Here’s What You Need to Know About the Female ESFP Personality

ESFP women are exciting and intriguing people with a naturally passionate personality. While some people don’t fully understand them, others appreciate all that they have to offer. Here are a few bits of information that everyone should know about the ESFP female.

They Want to Be Carefree

The ESFP female wants to live life in the present moment with a sense of joy and excitement. She doesn’t want to get caught up in all of the negativity in the world and simply wants to experience life in the best way possible. ESFPs love being able to take on new adventures and want to experience life to the fullest. They hate feeling bogged down by negative emotions and simply want to be able to entertain others and bring the mood up. They want to be around their loved ones and want to feel free to express themselves without fear.

Although they want to be carefree, they do have moments where the negativity overwhelms them. If the ESFP woman cannot seem to achieve her goals in life, it will become difficult for them to feel that sense of carefree joy. They might find themselves often venting to their loved ones in hopes that they can help. The ESFP woman does depend on the people closest to her since love and connection is vital to them.

They Dislike Suffering

The ESFP woman strongly dislikes suffering in any capacity and can become personally hurt by it. When they see the pain in the world it actually affects them rather deeply. They can find themselves uneasy and even worried when they see too many bad things happening around them. ESFP women have rather big hearts and become strongly affected by pain. When they witness darkness in the world it can cause them sadness and distress.

People often view the ESFP woman as fun-loving and a bit selfish, but this isn’t the whole truth. The ESFP woman actually feels things very deeply, especially when it comes to the people they love. They want to see others happy, and this is why they try to be entertaining and fun people. They love being able to put a smile on others’ faces and strive to make everyone join in on the party. The ESFP woman realizes that life is filled with sadness. They simply want to find ways to overcome that pain. They want to focus on the good and try to do what they can to remove some of that negativity.

They Do Enjoy Beauty

ESFP women do enjoy aesthetics and want to recognize beauty in the world. This can be misunderstood as shallow when that is actually the opposite of true. ESFP women are physical people who can be rather connected to their senses. They simply feel a sense of joy when they witness beautiful things in the world around them. This causes them to appreciate beauty in many different forms and makes the ESFP want to spend their time around visually stimulating sights. They have a knack for decorating and putting together events because of their eye for beauty.

They Can Be Flighty Sometimes

The ESFP can be a bit flighty sometimes and may occasionally shuck their own responsibilities. They don’t do this because they don’t care but simply because their minds can be a real distraction. The ESFP woman loves living in the present moment, and sometimes they become frustrated with monotonous or boring tasks. This desire to enjoy every moment does get them into trouble sometimes. They might not always do well when it comes to those daily boring tasks that all adults have to perform. It helps if the ESFP woman has loved ones who know how to motivate them to make time for their responsibilities. Ultimately ESFPs are skilled at finding their way out of whatever problems they might make for themselves.

They Are Nurturing

The ESFP female is actually very nurturing, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They want to make their family happy and want to do what they can to see them smiling. They actually care very much about what people think of them and want to be liked by everyone. ESFPs can become upset if they feel like someone does not like them and will try hard to change that. They simply want to be considered good people and don’t want to do anything that goes against their morals.

When it comes to the people they love, the ESFP woman can be extremely giving and nurturing. They are affectionate people who will do whatever they can to make their loved ones happy. They give a lot and especially enjoy using gifts as a way to express their love. While some people deem this shallow, they simply do not understand how the ESFP processes their feelings. They are present people who live very much in the physical world. The fact that ESFP are physically oriented people means that giving gifts is simply a physical expression of their emotions. It is a keepsake, something that they can look at and remember that person they love so deeply. Gifts are just a way to hold onto someone they love, which is why they mean so much to the ESFP.

When it comes to their loved ones ESFP women care very deeply and want to do whatever they can to see them smile. They have big hearts and warm personalities, which makes them wonderful companions. Their love for adventure makes the ESFP woman exciting and they help push people outside of their comfort zones. The main focus of the ESFP woman is to enjoy life and to help their loved ones enjoy it as well.

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