Here’s How Well You Cope With the Daily Grind, Based on Your Personality Type

Having to focus on the daily grind of life can be exhausting sometimes, even for people who enjoy this lifestyle. Having to get up each day and head to work, only to repeat it all over again the next morning, can be rather draining. Here is how well you cope with the daily grind, based on your personality type.



INFJs often become drained by the daily grind and the general chores they have to deal with. They can find a way to handle this but it can honestly be something that gets on their nerves fairly often. For the INFJ it can feel like they are wasting away when they have to spend each day going to a job that just feels like a constant grind. They don’t want to feel like someone just aiding to the assembly line lifestyle, and often want to achieve something more meaningful. They want to do something much more than just living each day on the same tedious path, and so this can sometimes be hard to cope with.


ENFJs are driven and hardworking people, and so they can often cope with things that are difficult for them. For the ENFJ having to live a life comprised of the daily grind can be a bit draining, especially since they have big dreams and things they want to accomplish. While it can be frustrating at times, ENFJs are often capable of coping and finding ways to fulfill themselves. They go after what they want in life, and deeply desire to take care of the people who mean the most to them. They often find ways to cope with their struggles, and if they feel a bit stuck will search for other means of fulfillment.


INFPs can become truly drained by the daily grind, especially if they are working in a career that simply doesn’t fulfill them. INFPs don’t like having to follow a daily schedule and live the way others want them to. This can be somewhat difficult for them to cope with, since they often want to live a more unique and original lifestyle. INFPs can feel trapped in this type of situation, wanting to follow their dreams and experience something more fulfilling for them. The daily grind really isn’t something that is right for the INFP, and will certainly cause them to feel stifled.


ENFPs often have a hard time coping with a life filled with the daily grind. Having to constantly walk a path that others expect is certainly something the ENFP isn’t hoping for. They likely won’t feel fulfilled having to follow this cookie cutter lifestyle, since they have such big dreams and desires in life. For the ENFP feeling stuck in a job that feels the same every single day, just to go back the next day and do it all over again- this can feel like complete misery for them. They need to feel challenged and passionate about what they are doing, and so this type of lifestyle just isn’t enough for them.



INTJs don’t mind the grind to some extent, but they are unlikely to live a life that is just an assembly line structure. They want to constantly be progressing and working towards something that they actually want. INTJs have lofty goals and they aren’t afraid of doing whatever it takes to achieve them as good as they possibly can. For the INTJ the daily grind is okay to some extent, but they won’t live such a small and simple life. They will find a way to make more out of their lives and achieve what they actually want.


For the ENTJ the daily grind is perfectly fine to some extent, since they are certainly hardworking people. What they don’t want is this type of lifestyle which is filled with sameness and doesn’t give them a chance to progress and experience fulfilling challenges. For the ENTJ a life that doesn’t provide them with something more valuable than just going to work and doing the same thing each day, just isn’t enough. They want to feel like they are doing something of value, and work hard to be someone that their loved ones can be proud of.


Just the thought of the daily grind can feel draining for the INTP, since this isn’t something that will likely fulfill them. They need a life that provides them with challenges and change, instead of simply doing the same thing each and every day. INTPs have complex and deep inner minds, constantly running through different thoughts and ideas. To have to get up each day and go to work doing the same boring thing, this just isn’t enough for them. They will be happiest in a career that is more flexible and gives them the space to really be themselves and utilize their creative side.


For ENTPs the daily grind just isn’t enough to leave them feeling truly fulfilled and happy with their life. They need something more rewarding and challenging than just getting up each and every day going to work and doing the same thing. ENTPs require a career and lifestyle that provides them with challenges and new experiences. They want to feel like they are doing something that can actually surprise them each day, instead of leave them feeling bored and drained. ENTPs won’t cope well with an assembly line lifestyle, they will feel trapped and need to escape eventually.



ISTJs can often cope rather well with the daily grind, and might even enjoy a lifestyle like this. Having a reliable and consistent career that they can perfect, is truly rewarding for ISTJs. They want to become the best at anything they do, and want to make their loved ones proud. ISTJs don’t mind repetition and often take comfort in being able to do something that they know and understand. Having to constantly adapt to something new just doesn’t feel dependable enough for the ISTJ.


The daily grind isn’t something that bothers the ESTJ, since they enjoy doing things that they know and understand. Going to work each day and having this steady job in their life is often something that brings them comfort. They want to be sure that they are doing good enough to provide for their loved ones, but doing the same thing isn’t likely to bother them at all. They want to be able to perfect whatever it is they are doing, and enjoy having the chance to become the best.


ISFJs don’t mind the daily grind, especially if they are working towards providing for their loved ones. They enjoy things that they know well and understand, and often take comfort in them. Being able to go to work each day knowing what to expect and being prepared for it, is definitely fulfilling for the ISFJ. They just want to be able to juggle everything and take care of their family. ISFJs work hard to make others happy and they don’t mind doing the same things each day as long as this pleases the ones they love.


ESFJs don’t mind the daily grind and can often cope with it rather easily. They actually take comfort in dependability and don’t mind things that are a bit repetitive. For the ESFJ it is more about being able to take care of their loved ones and work hard to make them proud. They don’t want to do anything that could risk hurting the people they care for, so they certainly won’t mind having to work a job that is a bit repetitive. As long as the ESFJ knows what they are doing and can do well, they will be happy with this.



ISTPs definitely aren’t fans of having to deal with the daily grind, and often seek out other things to fulfill them. Having to do the same repetitive thing each day is going to become quickly draining for them. ISTPs want to experience new things and prefer a career that provides them with unique challenges. They want their life to be filled with thrills, since they are often very passionate people inside. Having to go to work and do the same thing each day, and live by a schedule, these things are draining for them.


ESTPs can handle the grind in some ways, but they often become drained by this after a while. They need to have things that fulfill them and challenge them in rewarding ways. The ESTP needs a job that works their mind and allows them to push themselves in new ways. They don’t like feeling stagnant and can become antsy if they are shoved into an assembly line lifestyle. For the ESTP it is necessary to have some challenges and new experiences, and the daily grind simply won’t suffice for them.


ISFPs definitely aren’t made for the daily grind, instead they are best served experiencing new things in life. They often need a find a career that is fulfilling and unique, instead of having to go to work at the same boring place doing the same things each day. For the ISFP it isn’t rewarding to have to live this way, and they will likely feel smothered. They need to feel free to experience something exciting, something that will provide them with thrills and passion.


ESFPs don’t usually want to live a lifestyle that is filled with daily grind activities and living up to boring expectations. They want to experience life and are truly passionate people with a hunger for life. ESFPs enjoy experiencing new things and don’t like having to live a life doing the same monotonous thing each day. For them the daily grind often feels smothering and draining, and really isn’t something they cope with easily. They will often try to break free and find a way to actually shake things up in their life.



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