The Biggest Personality Turn On For Each Personality Type

The physical qualities that each person finds attractive cannot be traced back to their personality type. Everyone finds different physical traits appealing and these things are entirely subjective. Although physical traits may not be type related, personality traits that each Personality type finds attractive are. Here are the personality traits that will turn each Personality type on the most.


INFJs are drawn to intelligence and they want their partners to favor intelligence as well. To an INFJ someone with an intricate and thoughtful mind, is extremely attractive. The combination of intelligence and a great sense of humor is kind of like catnip to an INFJ. They find themselves extremely turned on by someone who is witty and well-spoken. Everyone is attracted to different physical traits, but INFJs are often more drawn to the internal aspects of a person. They may find themselves very turned on by someone who knows how to make them laugh and impress them with their rhetoric.

ENFJ- Effort

ENFJs are often very attracted to someone who expresses effort. The little things that people do to show affection will often leave the ENFJ completely enamored by someone. The sexiest thing to an ENFJ is someone who goes out of their to express their desire for the ENFJ. A sense of effort and kindness is one of the most attractive qualities to this personality type.

INFP- Imagination

INFPs are often very attracted to someone who expresses a deep sense of imagination. They also find themselves very turned on by confidence and inner strength. A person who knows how to conduct themselves in an assured and determined manner, will often leave the INFP very intrigued. Someone who is capable of standing up for themselves is a huge turn on for most INFPs. When someone knows what they believe in and stands by that, it is definitely an INFPs weakness.

ENFP- Individuality

ENFPs love someone who shows a sense of individuality and independence. A person who has their own dreams and desires is going to be completely intriguing to an ENFP. They also find themselves turned on by someone who has a strong sense of mystery and even aloofness. A free-spirited person who is often in their own world, is a huge turn on to the ENFP. They often like the sense of a challenge and enjoy putting forth effort to get to know someone. If it comes too easy the ENFP might find that person boring or like they lack a sense of uniqueness.

INTJ- Uniqueness

INTJs are very attracted to people who are a mystery to them. They are completely turned off by someone who is boring or shallow, so someone unique is very sexy to an INTJ. A person with complex thoughts and actions will often leave an INTJ completely intrigued. They often dislike someone who doesn’t show confidence in their actions, and admire someone who knows what they want. Unpredictability is actually a big turn on for INTJs because they love someone who can keep them thinking and pique their curiosity.

ENTJ- Competence

ENTJs are extremely turned on by a strong sense of confidence. Someone who is independent and goes for what they want is one of the most attractive qualities to an ENTJ. They enjoy someone who is capable of taking charge and will often enjoy someone who comes onto them first. Confidence is one of the biggest weaknesses of an ENTJ, and they enjoy a competent individual.

INTP- Understanding

INTPs are often very attracted to someone who is capable of understanding them. INTPs often have a thought process that can be challenging to follow and they find themselves very attracted to someone who is capable of following them. INTPs dislike being bored, which means they are often turned on by someone who shakes things up. A person who knows how to be spontaneous and push their buttons often causes an INTP be extremely attracted to those qualities.

ENTP- Passion

ENTPs often find themselves turned on by someone who is capable of expressing themselves with a strong sense of passion. They enjoy an intense individual who can spark their interest without much effort. ENTPs are very attracted to independent thinkers who know what they want and are capable of expressing that. They dislike people who shy away from struggle and will often be turned off by closed-mindedness.

ISFJ- Assertiveness

ISFJs are often turned on by someone who knows how to take charge of a situation. Someone with a calm sense of assertiveness is very attractive to an ISFJ. They enjoy people who are capable of expressing themselves without being too pushy or controlling. ISFJs enjoy people who are capable of intriguing them with their intellect and sense of confidence.

ESFJ- Body Language

ESFJs are very centered around peoples ability to portray their emotions. They are often very turned on by someone who is very physically expressive. Someone who is good with their body language will leave an ESFJ extremely intrigued and turned on. Someone who is open and honest is also extremely attractive to an ESFJ.

ISTJ- Trust

ISTJs prefer reliability when it comes to people and are often more attracted to a strong sense of trust. A person who seems to know themselves very well and is capable of keeping the ISTJ interested, is a big turn on for them. ISTJs find themselves most attracted to someone who makes them feel safe and comfortable. They can be very modest and personal about their sexual desires, and will only be drawn to someone who makes them feel at ease.

ESTJ- Confidence

ESTJs are attracted to someone who is confident and self-assured. They are often turned on by someone who knows their own worth and attractiveness. ESTJs like to be the one to take charge of a situation, and often enjoy a good challenge. Even though the ESTJ likes to take charge, they enjoy someone who is confident in themselves and knows what they want.

ISTP- Openness

ISTPs are often turned on by someone who is open about sex and what they desire. They enjoy someone who is calm and comfortable talking about things with them. People who hold back and are dishonest are often uninteresting to ISTPs. People who are direct and at ease with themselves often turn an ISTP on very much. If someone is capable of taking charge and going for what they want, it will often be very attractive to the ISTP.

ESTP- Aloofness

ESTPs often enjoy the thrill of the chase and dislike anything that comes too easy. Neediness is one of the biggest turn offs for an ESTP, and often makes someone unattractive to them. Someone who is completely aloof and in their own world is often extremely intriguing to an ESTP. They enjoy someone who doesn’t seem completely eager and easy to get.

ISFP- Tenderness

ISFPs are often turned on by a sense of tenderness and warmth in a person. If someone is capable of expressing themselves to the ISFP in an inviting way, they will be very attracted to that quality. ISFPs dislike aggression and are often put off strongly by people who possess angry qualities. They are most turned on by a tender and sensual individual.

ESFP- Excitement

ESFPs crave excitement and are often very turned on by someone who is spontaneous. They are attracted to people who are courageous and strong-willed. A person who does not give up and is capable of being assertive will often be very appealing to an ESFP. ESFPs dislike being bored and will often be very turned on by someone who knows how to mix things up for them.

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