Exciting Summer Things That Remind Us of Each Myers-Briggs Type

Summertime is one of the most carefree and exciting times of the year for most people. Just for fun we decided to share with you the little things that remind us of each personality type.

INFJ- Heat Lightning

INFJs remind us of the intense and wondrous heat lightning that often occurs in Summer. It is believed that the flashes of light in the distance are so far away that the sound of the lightning dissipates before it reaches the viewer. Much like the INFJs, who can often only be seen from a safe distance. They are often guarded and express themselves slowly in many different layers. Most people who encounter them find themselves stricken by their unique auras, and their creative view of the world.

ENFJ- Bonfires

ENFJs remind us of the excitement and togetherness of Summer bonfires! ENFJs enjoy being around the ones they love and prividing for them as best they can. Bonfires are a fun time where everyone can relax together and enjoy each others company. This reminds us of ENFJs and their magical way of bringing their friends and loved ones together in a safe and fun environment. There are many enjoyable things about Summertime, but bonfires are quite possibly the best part of Summer.

INFP- Fireflies

INFPs remind us of the magical and dreamy feeling you get when watching the fireflies late at night. There is something truly whimsical about a heard of fireflies slashing in the night, just as there is something truly magical about the often dreamy nature of INFPs. INFPs have strong morals and an intense inner world, which can often be seen just by looking at them. Although there are many wonderful things about the Summertime, there is nothing that reminds us more of INFPs than the beautiful lightning bugs do.

ENFP- Ice Cream Cones

ENFPs are enthusiastic, intelligent and often very fun individuals to be around. There is nothing that reminds us more of the ENFP, than getting that first ice cream cone of Summer. ENFPs are often very joyful individuals who enjoy bringing a smile to the people around them, which reminds us of the joy that ice cream cones can bring us. The imagery of the ice cream dripping down the cone on a hot Summer day, instantly makes us thinking of the rule breaking ENFP. Their way of bringing others joy, while simultaneously following their own rules- is what makes ENFPs so wonderful.

INTP- Hammocks

INTPs are very logical and independent individuals, which remind us of the relaxed nature of hammocks. We can just picture INTPs relaxing in their hammock reading a book and pondering the many different theories and ideas whirring around inside their minds. Something about the hammock makes you feel relaxed and as though no one would possibly bother you while you are lounging inside of one. We can only imagine that the INTP would enjoy being able to set themselves away from others to read or simply think without the pressure of others bugging them.

ENTP- Slip N Slides

ENTPs are very charismatic and energetic individuals. Although they favor logic over emotions, ENTPs also enjoy having fun and being around others. ENTPs dislike being bored or staying stagnant for too long, making the fun and silliness of the Slip N’ Slide a perfect Summer activity to remind us of them. Although we are more envisioning a giant Slip N Slide that travels down a rather reckless hill and splashes you into a stack of hay barrels, more than we do the old school packaged Slip N Slide. ENTPs are sure to make the most out of the Summer excitement, finding ways to make things a little more original and fun.

INTJ- Drive-In Movie Theaters

Although they aren’t very common anymore, there is something enjoyable and old-school-cool about drive-in movie theaters, which reminds us of the INTJ personality. INTJs are intelligent and logic driven individuals, but they also have a rather dreamy and engaging side to them. Drive-in movie theaters are very nostalgic and whimsical, and let’s face it they are extremely cool. These aspects remind us of the calm yet confident vibe of the INTJs.

ENTJ- Lemonade Stands

ENTJs are very gregarious individuals who often find themselves in leadership roles. The Summer thing that most reminds us of ENTJs, is setting up those lemonade stands to make a few extra bucks. We can just picture them as children, running a chain of lemonade stands spanning through the next town over. They have a way of taking charge of any situation and are very good at getting things done. They also enjoy making things fun, but value their intellect and work ethic greatly.

ISTJ- Fresh Cut Grass

ISTJs are often rule abiding and honest individuals, which somehow reminds us of the scent of fresh cut grass in the Summer. There is a very nostalgic feelings about lawns with freshly cut grass, and something rather rule following about it as well. Fresh cut lawns often make us feel a sense of being connected to the neighborhood around us, which is much like ISTJs who enjoy being a part of a community. There is something comforting and reassuring about the smell of fresh cut grass, much like there is in the presence of ISTJs.

ESTJ- Cooking on the Grill

ESTJS enjoy order and bringing people together, which reminds us of cooking on the grill during Summer. ESTJs are just the people to be manning the grill and making sure that everyone gets the best barbecue meal possible. We can easily picture them facilitating an awesome outside grill day, and of course they would be the ones to take control and cook the meal. There is a very commanding presence to most ESTJs, as well as there is a commanding attitude of the grill-master. 😉

ISFJ- Sun Tan Lotion

ISFJs are warm and considerate individuals, who enjoy protecting the people around them. This reminds us of the safety and responsibility of coating others with sun tan lotion on a sunny Summer day. ISFJs want to make sure that everyone around them is safe and happy, making sure that no one gets harmed. They are just the people to carry around extra sun tan lotion to protect their loved ones from the harmful Summer rays. Their caring nature reminds us of the protection we receive from sun tan lotion, as well as the nostalgic and easing scent of its presence.

ESFJ- S’mores

ESFJs are outgoing and affectionate individuals, who enjoy doing whatever they can for others. This fun and comforting nature of the ESFJ, reminds us of the joys of S’mores. There is nothing ESFJs enjoy more than making those around them happy, much like S’mores which bring most people great joy. There is something soothing and pleasing about S’mores, not unlike ESFJs. They enjoy making others feel loved and happy, and let’s face it nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like the deliciousness of melted chocolate.

ISTP- Squirt Guns

ISTPs are often adventurous and intelligent individuals, with exciting personalities. The Summertime activity that most reminds us of ISTPs, is playing squirt gun battles with your friends. There is something fun and entertaining about this activity that truly reminds us of the carefree and active personalities of the ISTP. The chance to beat the crap out of their friends with their squirt gun skills, certainly is something that the ISTPs would enjoy.

ESTP- Fireworks

ESTPs are exciting and adventurous individuals, who often hate being bored or staying stagnant for too long. Because of their intense personalities, ESTPs truly reminds us of Summertime fireworks. Fireworks are very exciting and most of us love the joys of viewing them with our friends and family. ESTPs are often very fun individuals, who enjoy bringing their friends on exciting new adventures. Nothing says ESTP more than the power and exhilarating feeling of watching fireworks with others.

ISFP- Fresh Flowers

ISFPs are warm and often very free-spirited individuals. They enjoy being honest and have a strong sense of internal morals that they do their best to abide by. There is something so free and comforting about the scent of fresh flowers which reminds us of the kind independent ISFPs. There is something whimsical and gentle about the beautiful sight of flowers, much like the kind spirit of the ISFP.

ESFP- Going Swimming

ESFPs are outgoing and fun individuals who often just want to bring everyone into the party. They enjoy making others laugh and often just want to live a free and enjoyable life. During the Summer people often gather together a group of friends to go swimming and cool off from the Summer heat. This activity truly reminds us of ESFPs who love being around others and enjoy having a good time. We could definitely see them organizing their groups of friends together and taking them to their local swimming spot to live it up and have a great time


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