Here’s What You Like About Movies, Based on Your Personality Type

While there are some people who don’t find themselves all that interested in movies, most of the time that isn’t tied to personality type. For the ones who do enjoy movies, there are so many different aspects that can draw us in. Here is what you like most about movies, based on your personality type.



INFJs often enjoy movies for many reasons, the biggest is likely to storytelling aspect. They enjoy being able to watch someone else’s creation and dive into this new world. INFJs are imaginative people who have extremely active inner minds, because of this they often enjoy creating their own stories. Many INFJs might even consider the idea of becoming a writer or moviemaker themselves, simply because they have so many stories to tell. They also enjoy the feeling of being able to share their excitement over other worlds and characters with someone they love.


ENFJs often enjoy movies since it is a nice opportunity to connect with their loved ones and share something together. Being able to relax with others and enjoy the entertainment of a movie, is something that can connect them. ENFJs enjoy the opportunity to experience these new stories and to chat about their feelings with someone else. ENFJs also enjoy the storytelling aspect a lot, since they have rather active inner minds already. They enjoy telling stories, and so they also enjoy experiencing the creativity of others.


INFPs are naturally imaginative and creative people, and this is often a reason why they enjoy movies so much. They might even enjoy being able to create their own stories, and even consider making their own films. INFPs love being able to experience these different worlds and want to be able to connect with others through their art. For the INFP movies are enjoyable because they express someone’s inner feelings and their true self and artwork. The INFP loves being able to dive into these other worlds, and allow their imagination to run wild.


ENFPs might have a hard time staying still long enough to enjoy some movies, but when they are entertained by a film it definitely affects them deeply. ENFPs are creative and imaginative people, who enjoy being able to experience stories and new worlds. They often enjoy telling their own creative stories as well, and thrive in creative environments. ENFPs often love being able to experience these others worlds since it causes them to feel inspired and escape in some ways.



INTJs often enjoy documentaries immensely, but they sometimes enjoy diving into the creativity involved in movies. They often like experiencing art, and some movies can truly inspire the INTJ if they are special enough. They might be a bit picky about the movies they like, feeling like many of them aren’t quite up to their own expectations of true art. While they can be picky, INTJs will certainly enjoy being able to connect with the movies that spark something inside of them.


ENTJs often enjoy movies as a way to unwind and even escape their active minds. If they have had a long stressful day sometimes just relaxing with their television can help bring them comfort. They work hard to provide for others and want to be sure that they accomplish their goals. This can put a lot of pressure onto the shoulders of the ENTJ, so they enjoy finding ways to escape this for just a moment. Movies can be a fun thing to share with their loved ones, and gives them time to take a break.


INTPs can sometimes struggle to sit still long enough to really enjoy most movies. Their minds are so active that sometimes they find themselves distracted by other thoughts and ideas. When the INTP does find movies that they can get into, it is often because they feel connected to or inspired by them. INTPs enjoy being able to experience their creative side and the right movies can often bring that out in then. They have rather active imaginations and thrive when they can consider many different possibilities.


ENTPs often enjoy movies because they do appreciate art and creation in this way. Seeing what other people can bring into existence simply by their own active minds, is often inspiring for the ENTP. They are naturally creative people themselves, and enjoy being able to connect to this side of themselves. ENTPs enjoy being able to explore different possibilities and new ideas. Sharing in movies with the ones they love can be entertaining and enjoyable for the ENTP.



ISTJs often enjoy movies as a time to relax and unwind without having to focus on the stresses of the day. ISTJs are very hardworking people who spend plenty of time being responsible and driven. When they do get some time to themselves, movies can be a great way to clear their minds and just enjoy being in the present. It gives the ISTJ a chance to focus on another reality, and might even be a nice thing to do with loved ones.


ESTJs are hardworking people, who are constantly striving to provide for their loved ones. When they finally get some time to relax the ESTJ often enjoys movies and TV shows as a way to unwind. Having this time to let go of some of their stresses can be relaxing and enjoyable for the ESTJ. They especially enjoy being able to share this time with their loved ones, and love chatting about the movies and what they like about them.


ISFJs often enjoy movies as a way to relax and sometimes get time on their own. Being able to experience another reality or another world in this way, can be a great experience for the ISFJ. They often like being able to admire the creativity of others, which is why they enjoy books and movies. They also enjoy being able to share these things with their loved ones, and want to be able to use it to connect with their families.


ESFJs often enjoy being able to experience movies as a way to escape and unwind. Movies and TV shows can be something that helps the ESFJ relax and distract them from their daily stresses. They work hard to take care of their loved ones, and sometimes they need downtime for themselves, movies can be that for them. ESFJs also enjoy using movies as a way to connect with people, especially the ones they love the most.



ISTPs enjoy movies as a way to keep themselves entertained, especially when they have some downtime. ISTPs often prefer to be active most of the time, but movies can be a good way to keep them from feeling overly stagnant. They are often focused on living in the moment and don’t like feeling stuck. ISTPs might not enjoy movies on a constant basis, but they sometimes it can be a good way to relax and get some time by themselves.


ESTPs often enjoy movies as a way to relax and even connect with others. They like having time to enjoy the present and movies often help distract them from other stresses in their lives. ESTPs often enjoy the excitement in some ways, and like being able to entertain themselves. Being stuck in the same place can be boring for ESTPs, so movies can help keep their minds active and entertained.


ISFPs often enjoy the creativity and artistic nature of some movies and TV shows. They are naturally creative and imaginative people, who thrive when they can express themselves and their feelings. Being able to dive into someone else’s art can be enjoyable and inspiring for the ISFP. They know that movies can be an expression of someone’s feelings and desires, and so they feel like those people are sharing something with the world and the ISFP often appreciates this.


ESFPs enjoy movies as a great form of entertainment, since they enjoy experience things that excite them. ESFPs also like art of just about any kind, and movies and TV shows can be a great way for people to express themselves and their feelings in an artistic manner. They love being around their favorite people and sometimes movies can be a wonderful way to connect with the people in their lives.

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