ENTJ Teachers: How ENTJs Respond to Being Teachers

Being a teacher can be a truly challenging but also rewarding career choice, especially for those who are passionate about it. While it can also be a thankless job at times, there are plenty of ways to feel rewarded by helping to change the lives of your students. Teachers are definitely an important part of our lives growing up and even into adulthood, and so they can truly affect how people see the world and how much they believe in themselves. The right teacher has the ability to change the lives of their students and to inspire them to go after their dreams in ways that other people cannot. Some personality types might seem more fitted to this type of job, and are likely to gain something different from the experience.

ENTJs are naturally outgoing and focused people, which makes them suited for many different careers. They are also good at instructing people and can often bring together a team to get things done efficiently with ease. ENTJs enjoy being able to teach others and help them grow, and so teaching can actually be a good career choice for them. For the ENTJ it often depends on the subject they are teaching, and if it is something they are personally connected to. They are also more likely to prefer working as a college professor or even high school teacher, but children might not be their ideal to start with. While the ENTJs love of children does not depend on the type but rather the individual, that doesn’t make them drawn to the idea of teaching children. They might not find this choice to be as rewarding, as it requires a type of patience which isn’t necessarily something they desire.

They Are Efficient

ENTJs are often naturally organized and efficient people, which is something that helps them as teachers. They know how to constantly be refining their skills as a teacher, and don’t like just being complacent about their career. Instead of accepting mediocrity from themselves, the ENTJ wants to continue to find ways to improve and become better than before. This makes them amazing leaders and even better role models for their students. They are not afraid to challenge the system as well, and are often more focused on being the best teacher they can be. This sense of drive and desire to be good at what they do, is something which will impact their students as well. ENTJs are not afraid of pushing for what their students need, even if that means going against other people in the process. They stand up for what they believe is right and important, without much fear of what people might think along the way.

ENTJs are great at organizing their teachings and keeping this concise so that students do not get confused. While some teachers might appear scattered or forgetful, the ENTJ wants to be as efficient and accurate as they possibly can. They don’t like doing anything which might confuse their students or leave them feeling more lost than when they began the class. This is why being efficient is so important to them, and ensuring that they get their lessons across clear and accurately.

They Are Passionate About Learning

ENTJs are passionate about learning and spreading the truth, which is why teaching can be such a great fit for them. ENTJs want to be able to get excited about what they are teaching, so that their students feel the same way. They might not be as boisterous about it as some teachers, since they do care about being accurate and focusing on the lesson at hand. At the same time they enjoy seeing their students participate and want to be able to spread information as best they can. ENTJs are likely to reach their students a sense of independence, and want them to realize that they need to think for themselves and learn on their own terms without constantly turning to others for answers.

They Want to Make a Difference

ENTJs can be viewed as aggressive people who care about growth and being successful, but they also care about making a difference. When they can see that their hard work and focus as a teacher is actually changing the lives of their students, it means the world to the ENTJ. They feel a sense of purpose being able to do something which actually makes a difference in the lives of others. This isn’t always something people expect or recognize about the ENTJ, but it is a big part of why teaching can be a rewarding career choice for them. Once they find an environment which allows them to help their students and have some sort of freedom in how they teach, the ENTJ will feel very rewarded by this. Just knowing that they can make the right choices to help others succeed and follow their own dreams, means a lot to the ENTJ.

The Struggles of the ENTJ Teacher

Even if a career is an ideal fit for someone, there are always going to be struggles or challenges to face along the way. For the ENTJ one of the challenges as a teacher can often be patience, and becoming annoyed with certain students who don’t seem interested in learning. Having to deal with people can be draining for the ENTJ when those people are not efficient and don’t seem to put forth the right amount of effort. When their students are receptive and willing to work hard, it is an entirely different story for them. ENTJs often also care more than people realize, and can struggle to really set boundaries for themselves when they feel like they could be doing more to help their students. They care about their work and want to constantly be improving and taking things above and beyond.


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