ENTJ Type-A: Which Traits Make the ENTJ Test as the Type A Personality

ENTJs who test as the A type, are often more self-assured and confident in their abilities. ENTJs might be inclined towards this since they are naturally more assertive people, who try to avoid outside stress as much as they can. ENTJs aren’t often affected by the opinions of others, which can help them lean more towards the assertive personality, rather than the turbulent types. Here are a few ways in which the ENTJ-A expresses their personality traits.

They Are Confident In Themselves

One things which might make the ENTJ test more as the A type personality, is because of their sense of self-confidence. They approach situations with a rather self-assured and outwardly calm demeanor. They are rather confident of their own strengths and abilities and are not afraid of taking charge because of this. Their natural ability to walk into a situation and solve the problems at hand, helps the ENTJ seem rather calm and collected. Even if the ENTJ is inwardly stressed about something, they present themselves as comfortable in their own skin. They are highly aware of their own skills and knowledge, and this self-awareness does help them achieve things differently than others.

ENTJs are often naturally confident people, since they spend so much time preparing for things and improving their inner knowledge. This is what helps them be more capable of understanding how to approach a situation, since they are comfortable asserting themselves even when others are clueless about the situation or where to go next. ENTJs are natural leaders for a reason, knowing when they are much more prepared and capable of handling a situation or a problem which is in front of them.

They Will Take Charge

ENTJs are rather take charge people, which applies to their more assertive side. They are willing to step into a situation and can naturally become the leader without hesitation. They are rarely afraid of how to handle things, since they know they are capable of getting the job done. ENTJs are strong-willed people who will go after they want without hesitating. Some types might be fearful of the results and so this holds them back from actually taking action. ENTJs are not afraid of taking action, instead they use their own knowledge and experiences to ensure that they can handle just about anything which comes their way.

ENTJs do have naturally assertive qualities and are not afraid of putting themselves in these leadership roles. For them it is about being sure of themselves and trusting in their own inner abilities. This is less about not caring, and more about the fact that they know that they can get things done better than most people. This is why ENTJs might present themselves as the type A personality, but there are much more complex aspects which makes them lean in both directions.

They Don’t Pay Attention to Outside Opinions

While ENTJs do care about getting things done the right way, they don’t often look to outsiders for opinions. If someone they don’t know tries to judge the ENTJs actions or choices, then this rarely affects them. They don’t really need the approval of others in order to believe in themselves and their abilities. They are much more relaxed about these things than some other types, and don’t need to rely on others for this type of approval. For the ENTJ it can feel like a waste of their energy to allow outside stresses or people to affect them and their actions. Instead they rely on their own inner confidence and knowledge in order to keep moving forward in the direction they want to go in. For the ENTJ it is important to trust in themselves since they realize that not everyone has their best interests at heart. They are independent people who seek results as a means of understanding the situation and what they are capable of.

Why ENTJs Might Commonly Test as T Type Instead

A major reason why the ENTJ might lean more towards the turbulent type, is because they do actually care about the end result. A types are often more laid back about things and don’t become hung up on achieving certain goals all that much. While they may be seen as go-getters, this is because they aren’t really focused on getting things right. ENTJs are perfectionists who believe in efficiently and always strive to get things done the right way. For them it is something easier to lean in the direction of the turbulent personality, because they do work hard to get things done perfectly. For them being efficient and ensuring that each step is done right, is actually rather important.

What might cause the ENTJ to lean more towards ENTJ-T, is because of this perfectionist nature. While it isn’t about how others view them, it is about their own personal goals and desires. They do care about making sure things are perfect, and don’t like just sitting back and allowing things to fail. ENTJs are willing to take control of the situation and believe in doing whatever it takes to accomplish these goals with a certain level of perfection and finesse. For the ENTJ it isn’t about worrying what others think, it is about doing what they feel is right and this often means being efficient even when they have struggles and challenges to face along the way.

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