Signs You Are an INTJ…

1. You immediately thought this article was clickbait crap.

2. You’re good at visualizing how things will play out.

3. You often become an expert in whatever your subject of interest happens to be.

4. You know how to put a smile on your face and be polite, even if you think the other person is an idiot.

5. You’re a perfectionist.

 6. You tend to be a planner, but sometimes can become impulsive at the wrong times.

7. You have a rich inner world that most people don’t get to see.

8. You have a dry and sarcastic humor that many people don’t get.

9. You can become so absorbed in a project that you sometimes forget to eat.

10. You form strong bonds to the select few people you choose to be close to.

11. You can be very convincing when you want to get your point across.

12.  You think most people are annoying.

13. Unless someone does something to get your respect.

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