In the Divergent series, factions are societal groups that organize citizens based upon values and aptitudes. Each individual is given an aptitude test to decide which faction is best suited for them. Ultimately YOU decide what faction to join, regardless of what the faction test results are. So the fact that you want to be in a different faction, should not stop you from making that choice. And if you are Divergent, we wish good luck to you! 😉

The Factions:

Abnegation= Selfless

Erudite= Intelligent

Amity= Kind

Dauntless= Brave

Candor= Honest

INFJ- Abnegation

INFJ are caring and sometimes very selfless. They have a tendency to sacrifice their own needs for the sake of others. Abnegation are willing to live with much less in order to make sure others are taken care of. The warm and giving heart of the INFJ makes them a candidate for the Abnegation faction. It is true that no one is truly at ease in this faction, but some people are better suited for it than others. INFJ are one of those few who would be pleased with giving to others.

Divergent: Amity, Erudite

You may find yourself connecting with more than just the Abnegation faction, which means you might be Divergent. If you are Divergent Amity and Erudite are the factions you are likely to find yourself also connecting with strongly. Amity is very kind, much like the generous nature of the INFJ. Erudite are intelligent and intellectual, which also connects with the deep and complex INFJ.

ENFJ- Abnegation

ENFJs are also extremely selfless and considerate of others. They often find themselves forgetting to tend to their own needs, which makes them a perfect candidate for the Abnegation faction. They would feel completely comfortable sacrificing for others, and would not complain when they had to live with much less.

Divergent: Amity, Dauntless

If you find yourself connecting deeply with more than just the Abnegation faction, you might just be Divergent. As an ENFJ we believe you would be most likely to find yourself connecting with Abnegation, Amity and Dauntless. The ENFJ are not only selfless, but also very kind and giving, making Amity a potential faction for them. ENFJ are also outgoing and could be considered strong-willed and brave, making Daunltess a likely option for them.

INFP- Amity

INFPs are very caring and complex individuals. They have a strong sense of internal morals and believe in being kind to others, making Amity the perfect faction for them. Amity is a faction that dislikes war and discord and believes strongly in keeping the peace. They have strong dedication to the environment and want to do their best to do what is right.

Divergent: Candor, Erudite

If you are an INFP and find yourself connecting with multiple factions, you may be Divergent. Although Amity is the most likely fit for an INFP, the others factions you may feel yourself connecting with are likely to be Candor and Erudite. Candor believe in complete honesty and do not ever tell lies, INFPs are strongly moral and may find themselves comfortable in a place where lies are not permitted and self-expression is favored. Erudite are very intelligent and favor wisdom above all else, they do not appreciate ignorance and believe in being fully educated, making the internal and intelligent INFP a good fit for them.

ENFP- Amity

ENFPs are very kind and enthusiastic, making Amity a fitting faction for them. Their loyalty is to their strong internal morals, making them perfect for the kind and warm Amity faction. They do not believe in war or chaos and desire to maintain a peaceful world. They believe in fairness and want everyone to be included in decision making, which connects with the fair and outgoing ENFP.

Divergent: Erudite, Candor

As an ENFP we find it likely that you will connect with more than just the Amity faction, in this case you may be Divergent. Others factions that you would likely find yourself connecting with would be Erudite and Candor. Erudite are very intelligent and intellectual, making the curious nature of the ENFP perfect for this faction. Erudite are scientific and believe in learning the truth above all else. Candor is also a good option for the deeply moral ENFP, since Candor believe in being completely honest and expressing ones self entirely.

INTJ- Erudite

INTJ are very intellectual and do not appreciate willful ignorance. They have a strong hunger for knowledge and wisdom, making them a perfect fit for the Erudite faction. Erudite believe that human ignorance is the cause to all faults in society. Erudite members focus their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Divergent: Candor

If you find yourself connecting with more than one faction, you may be Divergent. As an INTJ your best fit is in the Erudite faction, but you may also find yourself at home with Candor. Candor believe solely in being honest and do not ever tell lies. They say whatever the truth is, even if it may get them into trouble. The children of Candor are taught to speak their minds in any situation, making them a good fit for the INTJ as well.

