Myers Briggs Super Powers

Are you curious which superpower your Myers Briggs Type would possess?  Thankfully we have already answered that question purely for your enjoyment. 😉

INFJ- Precognition

INFJs have a natural ability to sense what is to come. So of course the best fitting super power of the INFJ is precognition, the ability to see into the future. Precognition gives the ability to foresee possible future events and read what will occur. Being able to tell the future, helps allow the one with this power to potentially change the outcome. In some cases these visions are of a destined future that cannot be changed, but in some cases the INFJ would be pleased to alter the course of the future in a positive way.

ENFJ- Telepathy

ENFJ are very people focused and love making those around them happy. Telepathy is the ability to receive or transmit thoughts back and forth between people. This ability would give ENFJs a chance to connect with others on a deeper and more intimate level. The chance to understand the desires of others more openly, is the perfect ability for the ENFJ.

INFP- Astral Projection (or Astral Travel)

INFPs are very imaginative dreamers. The ability to use astral projection to travel outside of ones body, seems a perfect skill for the INFP. With the ability to leave their own physical body and travel outside of it, the INFP would feel unbound. They already are more connected with the spiritual than they are the physical, and would relish in the ability to be completely free.

ENFP- Animal Control (or Animal Communication)

ENFP are enthusiastic and affectionate, and would love the ability to connect with animals. The ability to control and communicate with animals would allow them to connect with creatures besides humans on a deeper level. It is a very rare and unique gift and the ENFP would thrive on this ability.

INTJ- Time Travel

INTJ are very intuitive and knowledge driven. The ability to travel through all of time would remove normal limits of knowledge. INTJs would love the ability to experience first hand any event from the past, or even the future. The would no longer be set to one time and place, but rather would be capable of diving into any moment in time that they desire. The questions is whether or not they would use their power for good, or for evil?

ENTJ- Mind Control

With the ability of mind control, ENTJs would no longer be bound by pesky free will. They could control the world around them, by manipulating others into doing whatever they want. This power is something that ENTJs would thrive on and would feel completely at home with such immense control.

INTP- Omniscience

With the ability of omniscience, INTPs would not longer be bound by the time is takes to learn everything themselves. They would have a natural understanding of everything. Their minds would be unblocked to the entire universe and all of the knowledge that it possesses. They would know every single answer to every question, and would no longer be limited by anything.

ENTP- Immortality

With the power of immortality the ENTP would no longer be bound by time constraints. Being able to live forever would give them the chance to actually execute all of the master plans they concoct. They would be unstoppable and capable of finally taking over the world if they so desire.

ISTJ- Night Vision

The ability to see in the dark would make the ISTJ capable of continuing their duties no matter what. Even in the darkness they can accomplish their tasks with ease. They also would be able to gain the advantage on others, since they can remain hidden in the darkness but can see everything around them.

ESTJ- Super strength

ESTJ are natural leaders, and would thrive on the ability to be unbelievably strong. Nothing would stop them from impressing others with their intense strength. They would be capable of protecting their town and the people around them.

ISFJ- Empathy

With the ability to feel others emotions entirely, the ISFJ would be capable of providing their loved one with exactly what they need. Knowing that someone is sad or happy, could help them gauge if there was a problem that needed fixing.

ESFJ- Healing

ESFJ are very conscious of others and want to make their loved ones happy. With the ability to heal, the ESFJ would be able to take away others pain or suffering with ease. This would make them unbelievably happy, since they can help others with their ability.

ISTP- Pyrokinesis

ISTP are very fast paced and in touch with the physical world. The ability to control fire would excite the ISTP and keep them interested. Although, it may get them into a little trouble, it’s nothing they can’t get themselves out of.

ESTP- Super Speed

ESTPs are already constantly moving and don’t like to be held down. The power of super speed would allow them to be completely unstoppable. They would enjoy the excitement and thrill of going at unbelievable speeds without the need of a vehicle to accomplish it.

ISFP- Invisibility

ISFP can be shy and introverted. The ability to make themselves invisible whenever they please, would make them very comfortable. They would be able to appreciate things that others can’t, and see places that they otherwise would not be able to see.

ESFP- Flying

ESFPs are fun-loving and excitable. They enjoy being the life of the party, and what better party trick than being able to fly? They enjoy excitement and thrive on adventure, making the power of flight perfect for them.

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