all attitude. You need a person who will help keep you from taking too many risks, but who allows you to be yourself and can also keep you excited.


Someone who supports you completely and is capable of getting inside of your mind. Someone who helps you break outside of your introverted shell and who accepts your vulnerability.


Someone who can handle your spontaneity and allow you to be yourself, but who also keeps you in line. Someone who can help you organize your sometimes messy life and take things more seriously.


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