Why You Should Date An INTP

Here’s Why You Should Date An INTP

If you want someone who is brainy and logical, you should date an INTP.

If you want someone who is complex and imaginative, you should date an INTP.

If you want someone with intense and deep emotions who is very capable of warmth and affection, you should definitely date an INTP.

“Wait, WHAT!?”

Yup, you heard me correctly. The common misconception about INTPs is that they are cold and lack feelings. This is entirely false, and misleading to the type. INTPs actually feel emotion very purely, in an almost child-like and innocent way. Emotions for them are very real, and often very strong. They aren’t the best at outwardly expressing these emotions that is for sure. Because of this struggle with expression, INTPs can be seen as cold and unfeeling, which could not be further from the truth. They often avoid their own emotions because let’s face, they are a little frightening. They enjoy placing logical means and understanding to things, and the fact that they cannot logic away their emotions, is somewhat confusing to the INTP. But regardless those emotions are there, and if tapped into appropriately, they can be amazing for a partner.

INTPs aren’t selfishly focused, and because of this you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. They will often be willing to let you make decisions, like where to eat, what activities you want to do, and they won’t hog the damn remote (aka Netflix choices). They aren’t the most demanding type, and although they will encourage you to make the best of yourself, they won’t judge you for failing. They judge themselves harsher than anyone else, and because of this won’t want to put quite that much pressure on you. They enjoy seeing their partner happy, and will be willing to give in when it comes to the little things.

Although they don’t always outwardly show their emotions, they find little ways of expressing how they feel. If the INTP truly cares about you, they will be willing to work on expressing this more. You may have to make the first move, simply because they dislike being shot down and are afraid you might do so. They don’t want to express emotions and have them stepped on (I mean who does), so in a self-defensive way, they might avoid telling you how they feel. If you are willing to make those first steps in expressing how you feel, they might just surprise you with warming sentiment.

If you’re interested in someone who is intelligent and encouraging, you should date an INTP.

INTPs having a way of keeping up with things, and enjoy delving into current events. They have a hunger for knowledge and always seem to know just a little bit more than you (just let it go and get used to it). INTPs are eager to learn and thrive off of ideas. Because of this creative nature, INTPs are very willing to have in depth discussions about things you are both interested in. They will be excited to share their interests with you, but they will also be eager to hear your thoughts on the matter. They want to bounce ideas back and forth, and as long as you don’t shut down their ideas, they will be excited to hear your opinions. They will even be pleased to learn more about the things you are interested in.

The INTP is actually likely to let YOU talk from time to time, instead of blabbering about their thoughts and feelings and shutting you down when you try to speak. This can be a very refreshing change from your friends or exes who probably bulldozed over you whenever you had a differing opinion. As long as you present your opinion rationally and without getting angry, they will actually be curious to hear why you disagree with them.

If you want someone who will introduce you to new and exciting things that you never knew existed before, you should date an INTP.

Because of the way the INTP is eager to learn something new, they are usually very aware of exciting things to do. They don’t keep their interests boxed into just one or two things, and often dive into many different topics. You will often be surprised by their ideas and if you are willing, you will learn a lot. If you are someone who sticks to what you are used to, they will definitely pull you out of that habit. Or if you are someone who simply enjoys always being challenged, they are perfect for you.

If you want someone who is loyal and honest, you should date an INTP.

INTPs aren’t billowing over with obvious emotion, but what they do feel is felt very deeply. If they tell you that they care for you, they mean it. This isn’t some manipulative game or ploy, they aren’t tricking you. They take their relationships very seriously, and probably expect the same from you. They don’t want to play mind games or constantly be worrying if you care about them. They are with you, because you mean something to them, and that says a lot. INTPs don’t become close to people easily, and when they do it is meaningful.

They aren’t naturally takers, and actually don’t require a lot to make them happy. If you are patient and giving, they will appreciate that immensely. If you take just a little bit of time to make sure they are happy with how the relationship is going, that is plenty. They actually enjoy their space and will allow you as much space as you need. They won’t constantly be probing you about what you did the night before, or worry that you are being untrustworthy. They know your motives surprisingly well, so just be upfront with them. They are independent and completely capable of taking care of themselves. They just want someone to share their experiences with, and to feel connected to.

You have to be willing to make the first move and be patient with them. INTPs can sometimes come across as insensitive, because they have a harsh delivery of what they are thinking. Trying not to take that personally is very important, and realizing it is truly not meant to hurt you. They are often very willing to avoid upsetting you, and it is truly the last thing they want to do.

You should date an INTP if you want something real and meaningful, which will also be intellectually and emotionally stimulating. They will show you a different side to yourself that you probably didn’t realize existed. They will make you feel appreciated and loved (maybe even more so than a feeler could). They will make you feel comfortable and spontaneous. They will make you feel safe and uneasy at the same time. Date an INTP if you want someone you can trust and rely on to be there for you. There is just something special about a relationship with an INTP.

But don’t just take my word for it. 😉

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