ENTJ Humor: Self-Deprecating, Dark & Absurd Humor

When it comes to humor not everyone appreciates the same style, and so this can make for a lot of misunderstandings. While some people might prefer a more traditional humor style, others might enjoy something a bit darker or even absurd. There are so many different things that people can find humorous, and this can sometimes be tied to personality type. Certain types might be more likely to connect with a specific humor style, because of their natural personality and the functions they use. At times this can be challenging for the types with a darker sense of humor, as they don’t always feel free expressing this without receiving judgement.

ENTJs definitely appreciate humor, especially dark or sarcastic types of humor. They enjoy being able to use their wit in order to give a more biting response. ENTJs are often drawn to puns as a means of expressing humor, but they have plenty of other things they find funny or amusing as well. They can actually be over the top at times, wanting to push the envelope and see how much their humor can shock people. This is often surprising to people, as ENTJs are focused and driven people who at times can seem rather serious. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a playful side, and this is often where their humor is expressed.

ENTJ Dark Humor

ENTJs can certainly have a dark side of their humor, since they enjoy when things push certain boundaries. Sometimes the appeal to dark jokes is that they can be rather shocking, and leave people completely stunned. ENTJs aren’t afraid of crossing certain lines, especially when they are around friends. They want to be able to make these jokes and see if they can shake people up a bit. For the ENTJ it can be fun and entertaining just to see how others will react to some of their darker or more shocking jokes. They also find these types of jokes funny themselves, wanting to see just how far people can go without feeling uncomfortable with them. For the ENTJ it can be tied to the responses of others, and just seeing how they feel or respond to these types of jokes. Sometimes ENTJs enjoy pushing their buttons, even mocking or teasing people they care about. It can seem weird to some people, as they don’t understand why the ENTJ can be so mocking towards their loved ones. It is purely for the sake of being funny and playful, as the ENTJ would do anything for the people they love. They are extremely loyal to those close to them, but that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes they poke fun for the sake of making a joke. They sometimes enjoy making a joke which can confuse people or make them question just how serious they actually are.

Sometimes comedy which is a bit darker is also entertaining for the ENTJ because it has more thought put into it. Intelligent or witty humor gets them more intrigued and leaves them feeling like not just anyone can appreciate the joke. They enjoy when people use their minds as a means of stating certain truths and bringing them to light. That can be one of the most appealing things about dark humor for the ENTJ, that it might cross lines but that it can also be extremely honest. The more straightforward and totally sincere dark humor is going to really hit home to the ENTJ. When it is shedding light on something people might be afraid to admit to or accept, it definitely draws them in. Sometimes the truth can be dark or make people uncomfortable, but ENTJs are rarely afraid of feeling uncomfortable over these types of things. ENTJs are definitely drawn to sarcasm as well, and enjoy things which can be rather dry at times. They might be making a joke and people have no idea because their delivery is intentionally dry. For the ENTJ this can be truly entertaining, especially when not everyone really understands them or the joke they are making. For the people who do appreciate it, it can actually give the ENTJ a better idea of which people they feel more connected to based on that.

ENTJ Self-Deprecating or Absurd Humor

ENTJs can certainly have moments of self-deprecating humor, but only if it is very funny. They don’t like people who do this constantly, as it just starts to feel like they are actually down on themselves. To the ENTJ it is more fun to banter back and forth with someone and see how the other person can come at them. Being too self-deprecating makes them feel like people are going to see them as weak and use that to their advantage. ENTJs don’t like showing vulnerabilities, and so they can avoid using too self-deprecating humor too frequently. On occasion when they are around people they trust they might poke fun at themselves for the sake of making someone laugh. 

ENTJs can certainly have absurd or over the top humor sometimes, especially if it goes against people’s expectations. This is more for the sake of poking at people and seeing just how they will respond to the ENTJs jokes or comments. They don’t mind seeing if they can make a joke and have people take it seriously instead, just to poke fun at them later on. For the ENTJ it can be more fun to play into people like this, in hopes of seeing their reactions. It is all done in jest and not meant to actually upset anyone, ENTJs will respect boundaries if people clearly set them. They just want to know where people stand, and how far they can take more offensive humor before the people around them get bothered by this. For the ENTJ it can be a lot about reading and understanding people, and at the same time still be funny. ENTJs do enjoy people who can follow along with their sense of humor, and who don’t seem to get offended all that easily.


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