ENFP Soulmate & Best Match: How to Find Your Ideal Match

When it comes to soulmates and finding that perfect match, each person is likely to have their own beliefs and expectations for this. They might feel like their soulmate means something completely different than what the next person believes. Not everyone is all that hopeful when it comes to finding this ideal match and might be a bit cynical when it comes to romance and true love. There are certain needs and beliefs which can often be connected to your personality type, and so knowing these can often help you open up to the possibility of finding love.

What Soulmate Means to Them

ENFPs often do believe in soulmates, even if they don’t express this openly to others. They believe in finding someone who is truly right for them, someone who understands them on a deeper level. They want to find a partner who sees beyond what other people are capable of seeing on the surface. ENFPs can sometimes feel like people only see what they want them to, and so finding someone who is willing to take a closer look truly means the world to them. For the ENFP their soulmate is someone who sparks their soul and mind and excites the passion inside of them. A person who they connect with in a way that makes them feel whole, and can really ignite parts of themselves that no one else can.

Some ENFPs might even believe that there is one ideal match for them out there, someone they are fated to be with. They can certainly have a romantic part of themselves, even if they don’t feel comfortable openly showing this to others. ENFPs are seen as romantic in some ways but there are many parts of themselves that people just don’t get the chance to see. Just because they are charming and outgoing doesn’t mean they are exposing their inner secrets. Deep down the ENFPs can be both cynical and idealistic, which can be a struggle for them at times. They go back and forth between having doubts and trusting in blind faith and their inner feelings. When it comes to finding their soulmate the ENFP might struggle and constantly finding themselves questioning their beliefs on this.

They Have High Standards

ENFPs do sometimes appear to have high standards when it comes to love and finding someone they can settle down with. At the same time, their idea of high standards might not be what someone else sees. ENFPs just want someone who excites them, and not everyone can really make them feel a sense of passion. While ENFPs are seen as these flighty romantics, this really isn’t the case. They do fall in love hard, but that doesn’t mean everyone they meet is capable of capturing their soul in this way. They don’t fall for just anyone and really need to meet someone who has a special quality which draws them in.

When the ENFP does fall in love with someone they fall rather hard, and can have rather unique and high standards to what they are willing to settle for. They are enthusiastic people who want to be able to experience new things, but that doesn’t mean they won’t commit to someone who is truly right for them. ENFPs are often looking for that perfect match or someone who is their true soulmate. They want someone who completes them and challenges them, someone who they just cannot live without.

Finding Perfection in the Imperfect

The biggest thing for the ENFP is noticing that the perfect match does not mean perfect all around. This means opening up to someone and not being afraid to show their own flaws, as well as accepting the flaws of their partner. ENFPs need to be open to the messy parts of a relationship, and recognize that they might have days when things just feel a bit overwhelming. Their idea of perfect often needs to change and the ENFP can actually be more guarded than people realize. They might need to allow themselves to take a step back and really observe their situation and their partner. Deep down they know when the connection is right, and so sometimes overthinking can be the enemy. When the ENFP feels it deep in their soul, then sometimes they need to trust in this intuition and these inner emotions, and realize it is time to open up and really connect with this person the way they’ve always dreamed of doing.

What They Need

The ENFP really needs someone who can challenge them and keep things exciting. ENFPs can become bored easily if they don’t have some sort of excitement or challenge in their lives. They need to be with a partner who can shake things up and keep them intrigued. Someone who doesn’t keep the ENFP on their toes is going to leave them feeling wanting for something new. They really do best with a bit of excitement and a bit of the occasional challenge. They really need someone who can ignite their passionate side, as well as get into their mind and keep them wondering what they might do next.

ENFPs also need someone they can trust, as having this is more important than they might even realize. They are happiest with someone who they can rely on when things get a bit challenging, someone who will help them grow and continue to push forward through the struggles. Having someone they can trust to be loyal and by their side really means a lot for the ENFP. They also thrive with a person who helps them believe in themselves, someone who sees the good in them in ways that no one else really can. Having this partner who sees the good and who loves the ENFP even with the flaws, is going to inspire them to really become the best version of themselves they can possibly be. 

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