Just How Much Do You Enjoy Puns, Based on Your Personality Type

Let’s face it, most of us enjoy reaping the benefits of a well worded pun, but some people are far more amused by them than others. To some it seems a bit too tricky and they prefer when things being direct, where a pun can be a bit too playful or even cheesy for their liking. Here is how you feel about puns, based on your personality type.



INFJs almost always appreciate a good pun, and rarely do they feel like it’s taken too far. For them a pun is a great way to express their sense of humor, while utilizing a bit of wordplay. INFJs are likely to appreciate puns even when they feel a bit cringey to others. While this can cause some people to miss their sense of humor, for the INFJ using puns casually can be deeply amusing and rewarding. They really like being around someone who can keep up with the puns in a sort of back and forth banter. They see the deeper value and amusement within puns and even absurd dad jokes, which is something that makes them unique.


ENFJs definitely enjoy the occasional pun, even the ones that seem a bit silly to others. They might deeply enjoy puns but they often try to mirror the sense of humor of whomever they are around. ENFJs don’t do this to be insincere, they actually have a somewhat eclectic sense of humor. They want to be able to amuse people and so they do their best to adapt to their audience. If they are around INFJs or other types go often enjoy puns, the ENFJ will have a great time countering and continuing the punny humor.


INFPs are definitely fans of puns, specially when they get a bit whacky. They don’t like things which are boring and aren’t afraid of being silly. If the INFP finds something funny they don’t want to pretend for the sake of impressing others. INFPs can often get a bit creative with their use of puns, and enjoy thinking of things which are new and unique. They have a lot going on inside of their minds and are sincerely creative people, which helps the INFP both appreciate puns and come up with good puns of their own.


ENFPs do appreciate creative puns, but they do sometimes have a limit to what they find amusing. When things become too cringey and embarrassing, the ENFP might not want to associate with this type of humor. ENFPs do like to experience new things and might go through a phase of enjoying just about any pun, even the more ridiculous ones. Ultimately ENFPs enjoy things which are more unique and so they appreciate puns with a strong sense of quality and creativity to them.



INTJs do appreciate a witty sense of humor, and so for them certain puns are certainly amusing. When the pun has a lot of thought put into it then they are likely to enjoy it quite a bit. INTJs might draw the line at puns which sound more like dad jokes though, and might find this a bit lazy and even lacking. When it is cringey and absurd INTJs might find it more amusing depending on who it is coming from, and will find it endearing when it is the right type of person. They are ultimately more amused by the individual and their quirky sense of humor, than anything else.


ENTJs don’t mind puns, especially ones which are blatantly amusing. They enjoy when someone is capable of coming up with something unique and a bit silly on occasion. ENTJs are more drawn to a sense of humor which can be a bit shocking to others, and so puns can sometimes fit into this category. ENTJs can also appreciate a good bit of sarcasm though, and sometimes puns are bit more on the side of dad jokes than they are sarcastic comments.


INTPs are creative people who often enjoy many different things in life. While they do find themselves drawn to different attempts at humor, they might just appreciate puns the most. INTPs enjoy puns because they can be a bit goofy and absurd, but at the same time they take a bit of thought. For someone to come up with a play on words, they need to think about multiple meanings to the word and how they can phrase it properly. A great pun takes creativity and unique thought, and so INTPs often appreciate this quite a bit.


ENTPs enjoy puns very much, both making them and hearing what others come up with. ENTPs even enjoy puns which seem completely absurd and even cringe-worthy to others. For them it is fun to push to limits and see just how many silly puns they can come up with. ENTPs would certainly appreciate being around someone who can counter their punts and keep the creativity going back and forth. They enjoy this ability to come up with something both witty and creative, especially since to them creating a good pun requires serious thought.



ISTJs often appreciate the use of puns, even if they don’t always come up with them themselves. ISTJs often have a more sarcastic or deadpan sense of humor, and make jokes or comments which are dripping with sarcasm. While this might be how they express their own sense of humor, ISTJs almost always find a good pun truly amusing. That doesn’t mean they don’t utilize puns when they are sincerely trying to make someone laugh though, since this is something ISTJs do find rather amusing.


ESTJs often enjoy puns, especially when they are actively trying to make someone laugh. Their go-to sense of humor can be a bit more sarcastic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate puns. For the ESTJ puns or the occasional dad joke are just completely entertaining. This isn’t something they find funny because they think it is somehow super witty or superior, they just find it amusing because it is creative and silly.


ISFJs do often appreciate puns, but they make not make them up around others. ISFJs sometimes feel anxious trying to be funny in their own way, since they might feel like people don’t always appreciate it. They do have their own sense of humor, but they don’t always feel comfortable sharing with others. When the ISFJ gets around someone who shares a similar sense of humor they can be both witty and even completely goofy.


ESFJs do appreciate puns, and often enjoy being around people they can share this with. They sometimes feel the need to keep their pun-like humor to themselves, since not everyone can really appreciate this. ESFJs don’t like being shut down or having people lack a sense of appreciation for their humor, so they don’t always feel like being open about what they find funny. Because of this ESFJs might not seem to appreciate puns quite as much as they actually do.



ISTPs can have a somewhat darker sense of humor, but they do appreciate a good pun. While ISTPs might enjoy puns they don’t always feel comfortable sharing this side of themselves with others. They can have a sense of humor which swings a bit too far one direction, and this isn’t something everyone can really understand or appreciate. ISTPs usually only feel comfortable showing their more punny side to the people they trust and feel comfortable with.


ESTPs definitely appreciate puns, especially around loved ones who share this sense of humor. ESTPs often love puns or absurd dad jokes, they just don’t always feel like they can share this side of themselves with others. They become tired of showing their sense of humor to people who don’t appreciate it, and so they might not seem quite as amused by puns as they actually are. When the ESTP gets around someone they feel comfortable with they will truly enjoy sharing their love of puns.


ISFPs often have extremely goofy senses of humor, but not everyone gets to see this. When they are around people they do not feel completely comfortable with, then the ISFP won’t seem to be all that silly or like they enjoy puns. If the ISFP is alone with someone they trust, this other side of them often emerges. The ISFP will be extremely drawn to puns and often completely silly or ridiculous humor.


ESFPs often respond to their audience and won’t dive into deep puns if people around them cannot appreciate it. While ESFPs can be rather punny people, they don’t want to express this when their group won’t enjoy it. They often play a bit to their audience and do their best to behave in a way which will amuse the people around them. ESFPs are crowd pleasing individuals, who deeply enjoy making others smile as well as being the center of attention.


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