Here’s How Gaslighting Affects You, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Gaslighting Affects You, Based on Your Personality Type

Gaslighting is a term that has gained popularity lately, and it references the practice of manipulating someone into questioning their own sanity. These tactics will harm anyone they are used against, but they can affect some more than others. Here is how you respond to gaslighting techniques, based on your personality type.


INFJs can definitely be susceptible to gaslighting techniques, especially by someone they care for deeply. When the INFJ truly cares for someone it can be truly difficult for them to see their flaws. If someone begins trying to manipulate them in this way the INFJ might begin to doubt themselves. They can already struggle with feelings of guilt which they place upon themselves, so when someone else begins to burden them with these feelings it can be rather difficult for them. INFJs will eventually come to notice the negative behavior, but it might take them some reflective time.


ENFJs are caring and compassionate people who give a lot to their loved ones. Their caring nature can sometimes make them an easy target for manipulative and selfish people. The ENFJ will often go above and beyond in order to provide for their loved ones, and will do whatever they can to make them happy. When the ENFJ gets close to someone they can often make excuses for them, and will strive to tend to their needs. When they encounter someone who begins to utilize gaslighting techniques towards them, the ENFJ can feel overwhelmed and will start to try even harder. Eventually they will pick up on what is happening and will have to shut that person out completely.


INFPs are caring people and this sensitive nature definitely makes them an easy target for manipulative people. They can often see the good in people, which makes them overlook some of their negative qualities. When the INFP truly cares for someone they want to try and help them overcome their flaws. They often believe in the wrong people, which can get the INFP hurt. They might find it overwhelming when someone begins to utilize gaslighting techniques to manipulative them, and at first they will blame themselves. This can certainly take a toll on the INFP, and cause them to doubt themselves entirely. It might take a long time for them to reflect and realize what is happening, but once they do the INFP will find a way to get out from underneath the shadow of their manipulative partner.


ENFPs are enthusiastic and caring people, who often see the good in others. When the ENFP truly loves someone they will go out of their way to be close to them. It can be truly difficult for them when someone starts to utilize gaslighting practices in order to control and manipulate them. If the ENFP truly cares about this person they will take this very seriously, and will feel truly hurt by it. It can be hard for them to cope with it, and they will likely try to pretend it isn’t happening for a while. Eventually the ENFP will have to escape this behavior, especially since they really aren’t capable of compromising who they are for someone else.


INTJs are very independent and headstrong people, which helps them overcome certain things. They often have a hard time trusting people, and will try and look past their emotions before moving forward with a relationship. INTJs don’t want to get caught up with someone who is wounded or manipulative and dislike wasting their time. The fact that INTJs are not easily trusting people, often helps them avoid deceitful individuals. When they do get into a relationship with someone who utilizes gaslighting techniques, they will put forth effort to logically assess the situation. INTJs are stubborn people and they know what they believe, which often makes them difficult to manipulate.


ENTJs are focused and driven people, who dislike being around manipulative individuals. They don’t easily trust people, and have a hard time letting others in. This helps the ENTJ avoid super manipulate people most of the time, but there are occasions when they let people slip through the cracks. When this happens ENTJs can have a hard time processing what is happening. They don’t like to give up on relationships but at the same time they can often tell when someone is trying to manipulate them. They will ultimately recognize what is happening and will find a way to detach from the relationship. For a while though this can affect the ENTJ in the future, and cause them to avoid connecting easily with others for fear of being in the same situation.


INTPs do have a hard time trusting people, but there are times when they become intrigued by certain individuals. There are times when the INTP might become drawn to someone who isn’t quite good for them, simply because they find themselves captivated by their behaviors. When the INTP becomes connected to someone who attempts to gaslight them, it can really throw them off. Emotions are not the INTPs strong suit, so they don’t always know how to figure out their feelings. This can make them susceptible to certain gaslighting behaviors at first, which is painful for the INTP. For a while this can really affect the INTP, until they finally realize they have had enough. It can definitely cause long term struggles for the INTP though, and might make it even harder for them to trust in the future.


