1. You just had to click on this because HEY! THAT’S ME!

2. You like shiny new objects

3. You come off as fun and bubbly to most people

4. But honestly, sometimes that’s exhausting

5. Sometimes you just wanna sit in your room and surf on the internet

6. Some days you don’t wanna go out because you don’t wanna hear “why are you in a bad mood.”

7. But that phase passes and you’re on to the next exciting thing

8. You’re good at inspiring others

9. And good at reading people

10. But sometimes you see too much potential in people for you own good

11. Your room is a mess

12. You get bored way too easily

13. And get told to slow down your fast pace life

14. But you don’t worry because you can handle it.

15. You have a goofy sense of humor.

16. You can find a way to relate to most people

17. But not everyone relates to you

18. You daydreamed at some point reading this list

19. You have 34 browser tabs open right now

20. You need to catch up on sleep, but its too boring

21. You’ve convinced yourself for a day or 2 you are an introvert

22. …Until your favorite band comes into town

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