Here’s How You Handle Dark Humor, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Handle Dark Humor, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people might enjoy dark humor, others can be a bit offended by it. Here is how each personality type responds to dark humor.


While INFJs are compassionate and caring people, they can have a dark sense of humor. They will often censor themselves in front of people who might be hurt or offended by their darker side. When the INFJ is comfortable with someone completely they will let this side of their personality come through. INFJs can enjoy dark humor and are often great at coming up with witty punchlines. They have such complex inner minds and sometimes this type of humor comes out in ways that surprise people.


ENFJs are caring people who don’t want to do anything that might hurt someone else. They definitely censor themselves around people who will be easily offended, since they care about other people’s feelings. While ENFJs might hold themselves back, they do appreciate dark humor. When they are around people who enjoy their type of humor they will certainly be capable of letting it out. They don’t enjoy when things go too far though, and can be defensive of certain subjects.


INFPs certainly have a dark inner sense of humor, but they don’t always want to share this with others. For INFPs it is important not to harm others, or say things that can truly hurt them. While they might enjoy dark humor, they would rather keep it inside most of the time. They might let a few dark jokes out, as long as they know the company won’t be largely affected by it. INFPs care about people and they care about doing the right thing, so they don’t enjoy when people say things that are far too offensive in front of others.


ENFPs can definitely possess a dark sense of humor, and are rarely offended by what other people say. While ENFPs humor can get rather dark, they don’t say all of these comments out loud. They don’t enjoy hurting people, and can keep a lot of their feelings inside because of this. ENFPs will express their darker sense of humor around people who know how to take it properly. They enjoy having loved ones who let them be themselves without judging them for their darker qualities. ENFPs can feel pressured to be all sunshine and rainbows constantly, but that isn’t their only mood.


INTJs definitely possess a dark sense of humor, and enjoy jokes that require a little thought. People might not always appreciate their sense of humor since it can be delivered a little dry and sarcastic, but the ones who do truly enjoy it. INTJs often find dark humor much more interesting than goofy or surface humor, and want to dig a little deeper. INTJs aren’t the most open people, and don’t always feel the need to share their affinity for darker humor, but they definitely appreciate it.


ENTJs definitely enjoy dark humor and anything that pushes the limits. While ENTJs are hardworking and driven people, they also have a mischievous side to them. When they feel comfortable around someone the ENTJ can let out a dark and playful sense of humor. They enjoy pushing the limits in order to really shock and surprise people with their humor. It is something that often seems unusually to others, since ENTJs are such hardworking and responsible people, but their humor can veer in an entirely different direction.


INTPs definitely enjoy dark humor, and like being able to dive into these more complex themes. INTPs enjoy many different styles of humor, and are rarely offended by things. Dark humor doesn’t bother them or upset the INTP, and is often very enjoyable for them. They do often keep their thoughts to themselves, unless they are around someone they feel completely comfortable with. They will often shock their loved ones with how active their sense of humor actually is.


ENTPs often treasure dark humor, and enjoy being able to explore the boundaries of others. They can push the limits sometimes in a way that can occasionally offend or upset people. ENTPs simply enjoy being able to see just how far they can go before it gets them into a bit of trouble. They want to explore different things, which includes their sense of humor. ENTPs aren’t easily offended, so dark humor is often just right for them.


ISTJs often have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, which can get a little dark from time to time. While they might not be easily offended by darker humor, ISTJs don’t want to offend others. They might keep their dark side to themselves, so that they can avoid hurting people. ISTJs don’t enjoy offending or upsetting people and would rather be appropriate, especially around strangers. Their loved ones can often witness their more sarcastic or even dark sense of humor though, especially when they feel comfortable.


ESTJs are hardworking and responsible people, who prefer to focus on getting things done. While they might not be offended by dark humor, they don’t often care for it much. ESTJs would rather be positive and try not to upset others. They aren’t the most sensitive people but they don’t enjoy dwelling on negative things. ESTJs often have a more sarcastic sense of humor, but it doesn’t always venture down a dark road.


ISFJs can often dislike dark humor because it can be hurtful to others. They might enjoy certain darker jokes, but they don’t want things to go too far. ISFJs care about the well-bring of others and care deeply about things that could hurt them. They are compassionate people who feel it is important to be sensitive to people. Dark humor can really cross certain boundaries to a point where it hurts people deeply and they simply are not okay with that.


ESFJs often dislike dark humor when it goes too far, and can find it a bit offensive. They do enjoy a little risqué or dark humor, but not when it tears other people down. ESFJs might prefer a self-deprecating style of dark humor, since it doesn’t hurt others. They just don’t want to do or say anything that might cause other people harm, since they are sensitive to the feelings of others. ESFJs just don’t believe in crossing certain lines since they are moral and caring people.


ISTPs definitely enjoy dark humor, but they don’t always express this openly to others. They have a naturally sarcastic sense of humor themselves, which can go a bit dark occasionally. ISTPs aren’t sensitive people, so they don’t become hurt by most dark humor. ISTPs personally aren’t offended by darker jokes, and they don’t feel responsible for the feelings of other people.


ESTPs definitely do enjoy dark humor and can often make jokes that cross certain boundaries. While ESTPs enjoy a darker sense of humor, there are certain things that might offend them. When the ESTP holds something as important to them, they can become a bit offended when that line is crossed. They also become upset if their loved ones feeling victimized or offended by a joke. While ESTPs enjoy certain dark humor, sometimes they become angered in surprising ways.


For ISFPs dark humor can be a bit unsettling, especially if it crosses certain lines. They care about people and don’t like things that can truly hurt others. ISFPs have strong inner morals and strive to follow what they believe is right. While they might enjoy some dark humor, it is often the less offensive kind. As long as it doesn’t cross certain boundaries that the ISFP is strongly against, they will be okay with it.


ESFPs can often dislike anything that is too negative, so certain dark humor can be a bit much for them. ESFPs don’t enjoy being harsh or offensive either and certain darker themes can cross lines they don’t enjoy. They prefer to focus on light and happy things, and enjoy being positive. ESFPs live very much in the present moment, and are drawn to things that make them feel joy.

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