ENTPs often have trust issues, and might already be fearful of people who might manipulate them. ENTPs will attempt to read people and will try to avoid letting manipulative individuals into their lives. When they do end up interacting with someone who attempts to gaslight them, the ENTP will often recognize this immediately. They analyze the behavior of those around them, and try to figure out what their intentions are. When the ENTP truly cares for someone it can be harder for them to respond to their manipulative behavior. Eventually they will move on from a relationship that is only hurting them, but it can definitely be difficult for the ENTP.


ISTJs are caring and responsible people, which can make it difficult for them to handle manipulative people. When the ISTJ cares for someone they are often very committed to them. Even when the ISTJ is being gaslighted, they will often attempt to fix the situation. They want to make their relationships work, and will do whatever it takes to improve them. It can be difficult for the ISTJ to find a way to escape from a manipulative person, but they do have a limit that they will eventually reach. ISTJs aren’t emotionally driven people, but they can still be hurt by manipulative people.


ESTJs can definitely be susceptible to gaslighting, since they have a strong sense of commitment. The ESTJ will likely stay with someone even if that person is being manipulative, at least for a while. They will attempt to make the relationship work, because they often perceive anything else as a failure on their part. Encountering gaslighting behavior can actually be rather damaging for ESTJs and might cause them to be defensive and hurtful to others in the future. They simply because fearful of being hurt again, and might become much harsher after this experience.


ISFJs care deeply about their loved ones and will go above and beyond to please them. This can cause them to take gaslighting very personally, and will cause them long term suffering. The ISFJ wants to make others happy and will work hard to maintain a sense of harmony. If they are being manipulated into believing that they are doing something wrong, the ISFJ will likely believe this for a while. Eventually they will recognize the behavior, but it can be difficult for them to up and leave someone.


ESFJs can definitely be susceptible to gaslighting, and it can affect them deeply. They give everything to their loved ones, which leaves them vulnerable to manipulation. When the ESFJ loves someone they will go above and beyond in order to make them happy. Even when this person is manipulating the ESFJ, they will often take this very personally and will blame themselves. This can really take its toll on the ESFJ and will make them very insecure within themselves. They will try and please this person to no avail, which will cause the ESFJ to feel overwhelmed and unhappy.


ISTPs are independent people who try to avoid being around manipulative individuals. They don’t trust easily and honestly prefer to be on their own most of the time. When the ISTP encounters people who attempt to gaslight them, they will often recognize this right away. They don’t hold themselves responsible for the emotions of others, so they will often become annoyed when someone attempts to guilt them in some way. When the ISTP does care for someone who manipulates them in this way, the ISTP will become overwhelmed and eventually will attempt to analyze the situation logically.


ESTPs can definitely fall victim to gaslighting behaviors, and this can be rather overwhelming for them. The ESTP will likely continue to try and make the relationship work, and might find themselves chasing after this manipulative person. When they become vulnerable to someone who is gaslighting them. When this happens the ESTPs will find themselves becoming unusually emotion and frantic at times. They might become reckless trying to find a way to make themselves feel better and escape the negative emotions they are feeling.


ISFPs are caring people who prefer to maintain a sense of independence. While ISFPs will often work hard to avoid manipulative people, they can struggle when these people are family members. The young ISFP might have a hard time coping with family who attempts to gaslight them. They will likely experience feelings of guilt and will question what they have done wrong. This can cause long term damage for the ISFP, and make it difficult for them to move forward with their lives in the future. They need people who support them to help them escape the manipulation and find a way to gain a sense of freedom.


ESFPs are caring people who prefer to maintain independence and freedom in their lives. They want to make their loved ones happy, but they also don’t enjoy being controlled. ESFPs can struggle when someone attempts to gaslight them, and at first they will likely fight against this. They don’t often blame themselves for the behaviors of those around them and dislike feeling pushed around. When the ESFP does fall victim to gaslighting, it can definitely cause them to become overly emotional and they will feel hopeless if they cannot escape.

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