Insights Into The ESFP Personality That You Should Know

ESFPs are known as the life of the party, always striving to be the center of attention. There are a few ideas that people have about ESFPs that are entirely inaccurate. We are here to give you a little insight into the truth about ESFPs.

They Are Observant

Because the ESFP enjoys having fun, they can often be pegged as unintelligent. That is a silly notion that comes from lack of understanding towards the ESFP. ESFPs are acutely aware of their surroundings, which makes them extremely observant individuals. They are often capable of picking up on details that others people miss entirely. The ESFP pays attention to their surroundings, which also includes the people around them. They are often aware of the actions of others, making an effort to notice the little things that they do. ESFPs are intensely aware of their environment often realizing issues before everyone else.

The ESFP is often good in a crisis because of their ability to notice what is going on well before other people do. They are skilled at noticing the smallest changes in people, which may make them good in medical fields as well. The ESFP notices when there is the slightest change in someone’s appearance or health, sometimes even the most minuscule details are evident to them. This is a wonderful skill that many people overlook when mentioning the ESFP.

They Are Fun

It is true, ESFP are a complete blast to be around. This may be the quality that is most evident about the ESFP, even though it is not their only positive attribute. That doesn’t mean that this should be overlooked, since it truly is a strong trait of the ESFP. They enjoy making life fun, often knowing how to bring life to any party. The ESFP likes to be able to lighten the mood, realizing that life can be hard and sometimes you need to let loose a little to forget that fact. They know just how to command a room, drawing in the attention in an exciting way. The ESFP is skilled at making things light and enjoyable, entertaining everyone with ease.

The ESFP is excellent at being the center of attention but they are also good at bringing other people into the fun. ESFPs are often very good at forcing others to loosen up and join in on the excitement. They know how to make the experience enjoyable and laid-back, spreading an infectious feeling of fun around the room. There really is no party like an ESFP party. The ESFP doesn’t mind if people are giggling at their expense, as long as it is in the spirit of fun. They simply enjoy seeing everyone have a good time and let go of their troubles. They want to make life fun and relaxed, instead of dwelling on all of those negative feelings. To the ESFP, life truly is what you make it.

Sometimes They Want To Be Alone

ESFPs are naturally very social and friendly individuals. They enjoy people and want to spend most of their time around others, just soaking up all that they have to offer. ESFPs may be fun and excitable individuals, but that doesn’t mean they want to constantly be around others. They are often seen as overly extroverted, but that is not entirely true. Many ESFPs enjoy being able to spend time alone as well. They can be more introspective than people realize, wanting to spend time working through their own thoughts and feelings. They don’t always show this side to others but it is definitely there.

Sometimes the ESFP enjoys being able to spend time alone, often feeling overwhelmed when they don’t get this. The fact that they feel pressured to be the life of the party can make them want space from time to time. Of course, they are extroverts and this alone time only lasts so long before they become drained.

They Can Be Very Creative

ESFPs actually have a creative streak that is often overlooked. Many ESFPs can be very artistic, enjoying the chance to stretch their creative limits. ESFPs are often excellent party planners, this skill comes from their natural creative abilities. They are capable of observing the situation and coming up with new ideas and new ways to make it fun for everyone. ESFPs are very capable individuals, who are often good at maneuvering different situations. They may not always exercise their creative abilities, but most ESFPs have them. They have strong connections to aesthetics and their physical surroundings, making them capable of seeing the best ways to make something truly beautiful.

They Aren’t Shallow

ESFPs actually have extremely deep and internal emotions, even though this isn’t always evident to others. They feel things very deeply and are often more sensitive than people understand. They have a way of only showing their confident side to others, but the ESFP can become hurt easily by people’s comments. If the ESFP cares about someone they may become very upset with what this person says to them. ESFPs care how others perceive them, wanting to be a good and caring person. The ESFP may enjoy things like fashion and the aesthetically attractive things in the world but that does not make them shallow. Their emotions are something that is very internal and personal to the ESFP and they hold them to a high importance. The ESFP enjoys living in the moment, but they also care about being a moral and good person.

ESFPs are actually extremely caring individuals, with a passion for people. They want to see other people happy, often trying to be conscious of how their actions will affect them emotionally. If the ESFP does something to upset others, it will bother them greatly. The ESFP often goes out of their way to do things for others whether that be throwing an amazing party, buying them an awesome gift or simply being a shoulder to cry on. ESFPs are surprisingly caring individuals, who simply want to make life fun for everyone. At the end of the day the ESFPs intentions come from a very positive place, they truly just want to make others smile.


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