Here’s How Business Savvy You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Business Savvy You Are, According to Your Personality Type

While some people have a knack for business, others find it completely uninteresting. Here is how business savvy you are, according to your personality type.


INFJs are generally not interested in having a business mind, and prefer something that feels more substantial in life. They rarely find themselves interested in business, and prefer to focus on things they are more fulfilled by. INFJs are capable of understanding certain aspects to business, especially since they are so intuitive. They can be good at predicting a smart strategic plan for things, and are often capable of comprehending a great many things. INFJs are definitely smart enough for develop a business mind, but in most cases they are entirely uninterested in it.


ENFJs are often very business savvy, and have intuitive minds which help them quite a bit. They are motivated people, who strive to ensure the happiness of their loves ones. ENFJs often have lofty goals in life, especially since they want to be able to provide for others. If they find themselves interested in business, it is often because they want to start a small business of their own. ENFJs are extremely capable of managing a business, and often find they have a natural ability to take charge and make things happen.


INFPs are imaginative people, who believe in doing what it is right. They have very strong inner morals, and because of this they often believe they are meant to serve a greater purpose in life. They often dislike focusing on business, since it feels unsubstantial for them. INFPs follow their hearts, and don’t want to let other things get in their way. INFPs aren’t really business minded, since it can feel a bit cold and shallow to them. They are much more focused on things that feel real and sincere, and are connected to who they are as a person.


ENFPs are very capable people, who seem to have the ability to figure out anything that is in front of them. While they can be skilled at intuiting what the best path may be, ENFPs really aren’t business minded people. They thrive on ideas, and have a strong sense of creativity. They can become far too distracted to remain focus on anything that keeps them still for too long. They do well in certain business situations, since they have intelligent minds and are rather intuitive, they just rarely find themselves all that interested in the type of pressure involved.


INTJs are often very business savvy people, with a knack for getting things done. They are intuitive and intelligent, and spend a lot of their time absorbing knowledge. This ability to amass a lot of information, helps the INTJ navigate many different business situations. Their minds are more than capable of planning things out strategically, which they combine with their natural intuitive abilities. This combination really helps the INTJ makes great business people, even if they prefer doing this in a more behind the scenes way.


ENTJs are extremely business savvy people, and have a mind for making things happen. They know how to navigate many different business situations, and are intuitive people. ENTJs know how to lead others, which makes them into excellent bosses. ENTJs know how to navigate the business world, and are capable of learning and growing to become even better. They aren’t afraid of taking on challenges, and will rise to the occasion when they must.


INTPs might not appear like business savvy people on the surface, but their minds are complex and capable things. INTPs are often very skilled at navigating the business world, and can comprehend many different subjects. They are both logical and intuitive people, which helps them figure out the best course of action for any business. They can process the information and analyze it, in order to figure out what the different paths will result in. INTPs are incredibly business savvy people, even if they don’t find themselves all that interested in it.


ENTPs are definitely business savvy people, since they have such logical and imaginative minds. They are capable of seeing the best course of action, and aren’t afraid of taking risks where they should. ENTPs are well-rounded people who spend a lot of time researching and absorbing new information. ENTPs do get distracted easily though, and will dislike any business situation that locks them down. They often enjoy being able to run their own business in some way, or at least have plenty of creative control. ENTPs enjoy being able to explore their creative and imaginative side, and hate being held down.


ISTJs are definitely business savvy people, and have a knack for analyzing information. They are great at making a strategic plan, and have even better follow through. While some people can be smart about what the best course of action is, they aren’t always great at making things happen. ISTJs however, are excellent at executing whatever plan is the most beneficial one. They are hardworking people, who will always push themselves to get the job done efficiently.


ESTJs are often seen as business savvy people, since they are hardworking and aggressive. They aren’t afraid to actually make things happen, and won’t back down from a challenge. While others might be capable of putting together a plan, the ESTJ is excellent at executing it. They will go after the things they want in life, and are very goal oriented people. They might not always favor business situations, but they are capable of achieving any goal they set their mind to.


ISFJs are internal people, who prefer focusing on taking care of their loved ones. ISFJs might be capable of figuring out the business world, but in most cases they aren’t interested in it. They are more focused on things they deem substantial, and want to be able to provide for others. ISFJs are caring and moral people, with big and loving hearts. They don’t want to do anything that separates them from their loved ones, and work hard to ensure their happiness.


ESFJs are not often interested in the business world, but on occasion they will be seen in those positions. They are very capable of managing things, and know how to operate well once they learn their surroundings. ESFJs are hardworking and motivated people, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They want to make goals that will ensure the happiness of those closest to them, and will be capable of diving in when they believe it is the right thing to do. ESFJs can definitely navigate business, and can be surprisingly capable in it.


ISTPs are analytical and intelligent people, but the business world rarely intrigued them. They are certainly capable of being business savvy people, since they are logical and natural problem solvers. While they might be very capable in that world, they often find it boring and dislike feeling held back by it. ISTPs want to be free to make their own choices, and can be seen a bit reckless by others. They simply enjoy being able to bounce from one thing to the next, whenever they please.


ESTPs are definitely business minded people, who are good at going after their goals. They often do very well in the business world, and have a knack for climbing the ladder. They are also good leaders, and can often logically asses a situation in order to make the most effective plan. The only trouble ESTPs have with business is that their reckless behavior can sometimes get in the way. ESTPs will take risks when they get caught up in the moment, and will have to find a way to clean up the mess sometimes.


ISFPs are very internal and moral people, and believe in following their hearts. They rarely find themselves interested in the business world, and might find it a bit cold and even boring. They want to do something more substantial with their lives, or at least something that ignites their passionate side. ISFPs don’t want to feel stuck in one place, and often bounce from one thing to the next rather quickly. They enjoy doing things that connect them to the beauty in the world, and will rarely find that in business.


ESFPs are rarely interested in the business world, and might find that it doesn’t possess enough color for them. ESFPs want to follow their hearts and enjoy doing things that bring them real joy. They prefer to spend their time doing things that make themselves and others happy. ESFPs aren’t really business-minded people, since they can become so easily distracted. Their thoughts often drift in many different directions, and won’t stay stuck in one boring place.

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