Here’s How Black and White You View Things, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Black and White You View Things, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people see things in shades of grey, others have very black and white morals. Here is how each personality type approaches their morals and beliefs.


INFJs have very strong morals but they don’t always see things in absolutes. They assess things on a case by case basis, especially since they are so capable of empathy. INFJs will approach each situation with a unique perspective in hopes of figuring out what the right thing to do is. They don’t believe in being closed minded with their choices and want to be sure they are doing what they should. INFJs are caring people and want to make sure they can avoid harming others, at the same time they are extremely understanding of people’s actions.


ENFJs are moral people who believe in always doing what is right. While they do have strong beliefs, ENFJs rarely see things in strict terms. They prefer to approach things on a case by case basis and allow their intuition to show them the way. ENFJs know that not everyone reacts the same way to things, and believe that they need to look at the individual to find the answers. They don’t believe in simply judging people based on how others have behaved in the past, and want to reach out with compassion and understanding.


INFPs definitely see most things as black and white, which is tied strongly to their internal morals system. INFPs often see shades of grey as simply excuses to do something bad without feeling guilty about it. To them it is very clear what is right and what is wrong, and there is no in between. INFPs believe in doing the right thing and strive to make a difference in the world. They often feel that approaching things from situation to situation, is simply a way to make excuses for wrongdoings. There is no way around the truth, and INFPs know what is right.


For the most part ENFP do see things as black and white, since they have such strong internal morals. They believe in doing what is right, and don’t believe in making excuses for unjust behaviors. ENFPs are unique people with their own outlook on things, which can surprise some people. While they might have their own set of morals, they stick to them very firmly. There are no excuses for ENFPs when it comes to what they believe is right, which makes them a bit black and white in their views.


INTJs are logical people but they also have rather strong inner morals. They can definitely view things in a black and white manner, since they have a clear idea of what is right. INTJs follow facts and don’t believe in things that cannot be proven. INTJs can seem a bit cold because of this, but they it is simply because they want to follow what they know is right, both logically and morally. For INTJs their logic and morals are very tied together, which is a big reason why they believe in staying so aware of the truth.


ENTJs are hardworking and moral people, but they possess very strong internal beliefs. For ENTJs things are often rather black and white, because they are based on facts and truth. They don’t believe in shady misunderstandings, and would rather focus on things that can be proven. They strive to do what they know is right, and use their intuition and sense of information to dictate their own morals. ENTJs are intelligent people and don’t look at things in a shades of grey approach.


INTPs believe in assessing each situation individually, which can make them see things in a less black and white way. They understand that there are so many possible outcomes to any approach, and they want to explore all of those options before moving forward. INTPs prefer to explore the possibilities instead of closing themselves off to one single option. Because of their open minded mentality INTPs can see things in more of the grey areas of life. They do have strong morals, and will ultimately come to conclusions that are based on facts and information- they just don’t want to jump to unproven assumptions.


ENTPs often intentionally approach things from many different angles, just so they can gather more information. They don’t enjoy just following a narrow black and white view, since that limits them. ENTPs look at every situation from a new perspective and enjoy diving in headfirst. ENTPs enjoy exploration and learning and are always willing to keep an open mind. They prefer to approach each situation individually and rare see things in absolutes.


ISTJs definitely see most things as black and white, since they believe in following the truth. ISTJs are moral people and believe in doing what is right. They often feel that people who look at things in shades of grey are simply making excuses for poor behavior. ISTJs can be a bit strict in their beliefs, but that is simply because they are founded on facts and realism. ISTJs do strive to do what is right always, and have strong inner morals.


ESTJs are hardworking people who are very firm in what they believe is right and wrong. They definitely see things as black and white, since they base most of their decisions on evidence and facts. They don’t need to look outside of the box, since they would much rather approach things with truths they can confirm. ESTJs often believe that shades of grey views are simply easy ways to make excuses for poor actions. For ESTJs it is important to remain clear in their beliefs, even if they make mistakes themselves.


ISFJs are very focused on people, and want to ensure the happiness of others. While in some cases they can have rather black and white views, this can sometimes change. This is because ISFJs assess things based on people, and how it will affect or hurt them. They are compassionate individuals, who can find themselves feeling differently if a situation will harm someone.


ESFJs are compassionate and giving people, who are mainly focused on caring for others. The fact that ESFJs care so deeply for the well-being of other people, makes them view things in more of a shades of grey manner. They cannot simply look at things as black and white, because each situation is entirely different and depends on the person involved. They want to make sure people are cared for, and sometimes their assessment of what is right changes based on how it affects others.


ISTPs live very much in the present moment, which leaves their personal opinions a bit up in the air. They reserve the right to change their minds, depending on what new information is revealed. ISTPs don’t enjoy being stuck in one narrow way of thinking, which makes them avoid a black and white way of thinking. ISTPs would rather approach each situation with an open mind, instead of preconceived ideals.


While ESTPs do believe in looking at each situation differently, they also want to use facts to asses a situation. They follow what they believe feels right in the present moment, instead of assessing things based on a strict set of morals. ESTPs can change their minds in the moment, simply because they are exposed to new facts and information which makes more sense.


ISFPs are very moral people, who believe in following a strict set of ideals. They want to be sure they do not go against those morals, and will always try to do what is right. ISFPs don’t often waver in their beliefs, even if they make a few mistakes along the line. ISFPs might struggle sometimes to follow their own morals, but they will always find a way back to the truth.


ESFPs do have strong internal beliefs, which can make them appear a bit set in stone. While ESFPs do believe in following what is right, they can sometimes change their minds based on new information. While ESFPs can definitely see things in black and white terms, they don’t want to hold onto those beliefs so firmly that they become stagnant.

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