Little Winter Things That Remind Us Of Each Myers-Briggs Type

The winter season is approaching us, along with the Holidays. So just for fun we decided to write an article about the winter things that remind us of each personality type!

INFJ- Curling Up By the Fire

INFJs are warm and introspective individuals, who often enjoy the chance for some much needed alone time. Something about the spirit of the INFJ reminds of us those chilly winter nights where we just want to curl up by the fire with a cup of delicious cocoa and a good book. There is nothing more comforting than curling up with a blanket while you get warmed up near the cracking sounds of the fires heat. It can be a nice night curled up with someone you love, or maybe by yourself with the company of your book. Either way it reminds us of the warm and comforting spirit of the intriguing INFJ personality.

ENFJ- Holiday Parties

ENFJs are considerate and friendly individuals, who enjoy being around their loved ones. ENFJs focus on taking care of the needs of others and often enjoy the chance to bring everyone together. The holiday parties are the perfect representation of the ENFJ personality. With their engaging and assisting nature, the ENFJ is constantly ready to make the holiday parties amazing for everyone involved. We are pretty sure no one knows how to make everyone feel at ease quite like the ENFJ. There is something nostalgic and pleasant about bringing everyone together for the holiday festivities.

INFP- Layering

INFPs are warm and complex individuals, who enjoy living inside of their own rich inner world. There is something so comforting and relaxing about putting on the many layers during the winter season. INFPs remind us of the quirky yet comforting opportunity to layer our clothing during the chilly winters. The way the INFP makes you feel at ease and like you are wrapped up in the comfort of their presence, is perfectly represented by applying the many layers that make us feel comfy and warm.

ENFP- Building a Snowman

ENFPs are creative and enthusiastic individuals, who often enjoy making life a positive experience. They enjoy looking on the bright-side and have an often child-like enthusiasm that can be rather infectious and wonderful. Going outside during the chilly winter to build a snowman together with your family and friends, somehow perfectly fits the ENFP personality. It is a fun experience that gives you a chance to truly be creative and have fun with your loved ones. ENFPs are definitely people focused individuals, who like being around the people that they care about.

INTJ- Being a Homebody

INTJs love being able to be absorbed inside their own inner worlds, often enjoying an excuse to spend time alone. The winter season gives the perfect excuse to stay at home and do whatever they like without feeling pressured. The INTJ can stay at home inside of the warmth and dive into whatever current project they are interested in. The winter season is the perfect chance to stay inside and avoid encountering people that get on your nerves. This perfectly fits the personality of the intelligent and independent INTJ.

ENTJ- Delicious Winter Goodies

ENTJs are loyal and driven individuals, who enjoy getting things done with excellence. Even though the ENTJ are intelligent and focused people, they also have a fun and loyal side to them. There is something about the nostalgic and delicious seasonal snacks and drinks that remind us of the ENTJ personality. The fact that we don’t always get to enjoy these snacks, reminds us of the often hidden compassionate side of the ENTJ. A specific drink that reminds us of the ENTJ is the joys of hot apple cider. It is a delicious and enjoyable seasonal drink, which is just a little bit spicy. Much like the hard exterior yet secretly warm center of the ENTJ.

INTP- Building a Snow Fort

INTPs are intelligent individuals who often enjoy being able to explore new ideas and stretch their minds. The chance to build the perfectly crafted snow fort is something that reminds us of the INTP. Snow forts aren’t as simple and easy to build as a snowman, building a good fort takes a lot of thought behind it. We can picture the INTP building a snow fort that goes on for miles, with separate rooms designated for certain activities. The thought that they could put behind such a task is something that we can’t really see any other type accomplishing so very well.

ENTP- Faking Sick

Let’s face it, ENTPs do not enjoy following the rules. They are charming individuals, who are often very good at understanding others. The ENTP is good at figuring out the way to get out of whatever trouble they get themselves into. Because of this ability to get away with anything and their natural disdain for following rules, faking sick during the winter season reminds us of the ENTP personality. Winter is the cold and flu season, making it the perfect time to skip out of your responsibilities and pretend you have a terrible illness. No type would be better at convincing others that they just don’t feel well enough to brave the day than the ENTP would.