ENTJ- Candor

ENTJs are open and outgoing individuals. They are strong-willed and seek to accomplish their goals with confidence. They would fit best into the Candor faction, because Candor believes in complete and total honest. ENTJs do not find it useful to beat around the bush and pretend around others, and would feel completely comfortable in a faction that supports that belief. The brash nature of the ENTJ is sometimes seen as cold, but in the Candor faction it would be highly respected.

Divergent- Erudite

As an ENTJ you may find yourself connecting with more than just the Candor faction, in this case you may be Divergent. Another faction you are likely to feel at home with, is Erudite. ENTJs are very intelligent and strive to gain knowledge, which is exactly what Erudite stands for. Erudite does not believe in ignorance and believe it is the cause to all of societies faults.

INTP- Erudite

INTPs are very intelligent and knowledge driven. They strive to understand the world around them, making the Erudite faction perfect for them. Erudite dedicate their lives to knowledge and wisdom, and believe that lack of knowledge disconnects people. The INTP would feel at home in this scientific and intellectual faction, and would be free to be themselves.

Divergent: Candor, Dauntless, Amity

As an INTP, we find it very likely that you may be Divergent. If you find yourself connecting with more than just the Erudite faction there are a few others factions you may also connect with. Candor are very honest, and do not believe in lies, making them a good fit for the INTP who believe very strongly in being precise and honest. Dauntless are very brave and do not believe in cowardice, they believe in facing fears head on, which is something that a strong-willed INTP may find themselves connecting with. The less likely but still possible faction for the INTP to connect with is Amity. Amity are very kind and peaceful, and although INTPs do not fear confrontation they have a caring nature buried deep inside of them.

ENTP- Dauntless

ENTPs are very gregarious and outgoing. The Dauntless faction believe in facing ones fears head on, and do not agree with cowardice, making them a good fit for the ENTP. ENTPs enjoy taking risks and stepping outside of their comfort zone, or else they become quickly bored and disinterested. The fast-pace of the Dauntless makes sense for the ENTPs desire to be constantly challenged.

Divergent: Erudite, Candor

As an ENTP we find it likely that you will be Divergent, if so you may find yourself connecting with more than just the Dauntless faction. ENTPs are very knowledge driven and may feel comfortable in the Erudite faction, where their main goal is to seek wisdom and understanding. Candor believe solely in honesty and do not believe in lies, making the expressive ENTP well suited for their faction. ENTPs would appreciate the ability to be completely self expressive, even if it gets them into trouble.

ISTJ- Candor

ISTJs believe in duty and getting the job done. They would value the no-nonsense honest nature of the Candor faction. The ability to tell the truth without being persecuted for it, would make them feel completely comfortable. It would help them in saying what they believe needs to be said in order to get the job at hand accomplished.

Divergent: Abnegation

ISTJs are probably less likely to be Divergent, as they believe in adhering to societal norms. If they are Divergent we believe another faction that the ISTJ would connect with, is Abnegation. Abnegation believe that selfishness is what harms society and devote themselves completely to serving others. ISTJs are very loyal and do a lot for those that are close to them, making Abnegation a could fit for them.

ESTJ- Candor

ESTJ are very strong-willed and sometimes demanding. The lifestyle of the always honest Candor is a perfect fit for the ESTJ. ESTJs would feel at home in a society where they were encouraged to be completely honest, as they have a tendency to say what is on their mind anyways.

Divergent: Erudite

ESTJs are one of the types least likely to be Divergent since they believe strongly in upholding societies rules. But that doesn’t mean you could not be Divergent, as an ESTJ we believe another option for you is Erudite. Erudite believe in knowledge and blame human ignorance for societies problems. ESTJs do not like inefficiency and would feel at home with the intelligent and aware Erudite faction.

