Here's How Philanthropic You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Philanthropic You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people naturally believe in giving back, others struggle to see the big picture. Here is how philanthropic each personality type is most likely to be.



INFJs are generous and loving people, who enjoy making a difference in the world. They might find themselves a bit stagnant in their lives, and struggle to give as much as they would like. INFJs are sincerely happiest when they are helping others and affecting the world in a positive way. When they are capable of being philanthropic, INFJs are certainly eager to do so. They enjoy being able to better the lives of others, and often believe they are meant to serve a greater purpose. INFJs who are pushing change and helping bring happiness to others, are truly doing what they are meant to do in life.


ENFJs are definitely philanthropic people, who enjoy making a difference in the world. They want to make people happy, and enjoy doing what they can to help. While ENFJs are often very busy and focused on their loved ones, they also have a deep desire to help others. They are deeply loving people, and are naturally philanthropic. ENFJs want to make a difference and help create change in a positive way, and will do what they can to accomplish this. While ENFJs might find themselves distracted by other things, they often make time to give and be generous.


INFPs are deeply caring people, who believe in trying to make a difference in the world. They often believe they are meant to serve a great purpose, and don’t want to simply remain stagnant. INFPs can become caught up in their own thoughts, and will get stuck inside their minds for a long time. But in truth INFPs are happiest when they are helping make the world a better place, and believe in standing up for justice. They have extremely strong inner morals, which can push INFPs to be philanthropic people. They might have a lot going on in their lives, but once they can find a way through it, INFPs will do their best to give to others.


ENFPs are generous and caring people, who enjoy making a difference. They often become distracted by things around them, but in truth they enjoy helping people. It might not be out in the open for everyone to see, but the ENFP is likely very philanthropic. Whether they do this in a small or large scale, ENFPs do what they can to help others. They will often go above and beyond to help someone who is in need, this actually comes somewhat naturally for them. ENFPs don’t always seem like philanthropic people, but that is simply because they don’t do it for bragging rights.



INTJs are intelligent and focused people, who work hard to get things done. They believe in removing ignorance from their lives, and also strive to help make others less ignorance. INTJs thrive on knowledge, and are constantly searching to understand and absorb more information. While INTJs are not the most emotional people, they do have philanthropic tendencies. If they can logically reason why helping someone is valuable or meaningful, then the INTJ will do so. They actually believe in giving back, but oftentimes they do this by spreading knowledge.


ENTJs are driven and intelligent people, who enjoy focusing on the future. They are hardworking and always strive to know more about the world around them. They want to continue expanding their minds, and dislike feeling ignorant. ENTJs spend a lot of their energy learning and growing, and prefer to be efficient people. While ENTJs are not overly emotional individuals, they are surprisingly philanthropic. They believe in giving back, especially when they have the means the do so. They know it is the right and sometimes the logical thing to do, especially when it can actually help people.


INTPs are very internal and analytical people, who spend a lot of their time inside of their own inner minds. INTPs believe prioritizing logic over emotions, and often try to bury their feelings. They don’t believe that these emotions are reliable, and simply want to follow what makes the most logical sense. While INTPs are intelligent people, who also have a sense of compassion. They aren’t always openly philanthropic people, but in truth they want to make a difference in the world. When INTPs have the opportunity they will do what they can to help fascinate a positive change. They can sometimes get so caught up in their own minds that it becomes difficult for them to be as giving as they would like.


ENTPs are intelligent and enthusiastic people, who thrive on possibilities. They enjoy exploring new things, and dislike staying stagnant for too long. Their desire to explore can sometimes cause the ENTP to become distracted rather easily. This distracted nature can sometimes pull them away from considering larger scale issues. ENTPs are caring people though, and often give when they have the means to do so. They are more philanthropic than people realize, and often believe in finding ways to give back. They are still logical people, so will only do this when it makes complete sense.



ISTJs are hardworking people, but they also care about the well-being of others. They generally remain focused on building their futures, and strive to support their loved ones practically. They do believe in doing what they can to make a difference in the world, and try to help others. ISTJs can sometimes be caught up in their own progress, which can cause them to become distracted from being as philanthropic as they would like. When they can they will try to do their part, but mostly ISTJs have a lot on their plate.


ESTJs are hardworking people, who want to be an important part of their community. Their desire to build a positive future and connect with the people around them, makes them more generous than people realize. While ESTJs believe in being efficient and responsible for their own actions, they understand that sometimes philanthropy is necessary. They don’t want to give to people who do not deserve it, but will certainly do their part when they believe it is right.


ISFJs are caring people, who believe in being compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. They hate seeing people in pain, and want to make people happy. When ISFJs can be, they will certainly be charitable towards even strangers. They are generally philanthropic people, and strive to give to others. They don’t want to be someone who does not help, and hate simply sitting back not making a real difference. ISFJs are often rather philanthropic people, especially when they have the means to do so.


ESFJs are giving and loving people, who strive to help others. They often want to make a difference in the world, and will certainly be philanthropic when they have the means to do so. It can be difficult for ESFJs, since they are primarily focused on their loved ones. They can become so focused on tending to the needs of others, that they miss out on the big picture. When ESFJs can help, they will do whatever they can to assist others. If they can afford it, they are often rather charitable with giving donations as well.



ISTPs are analytical and focused people, who enjoy feeling free to do their own thing. They are independent people, who enjoy being able to explore new things. They hate being stagnant, and thrive on adventure and excitement. While ISTPs care about helping others, they also believe in taking care of themselves. They don’t expect anything from others, which can make them feel less inclined to give much. When they logically see it as the right move, ISTPs will try to be more generous.


ESTPs are driven and intelligent people, but they aren’t always the most philanthropic. They strive to take care of themselves, and don’t depend on others to help them. They naturally believe in being independent and often expect this from others. ESTPs do care for people, but at the same time they see no reason in being overly philanthropic. They are focused on caring for themselves, and for the most part expect others to do the same.


ISFPs are caring and loving people, who strive to make a difference in the world. They want to do what they can to help, and certainly desire to be philanthropic. They can sometimes become too distracted by the present moment to focus on the big picture. When ISFPs have the opportunity they will certainly be philanthropic people. They enjoy helping, and have very compassionate and caring hearts.


ESFPs are very focused on living in the moment, and enjoy having fun. They want their lives to be enjoyable, and dislike being caught up on negativity. ESFPs can be so distracted by the present that they fail to see the larger picture. This desire to soak up the joy around them, causes ESFPs to avoid a lot of more serious issues. When they do take notice to what is going on around them, ESFPs are actually caring and considerate people. They will be philanthropic when it comes easy to them, but can struggle when it is a bit more challenging.



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