ENFJ Girlfriend: How to Understand Your ENFJ Partner

ENFJs are known for being giving and affectionate people, especially when it comes to those closest to them. As girlfriends the ENFJ goes above and beyond to care for their significant other, and this is truly part of who they are. There is so much more than just their giving nature, and it is important to understand them on a deeper level, especially for someone wanting to get closer to their ENFJ. They are likely to spend so much of their time and energy giving to others, that people overlook their needs in a relationship. For anyone who wants to make a lasting connection with their ENFJ girlfriend, it is important to look into what they want as well.

They Are Giving

It’s true, ENFJs are naturally giving people who strive to make others happy and comfortable. As friends and loved ones they are giving and compassionate, but as girlfriends they go above and beyond. When it comes to romantic relationships the ENFJ wants to be everything to their partner, they want to be able to provide for all of their needs and inner desires. Being able to make their significant others dreams come true, is truly important and wonderful for the ENFJ. As a girlfriend they will cater to every need and want, and will continue to find new ways to impress their partner and make them happy. This is something which comes naturally for the ENFJ, and is simply part of who they are. Making others happy is something that is important to them, partly because they are so in tune with the emotions of others. The ENFJ can sense when someone they love in uneasy or unhappy, and they want to find ways to change this and fix it. They don’t like feeling pain from the people they love, especially when they are in a committed relationship with this person. They often take the responsibility on themselves to be the provider and to make this special someone happy. ENFJs will actually blame themselves if they cannot fix the problems and find a way to bring joy to the people they love most. This puts a lot of pressure on them, more than most people will ever recognize because the ENFJ tries to stay strong in front of others.

They Are Passionate Partners

When it comes to being in love, the ENFJ is very passionate about their partner. They want to know all about them and care about growing closer to them. They want a relationship which is deep and truly meaningful and search for ways to grow closer. They are also passionate about building a future together, and want to be able to help their SO improve their lives. ENFJs are driven people who are often great at getting things done and know how to find the right ways to achieve their goals. They certainly care about focusing on the people they love, but there is so much more to them than this. The ENFJ is passionate about so much and they often have dreams of their own they want to achieve. These dreams do become connected to their significant other, and the ENFJ wants to find ways to make them work with the dreams of their partner. For them it is about finding ways to achieve these goals together and they will often put the needs of others before their own. They become passionate about so many things, which makes the ENFJ much more adaptable than most people realize about them.

They Need Commitment

One of the most important things for the ENFJ girlfriend is having a partner who is capable of remaining loyal and committing. They don’t necessarily need and immediate commitment, but someone who will never be capable of taking this relationship to this stage is not going to seem right for the ENFJ. They really need someone who can commit to them and remain loyal to this decision. They don’t like feeling as if they might be passed up for someone else down the line, as loyalty is truly vital for them. ENFJs value their relationships and want to be with someone who is honest and open about what they want from them. They will go above and beyond and do whatever they can to make their loved ones happy, they just need loyalty in return. ENFJs don’t handle betrayal very well at all, and will have a hard time forgiving someone who continues to betray their trust and all that they do for them. ENFJs are often willing to take things one step at a time, but once they reach that point where they are ready to commit, they really need someone who can follow through. They don’t like feeling worried that the relationship isn’t going to be valued by their partner, and that the ENFJ is the only one investing themselves into what they have together.

Appreciate Them

One of the best ways to make your ENFJ girlfriend happy is just to show appreciation. They work so hard to make you happy, and all of the people around them, and they just want to know that this is being valued and appreciated. Everyone needs to feel like their efforts are being invested into someone who loves them and values them, and for the ENFJ it is important that their partner shows this to them. They don’t need someone who matches all of their hard work, they just need to know that their partner is doing their absolute best and really wants to see them happy in return. The ENFJ needs affection and needs to feel truly loved by their significant other, or else they become emotionally drained rather quickly. They will often push themselves to their breaking point, doing everything they can for those around them while neglecting their own needs. They are happiest with someone who can see when they need help, and will step in and pick up the slack when they are wearing down.