Being an XNTP (INTP or ENTP) is simultaneously one of the greatest gifts and worst curses known to mankind.

You are gifted with an incredible analytical mind, and a knack for innovative art, but at the same time, you have a surprisingly annoying habit of never quite reaching your full potential.

You have what I like to call:

Opportunity Overload

Opportunity Overload is especially troubling for xNTPs because of their [extraverted intuition]. They constantly see the potential of things, and what could be. Therefore, the opportunities are endless as many of their ideas are fantastic. Unfortunately, when petty matter like, only having one body and 24 hours in a day come to be realized, not so many of their ideas come to fruition.

The Trick for XNTPs is:


The xNTP must accept the limits of their time and energy.

There is only so much energy that can be used in a day, and the xNTP must be keen to realizing this.

The xNTP can tend to get stuck in a state of “analysis paralysis” if they get stuck which route is the best to take.

The xNTP should just take action. The xNTP has theories and ideas of how things “should work” but taking action gets them closer to the desire for better understanding that they thrive on.

Do First. Analyze After.

An xNTP that takes the time to explore their theories and ideas will be the ones gathering the most wisdom and experiences. Staying stagnant all day will cause problems from lack of external output. Talking about ideas too much without any real world action will cause the xNTP to have a shoddy track record.

So You Think You’re Smart?

Humble yourself. Hiding behind your ego of intelligence is a surefire way to never get things done.

Try things.

Make mistakes.

Challenge what you think you know.

This is the only real way for the xNTP to learn. Stay curious and don’t be afraid to ask the seemingly dumb questions.

Stubbornness and Pride are the Achilles Heel of xNTPs creating their knowledge. (Leave that to the xxTJs 😛 )

The Devil in the Details

As an xNTP, you’re never gonna live up to societies expectations of an xSxJ. Accept that. Sure, you can get chores done, but you might need someone more practical to keep you on schedule. If you find a partner that’s better with household chores, and making sure you get to your commitments, you might live a better life.

(NOTE: Ideally, an xNTP would benefit greatly from a secretary and personal trainer. While getting to that stage is easier said than done, it’s worth keeping in mind as a way to increase productivity.)

As an xNTP, you know you were born with a great deal of potential, so I’m not gonna sugar coat it or pat you on the back. Just strive to do a bit more every day, and you’ll be amazed at what can happen by the end of the year.

It almost seems as if he was talking to INTPs and ENTPs when the late Steve Jobs said:

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”


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