Here’s How Unpredictable Each Personality Type Actually Is

Here’s How Unpredictable Each Personality Type Actually Is

While someone people enjoy following a predictable path, others are quite the opposite. Here is how unpredictable each personality type actually is.


INFJs are hard people for most to understand, which can make them a bit unpredictable. They have warm and giving hearts, but INFJs struggle to open them up completely to people. Even when INFJs open themselves up to someone they trust, it can be difficult for them to feel entirely understood. They are complex people, who are often considered paradoxical. Many people can be surprised by the INFJs reactions, simply because they don’t follow what they expect. INFJs are warm people, but sometimes they can be harsh when pushed too far. The constant paradox that is the INFJ, makes them surprisingly unpredictable people.


ENFJs are caring people who are always working to help their loved ones. They are selfless and warm, which makes them rather loyal individuals. ENFJs can be predictable when it comes to their constant goal to care for and give to other people. When someone the ENFJ loves is in need, they will always be there to help them and show them love. They are reliable people, but at the same time they have some qualities that can take others by surprise. ENFJs are loving, but at the same time they can have rather harsh moments when they are pushed over the edge.


INFPs are genuine and imaginative people, who often enjoy exploring the richness of their own minds. They enjoy being able to try new things, which can sometimes make them unpredictable. There are certain patterns the INFP follows which can sometimes make them easier for people to predict- but in most cases they don’t like to do what is expected of them. INFPs who are stuck in a rut might find themselves struggling to break free and try new things, which can make them a bit easy to read. INFPs are also extremely moral people, which is a major part of who they are. People who know the INFP will often know what to expect since they will often choose the path that is honorable.


ENFPs are fun and adventurous people, who truly dislike being stagnant for too long. ENFPs are some of the more unpredictable people, since they dislike doing the same thing over and over again. When people think they have the ENFP pegged, they will likely change course. They dislike being stuck in one place and enjoy being able to mix things up in their lives. When the ENFP has gotten too attached to one thing, they will like change just to excite themselves a little bit. The fact that ENFPs enjoy switching things up often makes it very difficult for people to predict their next move.


INTJs enjoy being able to absorb knowledge, and spend most of their time by themselves. INTJs are very personal and independent people, who dislike following other people’s instructions. Most people can find it challenging to full understand the INTJ, even if they are close to them. INTJs follow their own personal set of rules, but they rarely share this with other people. They want their decisions to be their own, and dislike feeling like someone else has interfered. INTJs are hard people to predict, since they keep their own personal strategies to themselves. There are certain qualities of the INTJ that make them predictable, but they often keep these things to themselves so that others cannot use it to their own advantage.


ENTJs are the type of people who want to follow their strategies and plans. ENTJs are goal oriented people, who are not afraid to push themselves past their usual boundaries. The ENTJ is driven and intelligent, but sometimes their eagerness can make them a bit predictable. For the people closest to the ENTJ they can be rather loyal and dependable individuals. These positive qualities are what can make the ENTJs behavior a bit predictable, but this is certainly not a negative thing. ENTJs are capable of escaping this predictable behavior, especially when they have moment where they want to expand their lives a bit.


INTPs are certainly not easy people to predict, since they live so much inside of their inner minds. INTPs are internal and person people, who rarely share much of themselves with people. They can even be difficult to completely understand for those closest to them. INTPs have a hard time opening up to others, and that combines with their curious nature to make them rather unpredictable people. They enjoy taking on new tasks and exploring new possibilities, and hate being stuck in the same place. INTPs rarely do what is expected of them, simply because they want to discover new things.


ENTPs are creative and adventurous people, who love exploring new things. They truly hate being stagnant for too long, and want badly to expand their horizons. ENTPs will often push the boundaries, just to see what might happen. Their curious and explorative nature makes ENTPs rather difficult for people to predict. Just when someone thinks they know what the ENTP might do, they will change course on them. ENTPs will often decide to switch things up, just to keep people on their toes. They are rather difficult people to predict, and enjoy being this way.


ISTJs are loyal and caring people, who constantly work hard to meet their goals. The fact that ISTJs want to be dependable, often makes them a bit predictable. This is actually a wonderful quality which makes ISTJs great people to share a connection with. They never fail to be there for their loved ones, and are sturdy and strong people. Their nature is to ensure that they do everything they are meant to do, and will always follow through with their promises. ISTJs are predictable people, but they are also extremely trustworthy.


ESTJs are hardworking people who always strive to follow through with their word. ESTJs want to be supportive and work hard to care for their loved ones. They are strong people, and do not want to fail to live up to their own expectations. The fact that ESTJs are dependable and goal oriented people, can often make them rather predictable. They don’t want to be seen as someone who is incapable of following through with things, and will never fail to be responsible when it is important. ESTJs might not be unpredictable people, but they are dependable.


ISFJs are warm and compassionate people, who will always do what they can to help others. They enjoy following a schedule and prefer to do what they believe is right. ISFJs are supportive of their loved ones and work hard to ensure their happiness. ISFJs are certainly not unpredictable people, and often follow a strict routine. They certainly know how to have fun, but mostly they are responsible. ISFJs want to do what they believe is right, and do not want to be seen as someone who is lazy or uncaring. This responsible and dependable behavior, makes ISFJs more predictable people.


ESFJs are dependable and giving people, which often makes them predictable. They prefer to be someone that their loved ones can rely on, and dislike not being there for them. ESFJs are hardworking people, and will always follow through with their plans. When the ESFJ makes a promise to someone they will do whatever it takes to ensure that it works out. ESFJs are usually not unpredictable people, because they will do what is best for the sake of their loved ones no matter what that means.


ISTPs have rather adventurous natures, which often makes them a bit unpredictable. ISTPs don’t open up to most people, and prefer to keep their personal affairs private. They enjoy being able to take risks and explore new things, without feeling tied down. The fact that ISTPs enjoy newness and adventure, makes them hard for others to peg down. Their actions can be rather unpredictable because ISTPs prefer to live life in the present moment. They don’t focus much on the past or the even the future, and instead enjoy living in the present.


ESTPs are very adventurous people, which makes them rather unpredictable as well. They enjoy living their lives in the present, and don’t want to get caught up on the past. ESTPs desire to live in the present makes it difficult for people to predict their next move. ESTPs actually enjoy being considered unpredictable, simply because it means they are living up to their own expectations. They enjoy taking on new things, and don’t want their lives to be boring.


ISFPs are the type of people who always want to follow their heart, and enjoy living in the present moment. The fact that ISFPs are very much people who live in the present, makes them rather hard to predict. ISFPs can often be seen as unpredictable, and do not share most of their internal thoughts with other people. They are whimsical and warm people, who love being able to explore new things. They may appear reserved on the outside, but ISFPs have a sense of adventure which makes them fun and surprising.


ESFPs are fun people who enjoy being able to explore new activities. They dislike being stuck in one place and have a rather adventurous spirit. ESFPs are the type of people who live very much in the present moment, and can often take action based on their emotions. They want to follow their heart and always strive to do what they believe is right in the moment. This behavior makes ESFPs extremely unpredictable, since they rarely follow any sort of usual pattern. They like trying new things, and won’t likely go with something they have enjoyed in the past.

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