Here’s How Good of a Con Artist You Would Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While there are obvious moral implications to be considered, con artists still require a certain set of skills that not everyone possesses. While some people have the potential to be excellent con artists, they simply wouldn’t do it because of the moral reasons. Here is how good of a con artist you would be, based on your personality type.



INFJs will rarely want to pursue a life as a con artist, since they have rather strong inner morals. They might however, find themselves drawn to the more Robin Hood style of a con artist. They can sometimes see things in grey areas if their actions are bringing justice to those who deserve it. In this case the INFJ would be excellent at conning people, since they are capable of manipulation when they want to be. The INFJ would be highly capable of swindling people and convincing them of just about anything they desire. Their sense of empathy and adaptability are actually useful tools in the INFJs skillset.


ENFJs often believe in doing the right thing and so a great part of them will likely be against conning others. While they do often have strong morals, ENFJs can sometimes see things differently than others and might be drawn to a more Robin Hood way of thinking. If they believe that what they are doing is somehow benefiting people in need, they might be capable of going through with it. ENFJs would make excellent con artists if they were somehow in this position, since they are great at reading people. Conning often requires an ability to charm and manipulate people into believing anything you want, and ENFJs are often supremely good at this.


INFPs are highly moral people, and so they likely would struggle with the idea of conning others. They strive to be honest and might even be bad at lying because of their inner conscience. INFPs simply don’t like being dishonest and often possess a very black and white way of looking at things. If something is wrong there is little wiggle room, and they usually feel like this is a deceitful way of getting out of doing the right thing. For them conning people just doesn’t feel right, and they will certainly not do this consciously. INFPs aren’t really made for a life of deceiving people, and would rather be true to themselves.


ENFPs are highly moral people who strive to do what they believe is right, but on the flipside they might be good at conning others. They often dislike the feeling of being dishonest, and want to quickly tell the truth even when they are pranking people. ENFPs don’t like being someone that others cannot trust and prefer to do what feels right to them. If the ENFP can somehow convince themselves that being a con artist is acceptable, they would be capable of figuring out how to do this. They are charming people who are excellent at getting their way with those around them.



INTJs rarely find themselves wanting to be con artists, and are more focused on doing what feels morally right. Most of the time they follow a straight and narrow path, working hard and doing what they believe is honest and good. If the INTJ does decide to go down a less noble path, they do have some skills that would make them good con artists. They are great at coming up with convincing arguments, with plenty of facts and sincerity. This is something that helps them become believable to others, and their sense of confidence definitely aids in this.


ENTJs can pursue careers as salespeople, but they don’t often like the idea of being a con artist. They don’t believe in doing things that are dishonest and would rather work hard to achieve their goals in life. ENTJs do have inner morals which guide them in many ways, even though they are more focused on facts and efficiency. They will likely avoid anything that involved truly conning others, but they would likely be decent at it if they did. ENTJs are good at using facts and a sense of confidence to be convincing, which is certainly useful for a con artist.


INTPs are not likely to pursue a life conning others, and are much more internalized. They often spend most of their time thinking about new things and processing their ideas and thoughts. INTPs also aren’t fans of having to constantly interact with others and this can be a skill they are lacking in. While they might be capable of figuring out the best plan for conning someone, sometimes carrying it out can be a bit difficult. They might work well in a con artist team, where the other person is the one who has to communicate and manipulate people directly.


ENTPs are likely to be decent con artists if they want to be, since they are confident and charismatic people. They are capable of communicating in a way that can be very convincing and spend a lot of time debating with others. This ability to be believable and use facts to back up their point, can really help the ENTP when it comes to conning people into trusting them and what they are saying. ENTPs are also good at understanding the goals of those around them better than people realize, since they are rather observant and perceptive.



ISTJs don’t really find themselves wanting to be con artists most of the time, since they prefer to live a more straight and narrow lifestyle. They have inner morals and believe in doing what is right, instead of spending time trying to con others. ISTJs are more likely to live their lives working hard and finding an efficient way to accomplish their goals. While they strive to get things done themselves, having to con others into things just rarely feels like something that would fit their lifestyle.


ESTJs are driven people who believe in doing what is right and working hard to accomplish their goals. They aren’t usually made for a lifestyle of conning others, since they have a strong sense of honesty. They want to do things their own way and are more than capable of working hard instead of conning others. ESTJs might act is though they could con people, but deep down they have strong morals and would likely have a hard time doing this.


ISFJs are moral people who believe in doing what is right and don’t like harming others. They are likely to be strongly against conning others, since they don’t like hurting people in any way. While ISFJs are not likely to want to be con artists, but they are good at understanding others in a way that might be useful in this type of lifestyle. ISFJs are capable of empathizing and connecting with people in a way that helps them become more capable of manipulating people if they want to.


ESFJs are excellent at understanding and empathizing with people, which would help them be good con artists. They can connect with others in a way that makes it easy for people to trust the ESFJ. Their ability to understand what others want and need would make them rather good at being con artists. Ultimately, ESFJs care about others a bit too much and would have a hard time doing anything that might hurt people or take things away from them and so this type of lifestyle is likely too much for them.



ISTPs would likely make good con artists if this is something they wanted to live this lifestyle. They are often knowledgeable people and can use facts as a means of convincing people whatever they want. They also have a sense of charm which can help the ISTP find ways to swindling others. They might not want to live this lifestyle, but most ISTPs are definitely capable of being con artists if this is what they choose for themselves.


ESTPs could actually make great con artists since they are charming and capable of manipulation if they want. ESTPs often know how to be convincing, especially when they bring their knowledge of facts into the mix. They will likely use their charisma and their wit as a way of swindling people and convincing them of whatever they want. They are certainly good at manipulating others if they want to, and would make for great con artists.


ISFPs are likely not interested in being con artists, since they have strong inner morals. The idea of trying to manipulate others and push them into something they don’t want, really isn’t for them. ISFPs likely would have such a strong moral distaste of conning people, and so it would be far too challenging for them. They would rather live in the moment and follow what feels right for them, and so conning and manipulating people doesn’t often feel right.


ESFPs are unlikely to be con artists, especially since they care so much about others and doing the right thing. They are sensitive people who simply want to follow their hearts in the right direction. ESFPs can be good at manipulating people, but they don’t like doing things that could be harmful. They would be good con artists if this is something they strive for, since they have charming and open personalities, which makes it easy for others to trust them.

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