Why You Definitely Want To Be A Member of the ESTJs Pack

ESTJs are friendly and driven individuals, with a powerful sense of loyalty. They stand by the people that they care about and enjoy being around others. To the ESTJ their family or social group is a lot like an animals pack (like a wolf for example). They thrive when they are leading a group of people, wanting to be able to push them in the right direction. ESTJs feel intensely connected to the people closest to them and are very reliable leaders.

They Have A Commanding Presence

ESTJs have a naturally commanding presence, with an ability to lead others. They know how to make themselves known when entering a room and are often very friendly and approachable. They enjoy being around others, preferring to be with people rather than be alone. The ESTJ is never afraid of conflict, often enjoying the chance to dive into the problem rather than avoid it. They are a hard type to miss, often fitting into authoritative roles with ease. They are naturally social people, enjoying the chance to be around others as often as possible. They want to build a powerful group around them, whether that be their social group or their family.

The ESTJ has a natural way of being the person who everyone feels safe around. They are often confident and dauntless individuals, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are very capable of defending others, especially the people that they care about. If you have an ESTJ in your corner than you have someone who will defend you at all costs. They will often overpower anyone who is trying to harm you, until that person is cowering in a corner somewhere. They are intense and driven individuals, who are often tough to silence.

They Know How To Get Things Done

ESTJs are organized and practical people, who strive to do their job with excellence. They often become very frustrated with inefficiency, because to them it simply means laziness. The ESTJ takes pride in what they do, wanting to live up to their full potential. Whether the ESTJ is working a prestigious job or something with a minimum wage pay, they will strive to be the very best at what they do. The ESTJ often sees room for growth and will always strive to climb the social and professional ladder. They are smart and eager individuals, who are not afraid of pushing themselves.

ESTJs are incredibly good at organizing a group of people, sometimes making them good teachers because of this. They know how to connect with people in interesting ways, making them good at commanding a crowd. ESTJs are intelligent and driven, with an extremely strong will-power. The ESTJ can push through many struggles, never wanting to give up. They often despise feeling like they have failed, making them extremely driven individuals. They want to be able to be proud of their achievements to themselves, to their families and to society. They often know just how to get the job done with excellence, forcing themselves to figure out whatever is thrown at them.

If you are in a sticky situation there is no greater ally than the ESTJ. They are often willing to do whatever is necessary to get through the struggles at hand. If you are willing to be their support than the ESTJ will push through the problem head-on. They are strong-willed and intense individuals, who will make for excellent teammates.

They Know What They Want

ESTJs often know what they want out of life and are capable of going after it. The way the ESTJ goes after their desires can seem somewhat like tunnel vision. They have strong internal values and often know exactly what they want to achieve in their lives. They figure out what direction they want to go in and head for it full force. The ESTJ is an often unstoppable force, capable of achieving their goals. Everyone experiences hiccups along the way but the ESTJ are very good going down a straight path.

There are few people who are as confident and sure of themselves as the ESTJ. They realize what their strengths are, making them capable of being proud of themselves. They often do not see any reason for doubting themselves, realizing that will only hold them back. They are capable of getting outside of their own heads and going for what they want. The ESTJ uses their knowledge of the past to figure out where they want to go in the future. ESTJs often do not get bogged down by silly impractical desires, knowing what they need out of life and finding ways to get just that. This means that if the ESTJ chooses to have you in their life, they will stand by that commitment. They value the people close to them and a strong sense of loyalty comes with that.

They Have Great Senses of Humor

ESTJs are social and friendly individuals, who often have a very fun sense of humor. They know how to keep a group entertained, using their powerful presence to intrigue those around them. The ESTJ may be crude from time to time, making jokes that can be a bit over the top. But the ESTJ often knows their audience and will find ways to tone down their humor. The ESTJ can be overbearing to some people, but when they are in the mode of entertaining they are nearly unstoppable. Many people truly enjoy the way the ESTJ can make them laugh and simply have a good time. They enjoy working hard, but also enjoy being able to have fun with the people that they care about. The ESTJ wants life to be enjoyable, knowing when it’s time to sit back and reap the rewards of their hard work.

They Can Be Very Caring

ESTJs may not be the most emotional individuals, but they care very deeply about others. They have a surprising soft spot for their loved ones and may even be animal lovers. ESTJs enjoy being around people, wanting to find ways to make others smile. They often work very hard to provide for the practical needs of others, which is how they show that they care. ESTJs may become unnerved with intense emotional outbursts from their loves ones, simply because they do not know how to respond. The ESTJ wants to have practical ways to fix their loved ones problems and emotional issues often do not have logical solutions. This is challenging for the ESTJ, because they often feel like they cannot fix the problem. They want to help, but simply do not know how they can. The ESTJ is mostly focused on things that are concrete and hands-on, struggling with theoretical or emotional issues.

They do feel things very deeply, they just often struggle with expressing this. The ESTJ can be fearful that people will judge them or regard their emotions as a weakness, which they are not okay with. The ESTJ will only open up to people that they know can fully be trusted to be supportive of them. They care very much about their loved ones, working hard to make them happy. The ESTJ feels intensely guilty if they cannot provide for others, since this is very important to them. They hold themselves to oddly high standards that most people aren’t even aware of. ESTJs are hard-working and caring individuals, who simply want to be a valued member of their family or social group.

Having an ESTJ that cares about you enough to consider you a member of their group, is valuable. It means having someone who stand up for you, someone who will stand by you and someone who will be your rock. They are strong-willed and forceful individuals, who will protect you from harm in any way possible.