ENTJ Boyfriend: How to Understand Your ENTJ Significant Other

As boyfriends the ENTJ is usually very understanding and giving to their partner, which often surprises most people. People see the ENTJ as being cold and focused, but they don’t see beyond the surface into how they are with the people they love. ENTJs feel things just as deeply as anyone else, and when they commit to someone this is something they take seriously. The ENTJ in a romantic relationship can actually be a wonderfully understanding and loving partner. The healthy ENTJ boyfriend is likely to be patient with their partner, and capable of helping them achieve their goals. They have a lot to offer to the people they love, especially in a committed relationship. This is why it is so important to understand more than what is on the surface, as people are complex and not made of their stereotypes.

They Are Loyal

ENTJs boyfriends are going to be some of the most loyal people you will ever date. When they are committed to someone this is a big deal for them, and something they value very much. ENTJs don’t enter into relationships without being sure of their choice, which is why they can commit and stand by this. They don’t make the choice to share their life with someone unless they know they are making the best choice. When the ENTJ commits to a relationship, they don’t believe in doing anything which will betray that connection. For the ENTJ loyalty is a quality they believe in and don’t take for granted. When they love someone they don’t find it difficult to remain loyal to them, especially when they have committed to this relationship. They give loyalty and trust to the people they love, but they require this in return as well. All the ENTJ wants is to know that they can trust their significant other and to know they are loyal to them always. This is more than just fidelity, but also having someone who is loyal to them when they aren’t around. When people talk behind the ENTJs back, they want a partner who will stand up for them and not just go along with what other people say. They want someone who has the backbone to stand up for them and what they have together. When the ENTJ loves someone they are fiercely loyal and protective of them, no matter what. They are not afraid of making enemies for the sake of their relationship, especially when they care for someone deeply.

Your Dreams are Their Dreams

When your ENTJ boyfriend plans for the future, they include you in every part of it. It might not always appear like they are doing this, but your dreams have become their dreams as well. They are still independent people with their own personal goals and desires, but they also take on yours as important to them. When they love someone they want to see them succeed and will strive to help you to achieve your dreams. They will use their problem solving skills in order to make the most efficient plan for the future, and to help you find the best ways to overcome your problems. The ENTJ is naturally skilled at strategic planning, and so their logical minds can find the most effective path towards the future they want. They are even better at doing this for others, especially someone they care for and are invested in. The ENTJ will help guide you and will actually enjoy planning things out together. When they love someone and are committed to their relationship, the ENTJ boyfriend wants to find ways to grow together and build a rewarding life together. They don’t just care about their own goals and dreams, instead they care about yours and in finding out how to make everything come true for you.

They Actually Can Be Romantic

Since ENTJs are so logical and driven, they are sometimes overlooked as romantics. ENTJs actually can be rather romantic people, especially when they care for someone deeply. They just don’t like being this way constantly, as it feels insincere and over the top. Instead the ENTJ enjoys being able to surprise their partner, especially during special occasions. They are good at grand gestures and coming up with ways to truly impress people, and so ENTJs can certainly have a romantic side when they want to. They just want to do this when it feels right, and not because it is expected of them. They care about making their partner happy, but they want to be sincere and honest with them. ENTJs are great at remembering special dates or the things their significant other really like. They can recall those details and won’t forget birthdays or things which matter most to the people they love. ENTJs have so many ways in which they show that they care, they just don’t always do this verbally. It can be hard for them to express emotions with words, and so they find other ways of showing how they feel. It is important for the ENTJs significant other to appreciate and recognize this about them, and to not be offended when they don’t want to go into a long emotional conversation about feelings. This isn’t a personal insult against the people around them, it is just not something the ENTJ is naturally comfortable with.

The ENTJ can truly make for an incredible boyfriend, but even more they make for amazing life partners. They want to always be loyal and supportive to the person they are with, and take this commitment very seriously. When they love someone they will do anything to protect them and their relationship. ENTJs are fiercely protective and are truly amazing people to have in your corner. They will do just about anything for the person they are in love with, and want to work hard to see them achieve their dreams.


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