ISFJ- Abnegation

ISFJs are extremely giving and selfless, making them perfect for Abnegation. Abnegation believe that selfishness is to blame for societies problems and believe in giving solely to others. ISFJs are very caring and would feel comfortable in the simplistic society of Abnegation.

Divergent: Amity

ISFJs believe strongly in upholding societal norms, but if they were Divergent we feel Amity would be another house that they connected deeply with. Amity are very kind and peaceful, and do not believe in causing discord or war. ISFJs would connect with this way of living, and would enjoy the peaceful and considerate environment.

ESFJ- Abnegation

ESFJs are very conscientiousness and considerate of others feelings. They are caring and extremely giving making the selfless faction of Abnegation perfect for them. Abnegation blames selfishness for the bulk of societies problems, which is something the ESFJ would connect very strongly to. ESFJs do not like indifference and cannot understand unkindness, and would feel at home with the giving nature of Abnegation.

Divergent: Amity, Candor

ESFJs have a tendency to follow the rules set out for them, but there is a small potential that they may be Divergent. If you are Divergent we believe the most likely factions that you would also connect with, are Amity or Candor. Amity believe strongly in being kind and favor a peaceful environment, making them a good fit for the giving and caring ESFJ. Candor is a less likely but still potential fit for the ESFJ. Candor believe in being honest and do not believe in telling lies. The ESFJ may feel comfortable being encouraged to tell the truth, since they have a strong moral obligation to others.

ISTP- Candor

ISTPs are very internal and intelligent, and would appreciate the complete honesty of the Candor faction. ISTPs often are seen as insensitive because they lack the desire to hold back the truth to shield others. Candor would make them feel at home and comfortable, since they encourage complete honesty and self-expression.

Divergent: Erudite, Dauntless

It is possible that as an ISTP you may find yourself connecting with other factions as well as Candor, this means you may be Divergent. If you are Divergent we believe the other factions you would connect most with are Erudite and Dauntless. Erudite are very intellectual and crave understanding, ISTPs have a natural way of understanding how things work and would fit well into this faction. ISTPs are also very in touch with the physical world and can be seen as very daring, making Dauntless a great faction choice for them.

ESTP- Dauntless

ESTP are extremely outgoing and in touch  with the physical world around them, making Dauntless a perfect fit for them. ESTPs are known to take risks and are often seen as thrill-seeking. Dauntless was almost completely made for them, and would bring them great excitement. Daunltess face their fears head on, and often attempt death-defying feats to free themselves from fear.

Divergent: Candor

Although we feel that Daunltess is the perfect faction for the ESTP, you may find yourself connecting with another faction. Candor is likely to be another faction that the ESTP would connect with. Candor believe in complete honesty and that would suit the open nature of the ESTP very well.

ISFP- Amity

ISFPs are very internal and often kind individuals, making the peaceful and kind nature of Amity a perfect faction for them. Amity do not believe in discord of any kind and have a strong connection to the environment, much like the sensitive and complex ISFPs.

Divergent: Dauntless

If you do find yourself connecting with another faction, we believe a potentially good fit for the ISFPs would be Dauntless. ISFPs are very in touch with the physical world around them, making the daring and risk-taking Dauntless a decent fit for them.

ESFP- Dauntless

ESFPs are extremely in touch with the physical world around them and can be considered thrill-seeking. They would fit very well into the courageous and risk-taking faction of Dauntless. They would feel comfortable with the physical feats that Dauntless requires them to perform and would be willing to face their fears head on.

Divergent: Amity, Candor

If you find yourself connecting with more than just Dauntless, you may be Divergent. The other factions we believe would be good fits for an ESFP are Amity and Candor. Amity are very kind and peaceful, making the ESFP feel comfortable since they do not enjoy discord and desire mostly to have fun. Candor are entirely honest and do not accept lies, which would also work for the outgoing and open ESFP.

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