The Natural Gifts That Each Personality Type Possesses

Everyone has something about them that is truly special, along with plenty of talents that they seem to have naturally. There are certain skills that seem to be common for each personality type, things that they have a knack for without much effort at all. Here are the natural gifts of each personality type.



INFJs are intuitively people, with a knack for understanding others and what they need to make their dreams come true. Their ability to predict certain future outcomes is certainly a talent and a gift, one that often helps them give amazing advice for their loved ones and friends. INFJs are wonderfully supportive people, who also possess a gift with words. They often know how to express things in an eloquent and helpful manner, and so these words can easily resonate with people where others might fail to do so.


ENFJs are compassionate and hardworking people, and this ability to focus on getting things done is certainly a gift they possess. They are naturally good at connecting with people and understanding them, which helps the ENFJ to really provide for the people around them. Their natural compassion and knack for getting things done, combines together to make them highly capable and giving people. ENFJs have plenty of natural gifts, ones that provide them with strong wills and capable minds. They have this ability to get things done and never give up even when they are struggling.


INFPs are truly passionate and moral people, and both of these traits are their natural gifts. INFPs have strong convictions which give them insight into what they want and who they are. This internal strengths and sense of morals, is something that is both a gift and a struggle for the INFP sometimes. While it might seem like something that make their lives more difficult, it is something truly wonderful which makes the INFP valuable and honest people. Their hearts are filled with a depth which others can’t even fully comprehend, and this is definitely a gift.


ENFPs have a natural charm which is definitely quite the gift, since it helps them get their way fairly often. When there is something the ENFP wants they often have the capabilities to go after and obtain this. Their ability to make others like them and feel at ease around them, is certainly something which could be considered a gift or a talent. ENFPs are also naturally creative people with intensely imaginative inner minds. Their ability to see things in this unique light is something that helps them achieve things and solve problems that others might struggle with.



INTJs have a natural capacity for understanding concepts and information in a way that most people don’t possess themselves. INTJs can often understand ideas and information that most people struggle to grasp, and this comes rather naturally for them. The way their minds absorb knowledge and still seem to hunger for more, is certainly a gift which makes them intelligent and quick-witted people. They have many gifts and talents, but most of all their capacity for understanding information is something truly special.


ENTJs have many natural gifts, but the thing that seems to stand out the most is their strong wills and powerful sense of direction. They do whatever it takes to go after what they want, and aren’t afraid of taking charge. ENTJs have this uncanny ability to make things happen and withstand even the most harrowing of struggles. They seem to overcome things that most people would crumble because of, and this is something that they have within them from a rather young age.


INTPs have a natural gift which allows them to see the world in ways that others simply cannot. Their perspective on everything around them comes from a place that is logical, intuitive and extremely complex. INTPs can often see the patterns and potential that everyone around them can’t find even if they search and try their hardest. Their minds are rich places and so they are often the people who can discover something new and unseen, simply because of the way they view the world around them.


ENTPs have a gift for exploration and a natural curiosity which helps them dive into new things. ENTPs possess many natural gifts, but their sense of creativity is certainly one of the most powerful ones. They have quick-witted people and this is often because of their creative and unique minds, which can come up with things before others even process what is going on. They have fast working minds and constantly active thoughts, and so ENTPs are almost always one step ahead of everyone around them without even trying.



ISTJs are driven people with a natural ability to make things happen in their lives. Their sense of direction is definitely a gift, one that most people do not possess. The ability to motivate themselves to get the job done and get it done perfectly, is certainly a gift and an incredible one at that. This allow the ISTJ to go after what they want in life, and gives them the strength to really make it happen without constantly doubting themselves or their capabilities.


The most impressive and natural gift that the ESTJ possesses is their sense of outward confidence which seems to get them what they want in life. If the ESTJ sees something they truly want, they don’t allow anything to stand in their way, not even their own potential fears. They do whatever they must to get things done, and will fight for their dreams with a sense of overpowering will. This is certainly a gift and something the ESTJ seem to have from a rather young age.


ISFJs possess many natural gifts, one of those gifts is their sense of focus and poise. Most ISFJs have this natural ability to remain calm on the outside, even if they feel a bit overwhelmed. They don’t allow their feelings to get the better of them, and do their best to provide for everyone around them. ISFJs won’t compromise their morals and their kind souls for the sake of getting ahead in life, but yet they still find a way to make things happen and get the job done even when they refuse to change who they are.


The ESFJs sense of compassion and understand of others is certainly one of their biggest gifts. They possess an insight into others and often understand them within a rather short amount of time. This is something most people cannot boast in the way the ESFJ truly can, and gives them a naturally ability to understand and navigate people with ease. It is a skill and ability which most people don’t fully understand, and sometimes it can feel more like a curse than a true blessing for the ESFJ.



ISTPs are natural problem solvers, who can see things in a way that others simply cannot. The way ISTPs minds work through a problem in front of them, is both a gift and a truly useful skill. Their minds can often see the problem and come to the most logical conclusion based on what they know. The way ISTPs can understand information and process it in their own internal way, is definitely an impressive gift which they possess.


The ESTP has many gifts, one of which is their ability to seek out excitement without fear. They go after what feels right for them in the moment and are eager to experience a sense of adventure in their lives. This passion is definitely a gift, although there are times when it can get them into a bit of trouble. ESTPs also possess a natural sense of charm which can be useful when they are trying to get their way. They often know exactly how to get what they want from a situation and from the people around them.


ISFPs have a gift for remaining true to themselves, no matter what tries to hold them back from this. They are passionate souls who simply cannot go against what they believe in and who they are as people. This is something that is certainly a gift, and one that not everyone seems to possess. For most people it can be hard to remain strong in this way and continue to follow their own path even when others try to dissuade or control them. The ISFPs sensitive hearts are both a gift and curse in some ways, but it makes them truly special people.


ESFPs are seen as fun-loving people who just want to party and have a good time, but there is so much more to them than just this. Most people don’t realize that ESFPs see the world in their own way, a way that is often more pure and wonderful. The way the ESFP is capable of always seeing the light and positivity around them, is more than a gift to them, it is also a gift to the rest of the world. They can approach things from a place that is both loving and open, and this is a natural gift inside of them which is harnessed makes them truly amazing people.


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