Here’s Why We Believe That ENFJs Are Actually Superheroes

ENFJs have a way of handling so many tasks, while still being able to take care of everyone around them. For a long time we were unsure of how they could possibly accomplish this. Finally, we have come to the conclusion that ENFJs are real life superheroes (and heroines).

They Are On Top of Everything

ENFJs are organized individuals, who always seem to have everything under control. They want to make sure that they have taken care of everything in their lives, as well as the lives of others. The ENFJ seems to constantly be on the move, organizing events, abiding by schedules, running errands and all this while saving the world. We are pretty sure they can do anything and everything, without much assistance from others. Most of us would probably just get in the way if we attempted to help, but simply offering seems to make the ENFJ very happy. Knowing that people appreciate everything that they do makes them feel loved. They just want to realize that all of their effort is not going unnoticed. The ENFJ is often called the giver or the teacher. While we don’t disagree with those names, the juggler might be more precise. They always seem to be three steps ahead, making sure that everything is finished to their standards. The ENFJ is caring, intelligent and warm. They are capable of juggling more tasks in one day than most of us could handle in a week. The ENFJ is always eager to please others, so much so that they almost make it look easy (trust us, it is not).

They Are Perfectionists

Not only are ENFJs amazing jugglers, they are also major perfectionists. They hold extremely high standards for themselves, wanting to make sure that they do their best. They can sometimes be overly hard on themselves, never feeling like the task is finished quite to their standards. To others their accomplishments are awe-inspiring, but the ENFJ often believes that they could have done better. They are constantly striving to learn and grow as person, wanting to be the best that they can be. They want to make sure that they are taking care of the needs of others, never feeling like they are doing enough.

We are fairly certain that only a superhero could handle the level of stress that the ENFJ does on a daily basis. They are constantly working to make sure that everyone is taken care of, while simultaneously wanting to make a difference in the world. They have a powerful intuition that drives them to reach their goals. They are very future oriented individuals who enjoy being able to make a difference. Helping others is what makes the ENFJ feel content with themselves.

They Care About Everyone

ENFJs have a powerful sense of caring for others. They do become frustrated with the coldness in the world, but often have a way of caring about everyone. They want to see joy around them, hoping to find a way to create that for others. ENFJs love people and truly just want to do anything they can to help them. They often are capable of seeing the good in others, always hoping for the best. They do become frustrated, but that is only because they try so very hard. They are constantly striving to help others, without really paying much attention to their own needs. After a while caring so deeply about everyone can become quite the heavy burden. It is not easy to love as strongly as the ENFJ does, but they seem to handle it without really showing any signs of cracking to the world around them. Much like a strong and independent superhero.

They Give Until It Hurts

ENFJs spend most of their energy giving to those around them. They are amazing listeners, always willing to help others when they are in need of advice. The ENFJ is comfortable listening to people who are upset and will do their best to comfort them. ENFJs often have many people coming to the ENFJ almost like they are their own personal therapist. They have a way of making others feel loved and understand, which draws people to them. The ENFJ will often take on such a heavy load, not wanting to say “no” to anyone. They constantly strive to please the people around them, never wanting to fail in their tasks. The ENFJ gives and gives, in a completely selfless and loving way. They enjoy seeing others happy and are always working to make sure that everyone is well taken care of. They strive to fix the problems in everyone’s lives, swooping in without even being asked.

Even when the ENFJ becomes drained, they have a very hard time giving up on others. They push themselves to their limits in order to make people happy. No one loves quite like an ENFJ and no one gives quite like them either. They have unbelievably generous hearts, often willing to give the shirt off of their own back.

They Ask For Very Little

ENFJs often give without asking for much in return. All the ENFJ really needs is for others to appreciate them and to show this appreciation. Just knowing that what they are doing is making the people around them happy, is enough. The ENFJ simply wants to feel loved in return for all of their hard work. They truly give because they want to, not because they feel like they have to. When it becomes like others are demanding of them, the ENFJ may become frustrated. They want people to realize that they give out of love, not because they are being told to. ENFJs have big hearts, but those hearts need to be cared for too. Just making sure that your ENFJ knows you love them, goes a very long way. Verbalizing your appreciation and finding ways of showing just how thankful you are, is amazing to the ENFJ.

It is important to remember that even Superman has his kyptonite. The ENFJ struggles when they do not feel appreciated for their hard work. It is nice to take some of the weight off of their shoulders once in a while. Just attempting to help them with the little things will make them feel less pressure. Try to remember how hard the ENFJ works and maybe give them some time to themselves when they need it. Giving them a break once in a while will truly make them feel cared for.

ENFJs are constantly striving to please others, without asking for much in return. We are 100% convinced that every ENFJ is a superhero or heroine in disguise. There really is no other reasoning behind their ability to carry the weight of the world on their wonderful shoulders.


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