ENFP Manipulation: How ENFPs Deal With Manipulation and Coercion

Everyone is capable of manipulating others, some are just more prone to this behavior than others. Being a manipulative person is rarely tied to someone’s personality type, but the ways in which someone can manipulate often is. While manipulation is not going to be more common in certain types, each personality type has their own methods of trying to adjust a situation so that they can get the results they want. It can help to understand these methods in a more personal way, so that we can be more conscious of someone’s intentions and actions. It is also important to understand how each personality type handles feeling a sense of manipulation from others, as some will be much less forgiving when this happens to them.

ENFPs don’t like to hear the word “no,” and so this can certainly make them manipulate in order to get what they want. This is more common for immature ENFPs, ones who haven’t developed their weaker functions as much. Whether they are immature versions of the type or not, ENFPs can be very good at manipulating a situation in order to get what they want. They know how to play into the emotions of others and use guilt as a means of swaying their decision. This isn’t always done with malicious intent, but it can be done for selfish means. The ENFP who wants to avoid conflict is also likely to find ways to manipulate the situation to ensure that this happens and things go more smoothly.

ENFP Manipulation

When it comes to manipulation ENFPs can actually employ different skills in order to alter a situation how they please. They might be naturally honest and kind people, but that does not mean they are above manipulating the get what they want. Even healthy ENFPs will do this from time to time, but not to quite the same level as an immature version of the personality type. Like any type the unhealthy or immature versions are much more prone to these types of selfish behaviors, while the best version of each personality type is going to be much more conscious of their actions and how they affect others. For the ENFP manipulation is something which can be harmless and subtle, or can actually be a bit more damaging to those around them. Most ENFPs are highly moral people, and so they want to avoid doing anything which will truly and sincerely hurt someone else.

Guilt Manipulation

ENFPs are very good at playing into the emotions of other people, often by using their own emotions. They can utilize things like emotional or guilt manipulation in order to convince someone to do what they want. The ENFP can be a master at making others feel guilty or feel bad for them, and this can in turn cause that person to respond by trying to fix the situation. People who are naturally giving or empathetic people might be better targets for this, since they can easily be made to feel guilty over something they fail to do. The ENFP simply acts hurt and upset in order to convince someone to help them. This can range from very small instances which really aren’t that harmful, to something more serious which can be very emotionally manipulative. For most ENFPs it feels unfair to take this too far, and so they only do it over small things they want. The more immature ENFP is much more prone to this, as they truly dislike being told “no” in any situation. They can get rather stubborn when there is something they want, and so they will find any way possible to get it. ENFPs are naturally stubborn people, even the more mature versions of this type still exhibit these behaviors. This can certainly be a good thing as it helps them go after what they want and continue to improve themselves in the process. When it comes to getting what they want from other people, this can cause the ENFP to refuse to accept when someone tells them “no,” and so they will find other means of manipulating this person into giving in.

Logical Manipulation

ENFPs are seen as emotional people but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a logical side as well. When the ENFP is pushed into using their Te they can become very focused on facts and smaller details. This is something they can use for manipulating others as well, since the ENFP will recall even the smallest details and pieces of information in order to coerce someone or even prove them wrong about something. ENFPs can often manipulate their environment using this method, since they combine it with their extraverted intuition and can create many potential outcomes in people’s minds. This is more likely something the ENFP will do when they are frustrated that someone is not listening to them. They will find a way to move the situation in the direction they want it to go, buy using facts and pieces of information that other people have likely overlooked or completely forgotten.

Being Manipulated By Others

ENFPs really don’t like being manipulated, but there are times when they might not actually recognize this happening. When they become truly close to someone and see the good in that person, they can be a bit naive to their shortcomings. ENFPs have big hearts and when they love someone they can be blind their greater faults, not realizing when this person is trying to manipulate them. Eventually the ENFP is likely to take notice of this behavior, but it might take a while, especially if they are intentionally choosing not to see this. They want to believe in the people they love and want to be able to trust in them and their intentions. In many situations the ENFP can see when someone is manipulative, especially if this person is a stranger to them and not someone they are close to. It only becomes challenging when the ENFP has already given this person their love and trust. This is because they don’t want to start to see the bad in this person, and so they become a bit clueless to those types of behaviors from them.