The Way You Feel About Spooky Things, Based on Your Personality Type

With it being that time of year it seems like everything is a bit spooky. People become excited about the creepy and fun time of year, but for some it can be a bit unnerving. Here is how you feel about spooky things, based on your personality type.



INFJs can definitely be drawn to things that seem a bit spooky to others, since they aren’t afraid of the unusual. For them it is more rewarding to find things that others might not understand, but they can see the depth to it regardless. INFJs don’t mind things that seem scary, spooky or strange and instead are often drawn to those things. For them it is more about sincerity and complexities, and they enjoy the things that have meaning and beauty to them in ways that others might not easily grasp. INFJs don’t need things to be positive and sunshine all of the time, instead they just search for truth and depth.


ENFJs don’t mind things that are a bit spooky, as long as they find it interesting or valuable in some way. They can sometimes be drawn to the things that seem a little bit dark to others, but for them it is more about finding something that is unique and truly passionate. For the ENFJ it isn’t about having things be all bright and shiny, but they do enjoy when things are artistic and creative. They can be drawn to the things that are deemed a bit strange or even spooky to some, and often they do find themselves enjoying the Halloween season because of this.


INFPs are almost always drawn to things that are spooky or strange, since they find themselves relating more to the unusual. They don’t need things to be perfect or have this feel of sunshine all of the time, since INFPs have a soul that is drawn to the more somber things in life. Sometimes that which seems spooky or creepy to others, might be intriguing and exciting for the INFP. They often enjoy Halloween because of this, and find themselves wrapped up in the stories and creativity of it all.


ENFPs don’t mind the unusual or spooky things in life, instead they might be drawn to it. They are the types of people who find themselves intrigued by some of the creepier thoughts and ideas. ENFPs might spend hours listening to eerie stories or even documentaries about some more intense ideas (yes, serial killer documentaries are usually their favorite). ENFPs aren’t afraid of these things, since their depth and uniqueness can make them intriguing. They are drawn to learning about everything and so they do find themselves more drawn to what others might deem spooky.



INTJs don’t mind things that are spooky, or even things that are comfortable and ordinary. For them it is more about focusing on what fulfills them and brings them a sense of awareness. INTJs seek out knowledge of all kinds, the dark and the light. They want to understand the world around them and value doing whatever they must to remove ignorance from themselves and others. They might be intrigued by things that feel a bit spooky or strange, especially if it inspires them in some ways.


ENTJs don’t really care about something being spooky or mundane, it simply depends on the value it might provide for them. They aren’t easily shaken and so they won’t likely be afraid of the darker things in life. ENTJs simply don’t find themselves easily getting caught up in hype over certain holidays or things that others get excited about. For them it is important to always be learning and absorbing what they can, and they strive to be as strong and efficient as they can no matter what.


INTPs don’t mind the spookier things in life, but they aren’t necessarily drawn to them. For INTPs it is about learning and observing, and so they dive into whatever seems fulfilling. They are constantly trying to grow and discover the things that they are passionate about, not matter what that might be. For INTPs it can be entertaining to get wrapped up in certain holidays like the Halloween season, but this is often just for the experience. They do dive into things and want to learn what makes others tick, sometimes this requires blending in a bit.


ENTPs often enjoy diving into anything they can learn from or really gain experience because of. They crave understanding and do their best to learn as much as they can from the world around them. For the ENTP things that are a bit spooky or strange, aren’t all that upsetting. They enjoy anything they can learn from or feel challenged by, so sometimes that means absorbing something that is strange or even frightening in some ways. They might enjoy the Halloween season as a way to observe others and connect with something new.



ISTJs don’t really care about something being “spooky” or strange, instead they are just focused on practical things. While they do have a passionate and creative side, they don’t like getting hyped up by things that seem silly. The things others find spooky or creepy might just seem like no big deal for the ISTJ. They focus on what matters to them and work hard to provide for their loved ones as best they possibly can.


ESTJs don’t usually get wrapped up in the hype of things, and so spooky ideas can be a bit childish to them. People who find themselves wanting to dive into strange or even creepy things, might appear a little silly to the ESTJ. They are focused on getting things done and don’t mind living their lives focused on practical things. They work hard to take care of their loved ones and provide a lifestyle that they can be proud of.


ISFJs might not care much for spooky or strange things, since they prefer what they are comfortable with. Whatever the ISFJ is used to in their lives is often what they are most drawn towards. They do often enjoy the holidays though, and so for Halloween time they aren’t afraid of getting into the spookier vibes. ISFJs simply want to follow what they know and work hard to make their loved ones feel happy and cared for.


ESFJs don’t mind things that can seem a little spooky, especially when it is fitting for their surroundings or event. When it comes to holidays they are great at playing into a theme, and so during Halloween the ESFJ will be drawn to all things spooky. For them it is about living their lives with a sense of tradition, but also purpose. They care about their loved ones and simply want to do whatever they can to make their lives better. Sometimes this means showing interest in the spookier things in life, especially if it will make someone they care for happy.



ISTPs don’t mind things that are spooky, especially if it actually is a bit unnerving. They enjoy experiencing whatever challenges them and leaves them feeling excited. ISTPs seek out the more intense adventures in life, and sometimes that means being interested in things that seem spooky or strange to others. For them it is about following whatever path they desire most, and not worrying about what others think or what they should be doing instead.


ESTPs often find themselves drawn to spooky or creepy things, especially if it is thrilling. They seek out adventures and want to experience a bit of excitement in their lives. ESTPs hate feeling stagnant and so anything that challenges them or pushes their limits can be something rewarding for them. Sometimes they are drawn to the spookier things in life, since it can be exciting and even a bit strange to those around them. They don’t mind standing out, and so sometimes they seek out these odd things in order to do so.


ISFPs are drawn to the things that make them feel passionate and alive. For them it isn’t about whether something is spooky or comforting, it is about what it inspires inside of them. ISFPs follow their hearts, and this often leads them in different and sometimes unusual directions. They want to experience their lives in the moment and aren’t afraid of seeming odd, as long as it feels right for them.


ESFPs want to seek out the things that inspire them and bring out their passionate side. They don’t want to feel stagnant and so they aren’t afraid of things that might seem a bit spooky. They just want to live in the moment and follow their hearts wherever that might be. For ESFPs it is rewarding to experience whatever they believe in most, whether that is something a bit spooky or something that is positive and bright. They often enjoy both sides of things, depending entirely on their mood in that moment.


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