Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Risk Taking

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Risk Taking

While some people believe in playing it safe, others aren’t afraid to take risks. Here is how you feel about risk taking, based on your personality type.


INFJs often dislike taking too many risks, and will believe it is a bit reckless. They enjoy being able to plan things out, especially when it comes to the things that matter most. INFJs will have times where they decide to take big risks, but that is usually when they have remained stagnant for far too long. They eventually feel like it is time to make a change, even though they are often scared to do so. INFJs are intelligent and intuitive people, who simply believe in doing the right thing. Instead of just jumping into something risky, they will use their intuition to figure things out.


ENFJs don’t mind taking risks when they are taking a well calculated risk. In most cases ENFJs do prefer to play it safe, especially since they are often tending to needs of other people. ENFJs just don’t want their actions to affect the people close to them in a negative way. They are very focused on ensuring their loved ones happiness, and care deeply for their well-being. ENFJs simply don’t want to push the limits, since it can really hurt someone they care for. They will take a risk if they believe it is the right thing to do, but it is often based on their intuition more than anything else.


INFPs are intuitive and imaginative people, who spend a lot of time inside of their own inner minds. INFPs don’t always take too many risks in life, since they spend a lot more time inside of their thoughts than they do acting things out. INFPs can sometimes get more joy out of their imaginations than they do actually taking action. INFPs aren’t afraid of taking chances in life, especially if they believe it is the right thing to do. They simply have a hard time motivating themselves oftentimes, especially when their inner world is just so much richer than the outside one.


ENFPs definitely don’t mind taking risks in life, especially if they see a big reward. They aren’t afraid of jumping into something new, and actually enjoy the feeling of change. While some people run away from anything that makes them feel uneasy, ENFPs crave a sense of challenge. They are willing to take risks, especially if their intuition tells them that it is the right thing to do. ENFPs strive to make their lives exciting, and really hate feeling stuck in the same place. They follow their hearts and their intuition, which often leads them down interesting paths.


INTJs are logical people, but they are perfectly capable of taking calculated risks. They realize that sometimes in life you need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to reap the rewards. INTJs will plan things out and do plenty of research, so that they can ensure that the risk is entirely worth taking. For them it usually pans out pretty well, since they have spent so much time figuring out the most reasonable plan of action. INTJs are excellent strategic planners, and definitely prefer to step out of their comfort zone when they have done plenty of research.


ENTJs are strategic and logical people, who prefer to plan most things out before moving forward. While ENTJs are strong-willed people who go after their goals, they also understand the benefits of taking a few calculated risks. The ENTJ will study and research something before taking that step forward and exposing themselves to any risk. For ENTJs it really doesn’t end up being much of a risk, since they are fully aware of the fact that it will likely pan out pretty good for them.


INTPs are logical people, but they do enjoy taking a risk now and then. INTPs truly dislike stagnancy, and prefer to step outside of their comfort zone. They realize that in order to accomplish anything worthwhile in life, they need to take a few risks. INTPs are extremely intuitive people, who are often well aware of the best course of action to take. They are very capable of looking at things in a logical way, and analyzing information in order to figure out a strategic plan. INTPs will sift through their research and will ultimately combine that with their intuition in order to figure out which risks are worth taking.


ENTPs are logical and intuitive people, who enjoy taking on new challenges. Sometimes ENTPs will jump head first into something, in order to immerse themselves and truly learn from the experience. They aren’t afraid of taking risks, and enjoy being able to step outside of their comfort zones. ENTPs know how to plan things out strategically, but at the same time they enjoy using their intuition to make choices. ENTPs will sometimes take risks that seem a little crazy to others, but they are more than capable of finding their way out of whatever hole it gets them into.


ISTJs are not risk takers by nature, and can feel very uncomfortable by this type of behavior. ISTJs prefer to be practical and dependable, and strive to get things done efficiently. They will work hard to be the best at what they do, and want to provide for their family. ISTJs dislike being tossed into something they don’t understand, and want to have time to familiarize themselves before having to handle something new. They are people who value plans and strategy, and dislike taking risks.


ESTJs definitely don’t enjoy taking risks, and prefer to get things done efficiently. They are dependable people, who value being able to remain focused on what is important. Risk taking for the ESTJ seems like a foolish idea, and they don’t want to get caught up in something that turns out to be a mistake. They would much prefer to follow proven methods so that they can be effective in what they are doing. ESTJs won’t take risks most of the time, since they prefer things they can prove.


ISFJs are very responsible people, who dislike anything that could jeopardize the well-being of their loved ones. To them taking risks seems like a reckless idea, and can really only end badly for them. ISFJs care deeply for their loved ones, and work very hard to ensure that they are taken care of. They would rather follow a plan that they know will work out, instead of jumping into something new and unknown. ISFJs care about ensuring that the people close to them are happy, and want to keep the peace in their environment.


ESFJs are not fans of taking unnecessary risks, and prefer to do follow a more comfortable path. ESFJs care deeply for their loved ones, and are always trying to ensure their happiness. To them taking risks can jeopardize and negatively affect the people close to the ESFJ, which makes them a bit fearful. ESFJs would rather focus on a path they know will be successful, and want to do things that do not risk their loved ones. They want to keep a peaceful environment, which is why ESFJs often dislike risk taking.


ISTPs hate staying stagnant, which is why they do enjoy taking a few risks in life. They are logical people, who will try and decide which risks are the most beneficial to them. ISTPs simply want to live in the moment and enjoy their lives, which is why risk taking is something that often works for them. ISTPs are smart people, but they don’t like feeling held back by fear. For them taking risks is simply a part of enjoying themselves and experiencing their lives to the fullest.


ESTPs often enjoy risk raking behavior, since they truly hate staying stagnant for too long. ESTPs have very adventurous personalities, and want to experience new things in life. They are willing to jump into something new, as long as it keeps them intrigued. ESTPs sometimes take risks that can get them into a bit of trouble, but they often find a way out of whatever mess they find themselves in. Their charm helps the ESTP out of many bad situations, which is beneficial since they definitely are risk takers.


ISFPs prefer to live life in the present moment, which can sometimes involve a little risk. They aren’t afraid to step outside of their comfort zones, especially if it seems worthwhile. ISFPs simply want to follow their hearts in life, no matter where that leads them. They will take risks if they believe it is the right thing to do for them, and aren’t afraid of life being messy.


ESFPs are adventurous people, who enjoy taking risks if it feels right to them in the moment. They believe in following their hearts, no matter where that leads them. ESFPs aren’t afraid of risks, and would rather take chances than remain stuck in the same place. They are motivated by their emotions, and live very much in the present moment. ESFPs definitely don’t mind taking risks, but sometimes it can get them into a little bit of trouble.

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