ISTJ- Strict Schedules

ISTJs enjoy when schedules and rules are followed, wanting to be able to get things done. The winter season can be rather hectic with all of the holidays to plan for. The ISTJ is excellent at keeping everyone on track and making sure that the rules are followed. Being able to enforce these rules and schedules is something that the ISTJ rather enjoys. Something about the hustle and need for following the schedules during the holidays, reminds us of the dutiful ISTJ personality.

ESTJ- Keeping Busy

ESTJs often dislike staying still for too long, enjoying being able to keep themselves busy with their duties. They enjoy being able to get things done and tend to the practical needs of their loved ones. During the winter season there are often many different tasks that need to be accomplished. The hustle and often busy minded feel of the winter season reminds us of the constantly focused ESTJ. The way that they always make sure that everyone’s practical needs are taken care of, is very fitting for the winter season and the need to be kept warm.

ISFJ- Cooking For the Family

ISFJs love to take care of their loved ones, wanting to make them feel loved. The ISFJ often enjoys cooking for their family, making sure they are well taken care of. With the winter season comes holidays and the need for delicious home cooked meals. This reminds us of the care-taking and warm ISFJ and their need to make sure everyone is well fed. There is something comforting and nostalgic about the ISFJ personality, which reminds us of the excitement we feel when we think about the amazing holiday foods.

ESFJ- Christmas

ESFJs are giving and conscientious individuals, who love being around family and friends. Christmas often brings everyone together and reminds us of our childhoods, which somehow also reminds us of ESFJs. The ESFJ often loves celebrating the holidays and will often go out of their way to make sure that everyone participates. The festivities and nostalgic feelings of Christmas, perfectly fits the ESFJ personality. Being able to shower your loved ones in affection and presents, is something that the ESFJ truly enjoys.

ISTP- Downhill Skiing

ISTPs are deep thinking and thrill-seeking individuals, who enjoy being able to keep their minds occupied. The exciting nature of the ISTP reminds us of the fun winter sports, like skiing. ISTPs often enjoy working with their hands and enjoy the chance to live life at a very fast pace. They hate staying still for too long, often wanting to find new adventures to participate in. Downhill skiing is something exciting and fun, but also has a rather beautiful scenery to observe. ISTPs enjoy being in the present moment, which makes this activity rather fitting for them.

ESTP- Snowboarding

ESTPs are exciting and intense individuals, who enjoy seeking out new adventures. ESTPs often hate staying stagnant for too long, becoming bored if they are forced to stay still. Snowboarding is both a cool and thrilling activity, which we believe perfectly represents the ESTP personality. This is a fun sport that you can experience with friends, making you look impressive and cool. The ESTPs enjoy being able to impress others and love living in the moment. Snowboarding perfectly represents the ESTPs charismatic and exciting personality.

ISFP- Catching Snowflakes On Your Tongue

ISFPS are sensitive and imaginative individuals, who enjoy living in the present moment. There is something very whimsical about the nature of the ISFP, which reminds us of catching snowflakes on our tongue during the winter season. ISFPs are very in touch with their emotions, but they are also rather fun individuals. Something about the action of catching snowflakes on your tongue, makes us think of the playful nature of the ISFP. It is a simple action that is hard to get out of your mind, much like the caring ISFP.

ESFP- Snow Days

ESFPs enjoy being able to have fun and live the moment to its fullest. The chance to skip work and take the family out for some fun adventure during a snow day, reminds us of the ESFP. ESFPs enjoy being able to spend time with their friends and loved ones, just soaking up the world around them. Snow days aren’t something to hold back the ESFP, but rather give them a free pass to enjoy the winter season. Getting out of the drudgery of daily life so that you can spend time with loved ones having fun, perfectly fits the ESFP personality.


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