Here’s How Much of a Pleaser Seeker You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are more focused on building a life, others are pleasure seekers. They will go after the things that feels good in the moment, and don’t like getting hung up on what they should or shouldn’t do. Here is how much of a pleasure seeker you are, based on your personality type.



Most of the time INFJs aren’t pleasure seekers and prefer to take things seriously in life. They don’t want to simply seek out momentary joy which can result in them making mistakes. INFJs can appear rather reserved on the outside, especially when they feel a lot of pressure on them. There are times though when the INFJ can become overwhelmed to the point where they start seeking out instant gratification. When the INFJ has gone into their shadow they can become focus don living in the present and might start to seek out any momentary pleasure they can find.


ENFJs aren’t the type to seek out instant gratification, and prefer to focus on the things that are truly important. They are often so focused on taking care of their loved ones that they don’t spend much time seizing the present. ENFJs simply don’t want their actions to negatively affect someone they love and care for, so they avoid doing that at all costs. When the ENFJ can become a bit of a pleasure seeker, is when they are under so much stress that they become a much different version of themselves. This ENFJ can become reckless and will be much more focused on living in the present.


INFPs aren’t often seen as pleasure seekers, but they do want to live their lives with passion. Most of the time INFPs are often on their inner morals and believe in doing what is right. Their desire to always follow an honest and good path, causes the INFP to forgo instant gratification oftentimes. They will take advantage of momentary pleasure if they believe it isn’t immoral in any way, and if it feels right to them. INFPs simply don’t like going against the things that are sincere and right, instead they want to focus on helping others and following their hearts down the right path.


ENFPs can sometimes seem like pleasure seekers, since they do enjoy reaching for the things that bring them joy. ENFPs want to soak up their surroundings and area eager to experience things that feel rewarding. They want to live their lives with a sense of passion, and prefer to follow their hearts. While ENFPs can sometimes seek out pleasure, it isn’t in the way of instant gratification. They will forgo certain actions if they believe they are immoral or if they will jeopardize something that is important to them. If the ENFP is bouncing from one thing to the next, it is because they know it is the right move for them.



INTJs aren’t usually interested in pleasure seeking behavior, instead they focus on things that are truly valuable to them. They aren’t hung up in the present and don’t live their lives constantly seeking out whatever instant gratification they can find. The INTJ wants to explore knowledge and will constantly strive to learn and grow. The only times the INTJ becomes a pleasure seeker is when they are under extreme stress to the point of being in their shadow. Most of the time INTJs aren’t that connected to the physical world, and are more interested in their own inner world.


ENTJs aren’t usually extreme pleasure seekers, and prefer to focus on things that are stable and valuable. They are very focused on the future and want to ensure that they build a positive life for themselves and their loved ones. The ENTJ would rather work hard in order to get things done and be as efficient as possible. The only times the ENTJ can become a pleasure seeker is when they have become overwhelmed to the point of being much different than their usual selves. During these times the ENTJ can become focused on living in the present, but it rarely lasts for a long time.


INTPs aren’t the type to seek out pleasure all of the time, and in most situations they aren’t extremely connected to the present. In order to be a true pleasure seeker, the person has to be very aware of their physical self in order to be focused on instant gratification, and INTP simply aren’t this way. They are often so caught up inside of their own inner minds that they are more present in an introspective manner. INTPs are drawn to learning and creativity, and are always seeking out new things to explore and understand in a more cerebral way.


While ENTPs are very focused on learning and exploration, there are times when they can appear like pleasure seekers. They enjoy being able to jump from one thing to the next, always following whatever they are most passionate about. ENTPs want to experience the things that excite and challenge them most, and sometimes this takes them down a pleasure seeking road. At the same time ENTPs aren’t caught up on instant gratification in the way that some might thing, and are capable of taking a step back if they are following a path that isn’t right for them.



ISTJs aren’t pleasure seekers, and don’t constantly need to be hung up on something that excites them or gratifies them in the moment. They are working to build something real and truly valuable, and dislike anything that feels meaningless. The ISTJ wants to create something and will work hard to achieve a sense of balance and stability. They don’t need to experience instant gratification in order to feel happy with their lives, instead they often veer away from things like this.


ESTJs aren’t momentary pleasure seekers and would much rather build a life that is stable and real. They are practical people who are more focused on the future than simply soaking up the present. ESTJs want to be able to have things that are valuable and will last for the rest of their lives. Instead of constantly diving into something thrilling the ESTJ would prefer to focus on things that mean something to them and their future.


ISFJs really aren’t seen as pleasure seekers and will often forgo instant gratification. They prefer to focus on building a life for themselves and their loved ones. ISFJs are very focused on creating a sense of harmony in their environment and don’t want to do anything that might negatively affect that. For the ISFJ it is more valuable to make the ones around them happy than to focus on seeking out their own pointless pleasures.


ESFJs really aren’t pleasure seekers most of the time, and prefer to focus on taking care of their loved ones. They don’t like to do anything that might jeopardize the happiness of those closest to them, and will work hard to maintain a sense of harmony in their environment. They don’t like doing anything that can hurt others, so they often forgo their own instant gratification because of this. ESFJs are more focused on the desires of others, rather than fulfilling their own pleasures in the moment.



While ISTPs are logical and practical people, there are times when they can be pleasure seekers. They enjoy living in the present and want to focus on the things that bring them joy. The ISTP doesn’t want to become hung up on things that are negative and stressful, instead they prefer to let these things roll off their backs. For the ISTP being a pleasure seeker simply means they are enjoying the moment without letting their responsibilities weight them down.


ESTPs can definitely be pleasure seekers, since they enjoy living in the present. They constantly want to seek out new adventures and anything that feels right to them. ESTPs enjoy being able to soak up the pleasure in the world around them, and dislike having anything hold them back. ESTPs can definitely be pleasure seekers and sometimes they become a bit caught up in instant gratification because of this. They don’t do this on purpose, they simply are focused on the present rather than the past or future.


ISFPs are sometimes pleasure seekers, simply because they live so much in the present moment. They don’t want to let anything hold them back from seeking out joy and new experiences. ISFPs are free-spirits, who want to let their heart guide them down the right path. While ISFPs can be pleasure seekers they do try to avoid doing anything that feels immoral or harmful to others. For them it is more about exploring their own path and doing what brings them joy.


ESFPs can definitely be pleasure seekers at times, and want to experience the things they are most passionate about in life. They seek out a feeling of joy and don’t want anything to hold them back from this. ESFPs can sometimes forget about their responsibilities because they are seeking out something that is pleasurable in the moment. Their feelings often guide them, and sometimes this can get them into trouble that requires a bit of charm to escape.

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