Each Personality Type When Drunk

Here’s How Each Personality Type Behaves When Drunk

Everyone acts different when they are drunk, but for the most part each personality type has their own unique response to being inebriated. Here is how each personality type is most likely to behave when they are feeling tipsy.


INFJs when drunk can often become much more at ease and comfortable. They might become a bit louder than their usual low volume selves. INFJs can be somewhat reserved, especially around strangers, but when they have had a few drinks their crazy side often comes out. They might enjoy being able to get a little tipsy, since it can help the INFJ relax and feel much less focused on their actions. This can be helpful if the INFJ feels like they are judging themselves too harshly, and will help remove that fear in the present moment.


ENFJs can often become even more playful and goofy when they are drunk. They will likely be the person who tells everyone they love them, and dishes out compliments by the handful. They are rarely mean drunks, and actually enjoy being able to be around people during this time. ENFJs might even find themselves becoming physically clingy to the people around them when they are drinking. They are usually the happiest person in the room, trying to bring the mood up as much as they can.


INFPs are actually very playful and funny individuals, with a fantastic sense of humor. This side of their personality can go unnoticed though, especially if they are feeling a bit shyer around their present company. INFPs take a lot to open up to people, and often struggle to feel comfortable enough. When the INFP is drinking, they will most likely become much more at ease. Their hilarious personalities will often come to the surface, and they might even make a few ridiculous and crude jokes. They will also be much less afraid to express their feelings, and might even tell a few people how they really think of them


ENFPs are naturally playful and sweet people, but they can often feel too guarded to expose this part of themselves. They do not always feel safe expressing their feelings to others, and might make jokes instead of saying how they feel. When an ENFP is drunk they often become extremely sappy and affectionate. They will often feel at ease expressing themselves, and will let slip a few things they might feel shy about later one. The drunk ENFP is fun, exciting and extremely affectionate.


INTJs often do not engage in conversations that seem useless to them, and will walk away unless something can be gained. When the INTJ is drunk however, they will often find themselves lecturing people and attempting to drop truth bombs on the individuals around them. They become more social and willing to express themselves without feeling held back. In most cases though, INTJs will not allow themselves to become overly inebriated unless they are around people they trust completely. They prefer to have control over themselves, and will pace themselves when it comes to alcohol.


ENTJs when they are drunk become an even more outgoing and fun version of themselves. They are naturally charismatic people, but will often become the life of the party. They enjoy being around friends and loved ones, and will be comfortable expressing themselves when they are drinking. They are not the most emotional people, but when the ENTJ is inebriated they might find themselves being more affectionate. ENTJs will usually attempt to avoid becoming too wasted, for fear that their feelings will become far too exposed. They often try to keep themselves at a normal buzzed level, in order to remain some sense of control.


The drunk INTP will often become more outgoing and extremely talkative. Their inner thoughts will come out to play, and the INTP might even find themselves getting into long conversations with the people around them. Where the INTP is normally reserved and prefers to keep to themselves, they will become chatty and willing to express their deep thoughts and even feelings. They might prefer to drink around people they can trust, simply because they become much more exposed during this time.


ENTPs when drunk become extremely enthusiastic and positive about life. They become even more outgoing, and will often be the life of the party. They enjoy being around people and will be great at keeping everyone entertained. ENTPs are usually the happiest drunks, and dislike fighting when they are feeling inebriated. They prefer to have fun and have enjoyable conversations with the people around them. ENTPs might even become a bit more “feelsy” when they are drinking, and feel more comfortable expressing themselves.


ISTJs likely do not enjoy drinking all that much, unless it is in small amounts. They might find that is loosens them up a bit and helps them feel slightly more outgoing. ISTJs often prefer to use alcohol as a way to relax and let go of some of their stresses. They usually dislike getting completely trashed, and prefer to maintain a healthy buzz. ISTJs are naturally controlled people, but sometimes a little alcohol can help them relax and feel more open. This can be a great way for the ISTJ to let themselves open up to someone they love, and express these feelings a bit easier than they usually can.


ESTJs are very fun drunks, and enjoy being the life of the party. They often want to take charge and might even find themselves talking over people. They enjoy being social and fun, and want to impress everyone in the room. ESTJs are great storytellers, and often use their buzz as a way to get everyone together for a funny or exciting story. They will usually enjoy being around loved ones and will try to ensure that the mood of the room is positive and happy.


ISFJs usually prefer to drink in small amounts, and dislike feeling completely drunk. They will enjoy having a small drink in order to relax themselves and let go of their troubles. ISFJs when they are a little tipsy will often be relaxed and a bit more outgoing. They enjoy having conversations with their loved ones, and might feel more affectionate and cuddly. ISFJs simply dislike feeling out of control, and might believe that drinking too much is a self-indulgent of them. They care more about tending to the needs of their loved ones, and don’t want to do anything that might harm that.


ESFJs are naturally social people, but become even more outgoing when they are drunk. They often allow themselves to speak up more than they usually do when they are sober. ESFJs prefer to let others speak, and observe the room in most situations before they jump into conversation. When the ESFJ is drunk however, they might find themselves interjecting more than usual. They can often become a bit goofier and will make a few sarcastic jokes with a bit of a bite to them. ESFJs become less focused on the emotions of others when they are drinking, which allows them to loosen up and have fun.


ISTPs often become much more playful when they are drinking, especially with their loved ones. They become affectionate and fun, and will enjoy being close to the people that they care for. ISTPs are naturally quiet and independent people, but become much more outgoing when they are drinking. They might feel more open making sarcastic jokes, and can be a bit goofy when they are feeling tipsy. ISTPs become more comfortable expressing their feelings and are not as reserved during this time.


ESTPs are often much more outgoing and fun when they are drinking. They will allow themselves to do things they are normally far too nervous to attempt. ESTPs are social people, but can be held back by a fear of failure or embarrassment. When they are drunk, the ESTP will lose that fear of failure and will take chances much easier. Instead of avoiding embarrassment, the ESTP will jump headfirst into the things they truly want to try. Drinking simply allow the ESTP to be their adventurous selves, without fear of judgment.


When ISFPs are drunk they often feel comfortable opening up to their loved ones, especially their significant other. They will often begin by being playful and fun, but ultimately it will lead to a long and deep conversation. ISFPs enjoy feeling connected to their loved ones, and will often feel open and affectionate when they are drinking. They might even find themselves wanting to discuss the future, and will go into detail about their wants and desires.


ESFPs are naturally fun people, but they become even more exciting when they are drunk. They will often become the center of attention, and go completely over the top. If the ESFP gets too drunk though, they might embarrass themselves and become a bit foolish. They usually don’t mind this though, as long as everyone around them is laughing and having a good time. ESFPs simply want to make everyone around them smile, and will do whatever it takes to make the room feel happy and positive.

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