ENTP Girlfriend: How to Understand Your ENTP Partner

ENTPs can be an often misunderstood type, especially when it comes to trying to understand your ENTP girlfriend. They don’t often fit into the stereotypes expected of them, and might even challenge these intentionally. They are not rule followers by nature, instead they search for ways to challenge themselves and those around them. While they might have traits which don’t seem to fit nicely into the girlfriend box, that doesn’t mean they cannot make for amazing partners to someone who sincerely understands them and appreciates them for who they are. They might not appear expressive when it comes to emotions but that doesn’t mean they don’t care deeply about their loved ones. It is important to know the many layers and different aspects of your ENTP partner, especially if you are going to appreciate them for who they are.

They Are Independent

ENTPs are naturally independent people who need to be able to explore their own path in life. Even when they are in a relationship they really need someone who gives them room to be themselves. They need to take chances and risks in life, and if they don’t have a partner who appreciates this they can feel smothered. The ENTP girlfriend isn’t likely to be needy, instead they want to be able to give their partner space as well. They enjoy being with someone who wants to explore themselves and their choices, and who has an independent mindset and outlook on life. For the ENTP it is important to have someone who supports their independent and passionate spirit and who gives them room and space. They want someone who doesn’t try to hold them back and who realizes their interest in the world around them does not diminish their relationship. For some people it is easy to become insecure about their ENTP girlfriends curious nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care deeply about their significant other. There are times when they want to explore the world with this special someone, and other times when they just need to have space to themselves. Someone who can appreciate these needs without feeling insecure, is going to go a long way with the ENTP.

They Have Their Own Idea of Romance

ENTPs as girlfriends don’t often subscribe to the typical idea of romance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a romantic side to them. They don’t find themselves falling for the scenes in movies which are over the top and emotionally expressive. These things often feel insincere to the ENTP, and so this type of romance can make them uncomfortable. They don’t want to feel like someone is trying to work them over or fool them into having feelings for them. For the ENTP someone who seeks to understand the ENTPs personal desires and passions, is going to be more capable of easing them into a romantic mood. They are often drawn to the idea of adventure, and having someone who is eager to take them on exciting new trips or endeavors. Someone who is capable of shaking things up and surprising the ENTP, is really capable of showing them a side of romance they probably weren’t expecting. They are more open to things than people realize, so long as it feels sincere and keeps them interested. If their partner is simply trying to put on a show it won’t go far with them, they need someone who is sincere and truly capable of keeping them on their toes.

They Want to Grow With You

The ENTP girlfriend wants a partner who is capable of growing with them. They need someone who can inspire them to keep moving forward and to learn more about themselves and the world around them. ENTPs love to learn and are excited about reading and researching new topics. Having a partner who helps them feel more eager to absorb the knowledge around them, is really going to be rewarding for the ENTP. They don’t like feeling stagnant or like they are trapped in a situation, and the way to avoid this is to keep them guessing and growing. They want someone who is willing to keep pushing forward and to explore new parts of themselves. Growth is one of the key ways to inspire passion and excitement in the ENTP, and this can really help the relationship to thrive as well. This helps to keep things from getting stagnant and helps the ENTP feel a sense of hope for the future they have together. If their partner isn’t willing to grow and change at least to some extent, it can create a sense of stagnancy in their relationship and their lives.

Humor Will Always Be a Shield

For the ENTP humor is a way to express their emotions without actually expressing them. They might deflect or even use humor as a coping mechanism. They make jokes about things, in some situations this is to push the boundaries and figure out where other people stand. It is important that their partner is capable of setting boundaries in order to keep things clear in the relationship. The ENTP girlfriend isn’t afraid of pushing buttons or of challenging their partner, and so they need to have someone who is willing to make the lines clear. Of course they want someone who enjoys the challenge, but everyone has their limits and if they aren’t willing to express this it can end up harming the relationship. They are capable of respecting the people they love, but they cannot know when they have crossed the line unless people make this known. Sometimes pushing buttons is how the ENTP learns about those around them, and so they need people who can express things in a logical and clear manner to them. ENTPs can be extremely loving and warm partners, especially to someone who is willing to work to understand them better.


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