Here's How Each Personality Type Handles the Holidays Festivities

Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Holiday Festivities

Whether it be shopping for gifts, attending your nieces Christmas play, or going to a Holiday work party, each person handles the holiday festivities a little differently. Here is how you handle these events, based on your personality type.


INFJs are definitely supportive of their loved ones, and want to do what makes them happy. They will likely attend certain holiday events, but might feel overwhelmed by them. They become quickly drained by too much social interaction, and will definitely have a hard time during parties or larger gatherings. INFJs will try to do what they can to withstand these parties and events, but have a hard time pushing through when they feel themselves becoming socially drained. INFJs enjoy giving to the people they love, and want to do whatever they can to show their support. In some cases INFJs will even love Christmas itself and enjoy the spirit of the holidays, but they become drained by the social events.


ENFJs often love the holidays and all of the events that are tied to them. They enjoy being able to show their holiday spirit, and want to make the time magical for their loved ones. They will attend all of the events and will bring the appropriate gifts and holiday spirit. ENFJs are often seen hosting certain festivities because they enjoy being able to get their loved ones all together in the same place. They love being able to bring everyone joy, and often enjoy the holidays because of this. ENFJs love being able to share these experiences with others, which is why they will do their best to support their loved ones.


INFPs can become extremely drained by too much social interaction, especially holiday events. Even if the INFP enjoy the festivities, it is often hard for them to relate to the reasons other people might enjoy them. They might like the magical feeling and the imagination of Christmas, but severely dislike when people only enjoy the shallow aspects, like gifts and spending money. INFPs enjoy being able to connect with the people they love, and want to show them this appreciate all year round. INFPs become exhausted by parties and larger social settings, which is why the holidays and their festivities can be difficult for them.


ENFPs often enjoy holiday gatherings, and love being able to connect with their loved ones. ENFPs are unique people, who have their own personal opinions about everything in life. ENFPs either love or hate the holidays, and rarely do anything halfway. If ENFPs truly enjoy the holidays they will go above and beyond, and will love celebrating every moment with their loved ones. They will actively celebrate during parties, and will be able to show their extremely charming personalities. If ENFPs dislike the holidays they will likely struggle to hide this, but might try if their loved ones need this from them.


INTJs rarely enjoy holiday events, simply because they dislike feeling overwhelmed by too many people. The holidays often hold them to too many obligations, which is frustrating for INTJs. They prefer to be able to show appreciation towards others in their own way, and don’t respect feeling like the holidays are just a way to spend money. INTJs also become easily drained by too much social interaction and the holiday festivities often force them into too many social situations. They can certainly keep up with it and are surprisingly charismatic people, they just become exhausted rather quickly.


ENTJs can often keep up with the holiday festivities, and understand that it is a necessary social engagement. They will do what they can to support their loved ones, especially if they enjoy the holidays. ENTJs will definitely attend social gatherings that are necessary and are capable of being very charismatic and sociable. They might not enjoy certain aspects of the holidays though, and may even find them to be a bit exhausting. ENTJs will do what they can to attend and put up with the events, even if they feel drained.


INTPs often find the holidays to be a bit exhausting, especially parties and events. They become easily drained by too much social interaction, and really need plenty of space. When INTPs are forced to attend social events they will likely become drained and want to retreat rather quickly. INTPs who grew up with a household filled with holiday spirit, with either resent those memories, or cherish them. Not all INTPs despise the holidays, especially if they have loved ones to value these times. They do however, despise the gatherings and truly hate having to be forced to socialize.


ENTPs are enthusiastic people who enjoy being able to experience new things. They aren’t super excited about being forced into certain holiday functions, and prefer to make their own choices. ENTPs are charismatic people who are capable of being entertaining and fun at holiday events. This are capable of handling these things, but they don’t always want to. ENTPs want to option to leave when they become bored, and dislike feeling stuck in any situation. They are often willing to support their loved ones though, especially if they are festive people.


ISTJs are traditional people and are strongly connected to memories from the past. When they have positive memories of the holidays, they will often feel themselves responding to that in the present. While ISTJs often enjoy the holidays, they rarely like the events and gatherings. They can become drained by too much social interaction, but will force themselves to push forward. They don’t want to disappoint their loved ones, and want to be able to make them happy. ISTJs will likely become drained by these parties and events, but will try and withstand them.


ESTJs are charming people who enjoy being able to spend time with their loved ones. They will often attend the holiday festivities, mainly as a way to support the people close to them. ESTJs do enjoy spending time with others, but might become a bit annoyed with too many parties and events. While they like being social, they also want to have plenty of time to themselves. ESTJs are traditional people, so they rarely forget the importance of the holidays to themselves or their loved ones. They will keep up with the traditions, even if they complain a little bit along the way.


ISFJs are traditional people, which means they often love the holidays. They enjoy being able to connect with their loved ones and want to make the holidays as magical for them as they can. While ISFJs do love the holidays, they will often became drained by the too much social interaction. ISFJs will push through though, because they do not want to disappoint their loved ones. They love being able to spend time with family, and will make excellent hosts. They do become drained, but will simply take time to themselves after everyone leaves.


ESFJs often adore holiday festivities of all kinds, and truly love being able to share these experiences with their loved ones. ESFJs really enjoy the holidays and are often big fans of Christmas, they are the types of get their shopping done ahead of time. They love being able to put up decorations and are usually seen hosting some sort of part of gathering with their friends and loved ones. ESFJs simply love being able to share this time with others, and want to make the most of the magical season.


ISTPs rarely feel connected to the holidays, especially when it comes to certain events. They dislike having to participate in parties, and become quickly drained by too much social interaction. ISTPs need plenty of space and time alone in order to feel energized, and might find certain holiday events to be completely pointless. They will often attend in support of their family and loved ones, but will find ways to keep to themselves when they need to. Or maybe they’ll find comfort by sneaking out back with a bottle of wine.


ESTPs often enjoy certain parts of the holidays, especially giving and receiving gifts. This is not for shallow reasons, ESTPs just enjoy being able to express how they feel about someone with a physical representation of that love. Gifts are a way to show someone they are thinking about them, and they feel the same way about receiving gifts that have a lot of thought put into them. ESTPs enjoy events and parties, but also don’t want to feel forced to attend them. They want to have their options kept open, and prefer to have an easy out if they become bored.


While ISFPs often enjoy the holidays and the Christmas spirit, they can become quickly drained by too much social interaction. They will have a hard time attending too many parties, since they need plenty of alone time. ISFPs enjoy being with a few close loved ones, and would rather feel connected to people in a small intimate setting. They simply do not want to feel overwhelmed by the social interaction, but want to connect with people.


ESFPs often enjoy the holidays, and love any excuse to have a great party. They love connecting with their friends and loved ones, and will be great at putting together the events. ESFPs are often skilled party planners, which makes the holidays fun for them. They want to participate in the festivities and often love being able to surprise their loved ones with excellent gifts. Gift giving is often a way for ESFPs to give and receive love, simply because it is a physical representation of their feelings.

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